Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sharon might come home.

Tom's Journal.

I decided to just take ONE day off to heal my body and get some rich sunshine on hidden parts of my legs and feet to cure/ help my skin. The sun works wonders on me in so many ways-- but I don't WORSHIP the sun--- a "creation".... I just give thanks for God's many creations and wonders. I don't worship trees... I just admire them. I worship the CREATOR! God sure does reveal His holy name in REAL bibles like the DEFINED KING JAMES version, like Psalm 83:18, etc||: Jehovah, the Father in Heaven. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are God TOO! A guy named Jason came over today to check on our oxygen extractors that pull oxygen out of the natural air and force it through tubes attached to Sharon's camula --a nose thing that helps her breath. Jason wanted to see that verse in my KJB too, so I showed him, and told him about my DEFINED KJV Bible. I am so happy that God is 'using me' to help share the Gospel!! What an Honor! Thank you, Lord! I just wish that I had an inexpensive Bible like mine to give to people when the occasion arises! I just spent another $80 of my own money to buy 4 more of those special Bibles to share with the right people.... but God will surely repay me one hundred fold.

I use one Oxy machine too that forces pure oxygen into my CPAP machine when I sleep at night. Without these machines, we would slowly die-- and I heard that obama's new health care BS will put more tax on those type of things--DME [Durable Medical Equipment]. I firmly believe that he wants to "cull" out the sick and old people who "are not as productive anymore" -- EVEN AFTER WE WORKED ALL OUR LIVES AND PAID tons of TAXES Big Time !!" Don't worry folks-- the problems in Greece will 'visit' America, and they are just trying to slow it down-- they know it's coming for sure! Why in the heck do you think I have been shouting from the roof tops all year to help my friends PREPARE and HUNKER DOWN?? Of course sticking like glue to the Lord is the BEST defense.

Now.... don't worry folks, this post will be very positive...Ha Ha! Sharon, my dear wife, just called me and said that she would [that means "might"] be coming home tomorrow! I thought to myself... is she really ready and strong enough to come home?? Remember, now days in the New World Order of Socialism, it's all about the "bottom line.. MONEY--$." There are only 2 classes of people, the super elite, and the poor worker bees who will support all of the Dims' obama's grandiose schemes/ agenda to 'share the wealth' with our dear neighbors in China, Africa and Russia, who don't care to work and contribute...LOL. Welcome to the new world! Well, er, that is... anytime AFTER I GET RAPTURED--- when the Lord Jesus Christ comes as He promised us. But we Christians are in it for the long haul-- no matter how long it takes for the Rapture to come. For the 'scoffers' [that I draw upon all the time] in 1st and 2nd Peter, etc., THEY WILL become 'believers' too when they figure out where millions of SAVED Christians vanished to! But then, even in that deserted, sorrowful state of existence, God still has some mercy for 'those Left Behind' in that they will have to die as Martyrs, ACCEPT JESUS, and refuse to take the Mark of the Beast --to be in good standing with the Lord, in the end. But why in the heck would they want to put themselves through that kind of hell on earth?

Friends and Readers, I continue to pray often, talk to other smart, Bible educated Christians who LOVE THE LORD. I study constantly, even learning new things, but it all keeps adding up as: 2 + 2= 4 !! 'God cannot Lie!'
~Titus 1:2.
All the past prophesies of the Bible have always come true and there is no reason to just "sit on the fence" and wonder what to do now! Or.. Do you really feel lucky today, PUNK? Are you one of the doubters and scoffers who has to feel the lightning burn your behind??

And I just need to make one final thought abundantly clear: Just going to some 'church' won't do you any good either if you are not SAVED by the blood of Jesus Christ-- or that church does not teach the truth of the Bible!! If you don't accept the Christ as your PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOR, and stop 'practicing gross sin,' chances are, you will be lost. I and my dear Christian friends and bloggers are using the INTERNET now to help share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we KNOW that some day and soon, our preaching by this mode will be stripped from us and forbidden, like most of the other countries on earth right now! And then many will be in the DARK and have to find spiritual food all by themselves-- Christian Radio will be gone too! I know that I am not near as entertaining compared to stupid Liberals-- Progressives, and Gov't run TV! You still have a very small 'window of time' to choose which side you want to stand for, and stand UP like a MAN or WOMAN, without being a coward.

Thank you again for all your earnest prayers for my wife and me. We love and cherish ALL our Christian brothers and sisters!

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Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman
Wisconsin, USA