Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Time Line.

Tom's Journal.

<<< Tom in Vietnam--age 19.

I would like to settle the story of how and why I joined the Army, on 21 Aug. 67. The "Old Story" was that I wanted badly to attend college to get a good education to get a meaningful job/ employment, but I was also looking into ROTC that would lead into the Army as an officer. I didn't have the tuition money even as I was accepted at a few Wisconsin universities. So I was very frustrated the Summer after my high school graduation and felt trapped and cheated at that time, on my parents' farm.

Patriotism runs deep in my extended family, and it seemed like a "rite of passage" to join the Army as most of my uncles and Dad[ went Navy] also enlisted. I was proud to wear the uniform and tried to be a good Soldier, and was latter awarded the Good Conduct Medal, as proof of what I said! I was also proud to be an American--- but as time went by, we soldiers learned that our country didn't always tell the truth of what went on in America's wars and battles-- but I don't want to discuss that subject now, please.

What I am trying to say is that I had many GOOD, HONORABLE reasons to join the Army, and people will just have to accept that truth-- or go fly a kite! I was like a sponge and loved to learn and absorb new things, like: Aviation school at Fort Rucker, Alabama--AIT, and the cultures of Germany and Vietnam. Seems like a man can never learn TOO MUCH, and we figure that all the hard training and learning in Basic Training at Fort Campbell, KY probably saved our bacon in Vietnam. I know for a fact that my military service got me hired at many companies too, as the employers knew and appreciated the skills and discipline of the military. Not with standing the PTSD from combat-- all things considered, my life hasn't been TOO BAD, and I realize the measure of my self worth--but that leads me back to the Bible and the Lord's love for me and other Christians.

As we look around us in this modern world that tries to feminize most of the males-- to be "politically correct," a bit cowardly and dense/ ignorant.
Soldiers and Marines KNOW their self worth and are willing to stand up for Freedom and Liberty! We are also saddened and upset with the current dismantling and destruction of our Military by allowing Gays/ Sodomites to openly enlist !!
I feel that it's a bad idea to let arrogant, untested, ignorant, civilian Administrations mess with the military cohesion and time honored tradition! Only evil can come of this froward, God-dishonoring gross sin! This is one more nail in our national coffin-- and God will judge our Nation for our moral break down! There is a limit to god's mercy...

I don't live in the past, longing for war and battle, but those 'good old days' held the right and proper balance of respect that we had for each other-- fellow combat Veterans. Our new crop of warriors are brave and valiant-- but I think that the Gov't and VA will screw them over too-- and they could learn a few things from the older Veterans who knocked down 'doors and walls' to get what we deserved as wounded warriors, according to the 'contract.' These are 'bitter-sweet' things I speak of. I am NOT trashing America-- just some of the current leaders who do things and promise things JUST TO GET ELECTED--only to toss and forget all those promises AFTER they get elected, and dishonoring our Flag.

I wear many symbols and battle patches on my shirts, hats and caps that tell the world I am a Vietnam Veteran, and proud of it.
I hope that this settles any questions or wrong sentiments some folks have about me. But I kind of doubt that any of this will count much when we all get to heaven. Our current war and battle is with the invisible realm and Satan's evil spirits that war against the Lord in Heaven-- and we Christian warriors still on earth! We have traded our rifles and bayonets for the "Sword" -- the Bible, to win hearts and minds to the Lord Jesus Christ. Will you all take a stand NOW and help us in this battle ?? The Lord is still looking for brave Soldiers right now, so he can get the "correct number" before He RAPTURES us up into heaven-- as the article says below.

A Chronology of End Times Events

Posted: 04 Jul 2010 10:27 AM PDT

By Jack Kelley More and more as we get closer to the end, people want to see a time line of coming events. Questions about the order in which events will take place, the span of time between them and the likelihood of there being enough time for everything to happen in the time we have left are becoming more numerous with each passing week.As you know the Bible doesn’t provide