Saturday, July 10, 2010


Tom's Journal.

The reason I wanted to post this subject about 'miracles' is because the Scriptures say that even some of the "Elect" [Saints] may even be misled by the satanic false prophets in all the confusion in the Last Days. There are only 2 sources from which miracles can come from... God, or Satan [and his earthly agents]. All other reasons would have to have some sort of hidden, un-found logic that we don't understand--yet. People who have the Holy Spirit [true Christians] already understand this because they dig deep into the Bible, and it doesn't take a high I.Q. or a college degree to figure out. For the same reason I can run rings around many so-called 'pastors', priests, ministers, etc. I certainly don't know everything-- but with the Spirit, I can read and understand the Bible.

IF an average person is totally sincere when he/ she asks God [ and the Holy Spirit] to please help them understand the Bible with the pure motive of magnifying His name, for worship, to get to know and love God better, there should be no reason why that person doesn't glean the proper understanding! That said, there are, of course some books of the bible and subjects where a person might have to study harder to understand, and that's true with me too. Christians might disagree about some minor stuff, but all the main, important things needed for salvation are black and white, pretty much cut and dried- simple, IMHO. See: 2nd Timothy 3:16. Or perhaps some folks just 'don't want to understand' certain portions of the Bible, because they love their present lifestyle they are in, with excesses and immorality, etc.

If we can just picture what the term, "COMMITMENT" means... To sign a legal, binding contract, means to stick and stand by your word-- your promise. When a human finally understands that God really only wants what is everlastingly BEST for us, on earth and in heaven-- being HIS faithful servant is not a hard thing to do. It's just like a loving father who knows better, has been through the hard life with so many experiences, knowledge, wisdom, to teach and share, so to is the Father in Heaven who knows ALL things! But then, Satan the devil has had 6000 years experience misleading all of mankind, and he carries a 'trick bag' full of bad, dangerous lies to pull us aside from God's Word. That is why his agents on earth want to prohibit Christian families from Home Schooling their children. He would much rather expose the kids to the wicked, Progressive public school system full of evil, immorality, humanism and evolution.

I want to prepare readers and friends who still don't understand that Satan's powers and deceptions will only grow stronger/ worse in the near future. Those of us older ones can remember when our society was a kinder, gentler, civil, respectful world filled with true Patriots who had back bone! We believe that the true agenda now is to tear down and DESTROY all civilized society, especially the Christian way of life in the few countries that are still standing with/ for freedom and liberty.

What a busy, full next week for Sharon and I! But you each one of us is wrapped up in our own little microcosm/ world, God still has His time table and agenda too, and He MUST carry out His prophecy and judgments because He CANNOT LIE! [Titus 1:2]. God does not, will not wait for humans to to do something special, take some collective action or initiative, get our 'permission', or some new 'righteous' political party or human agenda to 'trigger' His Plan !! Please understand this fact. Too many 'churches' are preaching the New Age baloney, the watered down Gospel, false hoods, Gay agenda, or some political status/ agenda that we are supposed to engage in. Even if so-called 'Conservatives' get elected this Fall or in 2012, the earth will not see remedy or closure or utopia!! Wake up! Humans cannot work or fashion God's Kingdom here on earth -- God must and will do that all by Himself-- as HE promised! Truly, many if not most of the 'churches' are misleading their flocks into thinking that there is some magic potion or humanistic formula that we mere mortals have to do or perform-- to CHANGE the world into God's Kingdom, here on earth. It's all a lie, and it's dangerous!

We need to be SAVED through the ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and accept HIM [only] as our personal Lord and Savior. When people share the Gospel with others, that IS God's work for us, but we cannot 'EARN' our way into heaven, like too many churches try to enforce and jam down our throats [as I was taught before in false religion-- before I found the Lord].

OK, folks, it's MY bed time. The hamburgers I grilled were noting but great... lol., and now the air temp. is down to 69 F. It was a fine sunny day and we spent too much money, all around. I know that I will sleep like a rock.
I had some bad chest pains early this morning after waking up, so I called Sharon back and we both prayed-- and poof! -- the pains were gone! Now I am not going to say that was a miracle-- but something happened to me, and it does a married couple GOOD to pray together and humble themselves under the great hand of God, IMO. The Bible just happens to agree with my opinion. Try it and tell me what happens to YOU!
Take care.

Tom and Sharon Schuckman

Jesus is Lord-- and Heaven is my Home.

Not All Miracles Are From God

Q. The bible mentions that not everyone who says Lord Lord will enter His kingdom. I agree with you when saying this refers to people who are not 100 % believing on the price paid by Jesus Christ on the cross, but I get really confused when this statement extends to people who were prophesying, casting out demons and healing people. Do you want to tell me that there are people who are given a gift of healing, prophesying and casting out demons but not 100 % believing on the Lord?

A. It’s important to understand that not all miracles come from God. In addition to Matt. 7:21-23, read 2 Cor. 11:13-15, and 2 Thes 2:9. These passages tell us that it isn’t just people who don’t rely 100% on Jesus who do these things. Some of it is the work of Satan and his ministers. For example, someone who appears to demonstrate gifts of the Spirit and then teaches false doctrine can not be walking with the Lord. “No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. Each tree is recognized by its own fruit. People do not pick figs from thornbushes, or grapes from briers.” (Luke 6:43-44)

It’s our job to search the Scriptures to see if the things we’re being taught are true (Acts 17:11), even if they’re accompanied by the appearance of miracles.


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Tom's Journal.

I need to pass on an email/ message from a good friend, Staley, which I agree with-- for the most part. Except... I believe that ONLY GOD CAN CHANGE THE WORLD AND CLEAN THINGS UP-- NOT HUMANS. But true Christians are obligated to use legal means to hold our leaders to account, and obey the U.S. Constitution! We don't find too many BRAVE, HONORABLE people now days who are willing to put their life, livelihood, and reputation on the chopping block/ line. We think that those few brave people's actions to protect our freedoms and liberties ought to be supported and prayed for. The short article below really rings my bell.

We just had an AIR CONDITIONER service guy over to check out and clean our central A/C unit outside, and he found a piece of wire jammed into the turbine and tons of Cottonwood fluff clogging up our unit. That costs more money/ energy per month for us. And the furnace fan motor is going to pot and needs to be replaced, for another $300 down the road. PTL [Praise the Lord] --that we have enough resources to get that done too. Pity the people who are suffering and dying because they can't stay cool in our hot, humid Summers. I suppose that we Americans appear to be 'rich' --but years ago, our ancestors either managed to put up with the heat and cold-- or just died. Living longer only means that we can serve/ praise the Lord a few more years [if it's God's Will-- and the Rapture doesn't come early-- in our human minds/ biblically educated speculations..] and share our hard won wisdom and experiences to train and advise the young... especially our loved ones.
Well, time to grill the burgers outside-- me and the hound. The air quality is better today and Sharon feels much better!
Have a good day.

Dear Tom,
We are in a battle to return our nation to being a nation under God.
Glen Beck is doing a great job in reminding us about the Patriots of the past who have given so much in order for us to have all the freedoms that our great nation affords us. I am grateful for him,
and the many others who are trying to wake us up.
However I would like to wake us up to the fact that we have some great Patriots of today who deserve and need our help. I am talking about
Lt. Cmdr. Terry Lakin who has put his occupation, livelihood and life on the line for our nation. He has now been court-martial ed for asking our possibly illegitimate President to prove his constitutional right to be commander-in-chief of the Armed Services. All he asks is that President Obama publish his original birth certificate and release his college and university records to the public. This is something that should have been done by our congressmen and senators before he was confirmed to the office.
We also have a young lady Patriot who put her reputation, future, and life on the line to investigate President Obama's life long organization named Acorn. She and her associate proved beyond a shadow of doubt that this was and is a wicked organization working to facilitate child prostitution, tax and mortgage fraud, and trafficking of illegal immigrants to be used as sex slaves. Until now none of the Acorn operatives have been tried or convicted. However this young lady has been bombarded with lawsuits.
I can understand why the liberal media does not come to the support of these two Patriots because they have been working for the Obama Socialist, Communist agenda for years. I however cannot understand why the conservative media, television and radio commentators and programs are not constantly keeping these cases before the public. The polls prove that the conservative media has the ear of most of the nation's citizens.
Am I missing something? Are these two people not worthy of our support? I do not know of anyone in my 73 years of life that has given more to preserve this nation than these two people.
While we are giving of ourselves and our finances to those running for office who may or may not prove themselves to love and stand for our beloved Constitution there is no question that these two people deserve our support.
I am asking that all the bloggers on the InterNet begin calling for our Conservative news media, senators and Congress persons as well our public to pray for, send financial help for their defense and let them know personally that we appreciate very much their patriotism and sacrifice for our nation. Remembering the past Patriots is important but recognizing and supporting the present Patriots is vital.
Submitted by Staley R Langham. May God bless those who heed!