Saturday, July 17, 2010

Painting the House.



I got too much sun in my eyes today, painting the house with my son, Andy, as the air temps were about 89 degrees F. in S.E. Wisconsin and slightly humid. And my friend, Steve Brulport came over early to cut and trim the grass too. I just felt that I had to have a hand in slinging some paint on the house exterior and I chose a rich BLUE coat with white trim.

I didn't want my house to stick out too loud like a sore thumb in our one horse, conservative, town in the country, but I like full, rich colors, and try to maintain my property. A few people drove by and honked and said, "not a bad color!" Andy had his paint sprayer along but we mostly painted around all the windows today to get the house ready to the spray job tomorrow. We both got A LOT OF SUN, and my left eye is watering a bit, even though I wear prescription automatic 'shading' glasses, I should have worn a cap. I hope the 5 gallons I bought at Menard's will be enough for the job. I have a 'Milwaukee brand' outdoor construction grade radio to keep us company,and I think it's more fun to paint with a buddy so we can chat and visit-- and that is what draws a father and son closer, IMO.

Sharon was not feeling all that great today, prob because of the hot weather and poor air quality, although we keep the house cool. We all have good days and poor. She did pick our first cucumber today and took some pix of us painting. I will take a shower and hit the rack early tonight to be well rested for church on Sunday. My son works 2 jobs but he said he will come back tomorrow again and turn the spray painter loose. The house wasn't all that bad from the last time he painted it about 6 years ago-- but I wanted a new color that didn't seem so drab. The house next door is a shambles with paint peeling ever since I bought my house here..... Ha! [BTW-- did you all know that the old term, "Shambles" actually meant a MEAT MARKET when the KJV bible was written about 1610-1611 ??] Well... you know, the Lord COULD come back tomorrow,and a person might reason--'all that painting and money were for nothing.' I think that Christians should TRY to keep up their property if they can afford to, to set a proper example for the congregation --but NOT to 'keep up with the Jones!' Again, balance and logic are the key thought here. Christians want to act and behave ORDERLY and with respect for the rest of the neighborhood, IMHO.

I am also thankful for the nice, little circle of friends that I have, always willing to give me their advice and view point-- just like today, my 3 friends gave me their input about the color of the paint I bought. A old soldier like me would probably not pick colors like pink, purple, bright yellow or orange.... lol,.. for the exterior of my house.

My dad had me paint his houses when I was younger and he taught me the finer points of painting. For me it's relaxing and therapeutic-- easy and good for stress. I feel the soreness in my legs already as I don't use those muscles that much, but I feel good in getting SOMETHING accomplished today and visiting with my talented son who did most of the work and climbed the ladders. Just the same, I wouldn't want to do it every year, and I know that some folks just HATE to paint! The air temp is still 85 degrees at 8:16PM! Ha! I am musing that we never had any kind of A/C over in Vietnam where it was like Miami in July... LOL! But we were young, slim and tough when we were there, and we could take the pain and the heat. Thank the Lord for kind and gentle mercies!