Monday, August 9, 2010

Andy paints our house.

Tom's Journal.

New Pix of Andy Schuckman painting our humble house in WI. And my dear friend, Steve B, and Andy in late July, 2010.

We love the new bright blue color! My son did a great job in 90 degree heat-- took him a few days as he has two other jobs. I paid my son a little bonus for his good work and he earned every dollar. He did 99% of the work and I had to buy a new paint sprayer unit that worked so fine.

Hot and Humid-August.

Tom's Journal.

Hello Bros., Sisters, Guys and Gals, Friends,
Today was terrifically hot and muggy up in the North land --CheeseLand, and hard to even breathe, with hungry mosquitoes that attack in full force, a company at a time, each with their own M-60. But yes, I know that you all have it worse in the South and West.... sorry for your discomfort. Just think of Russia where people are dropping dead like flies in the heat and wild fires around Moscow-- and then China and Pakistan, floods and mud slides swallowing up whole towns at a time before they know what the noise is all about. Just another facet of Jesus' prophecy in the book of Matthew 24, etc. Lord, protect our Brother in the Faith, please.

Sharon was trying to can more tomatoes again, but had to stop for a break, and I just got back from Menard's with 2 more cases of quart canning jars. Tomorrow I go to a larger hospital in Milwaukee for more needles in both knees again-- because the VA's rules say that I can only get their shots every 90 days... and the Nurse Practitioner, gentleman, my buddy, takes MY side and even gave me the top Ortho doc else where!

Now I want to share something great that I just started. THE LISTENER'S BIBLE, KJV, narrated by Max McLean, a Brit. with a low, well trained voice [sounds a bit like Sean Connery, although Sean is a Scot that I always liked]. 1-888-876-5661
Wow!! I am excited and highly recommend buying this super fine gift/ Bible, as it really gives life to the 'Old English' proper pronunciation, diction, and emphasis/ grammar! Woo Woo!
Sharon listened to it many times but I just kept putting it off for a few years after I bought it. TOM, LISTEN TO YOUR WIFE... HA! I just figure that MOST of us throw money away on stupid stuff, and don't have much important valuables to show for it at home--- like when the darn TV craps out, like ours did recently. WEll now I listen to my old CD player that runs on batteries! And I told Sharon that their would be a silver lining in that dark cloud of no TV too. It hurt to see just how dependent we were on that goofy TV and Cable-- especially when we are both disabled, having trouble getting around these days.

Hey Guys, I don't want you all to think that we are sitting on our roof tops waiting for the 'world to end' like some Comet watcher or suicide club drinking grape Koo-Aid.'

Hebrews 11: 1 says: "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." KJV, of course. Then the entire 11th chapter is filled with FAITH and examples of godly men and women. I know that this verse sounds like a riddle, and it is very profound, yet short. We can talk about invisible things like the wind, electricity, sub-atomic particles, even parasites that guard our eyes, and we believe. Yet "the fool has said, 'there is no God.' And there is another book that I want to buy, but can't afford it right now..."HOW EVIL WORKS." ... Why people elect liars and follow tyrants, fakes, usurpers, frauds, and are just too LAZY to stand up and fight for our Constitutional rights! The Prez, Congress and Judiciary are NOT our bosses --- only the Constitution is our Law! If you have not read that sacred document yet-- shame on you! How can we go into battle against corrupt 'leaders' while being NAKED, without a weapon?? Remember, 'the man who does not read is just as bad off as the man who cannot!' That true statement was on the wall at the college, MATC, that I attended in Milwaukee, WI.

Not to gain attention or be a hold out, and I love and respect many well know Christian bloggers and writers who still champion America and somehow THINK that 'WE' can all "turn things around" to have a godly, Christian nation again, Home of the Brave-- Land of the Free... even as most Americans are functionally illiterate concerning the Constitution and unwilling to write their Congress people, or vote for real Christians...Ha! It sounds good, just like Glenn Back. But it seems to me that these fine people keep leaving out the "God Factor"... the Bible Prophecy, that is coming true right now in front of our very eyes!! Does it make any difference where a real Christian lives or dies? And what if it's true that there are MORE REAL, BIBLICAL CHRISTIANS MEETING UNDERGROUND IN CHINA-- than are in Europe and the USA combined ? Yes, I love America even as I fought for her 2 years in Vietnam, but one has to face reality when a loved one has cancer so deep and comlete in their corrupted body that the doctors close them up as soon as they make that first incision! I just read something today about how corrupt the local, State and Federal Government is in America! Places like Cleveland, Detroit, LA, Newark, etc. that are so violent, and both the Dems and the Republicans are both playing us for fools, and can NEVER put Humpty Dumpty back together again ---ONLY GOD CAN DO THAT, and the Rapture is not far off! Anyway, that is MY prospective and personal opinion on the subject-- taking God's side and multiple warnings. Jesus is my Lord and personal Savior-- and Heaven is my Home.

Keep a cool head, pack on the ice and learn deep breathing.

Warm Regards and Blessings,
Tom and Sharon Schuckman