Thursday, August 12, 2010

Defend the Rapture.

Tom's Journal.

I just felt the need to flesh out this important subject so as to WARN other Christians and those new souls who are being assaulted by Satan's earthly agents-- so called 'prophets and teachers' who trash the Rapture. As I noted in my comment below from the book of Matthew chapter 24, that these terrible deceptions in the Last Days before the Rapture and Tribulation MUST come! Jesus said so! And all the ragged, skin of their teeth, new believers who are unsteady who are still not mature in Bible study and discernment stand the risk, perhaps, of being seduced and misled by Satan's earthly agents, ought to BEWARE! A lion will usually attack the weakest, slowest, member of the herd.
Would you want to go into battle with just shower tongs and a stick?? I have actually seen our Vietnamese allies do just that after they sallied forth off our 'slick' helicopter in 'Nam! HA! I would rather carry everything I need and extra ammo if it were me jumping out the door in the bush or rice paddy. And if I couldn't be an "A" student-- I'd certain hope to be a "B" student in school, instead of a "D" student, doing the LEAST to just pass.

And it's true that just sitting in church every Sunday no more makes you a Saint or Saved--- than standing in a garage makes you a car, or a mechanic. BUT... there are still some fundamental, Bible teaching/ preaching churches left in the USA,and else where that can really help real Christians learn, love and exhort one another to fine works and encouragement. The Baptist church we attend has been very helpful, friendly, encouraging, to minister to our physical and spiritual needs. But mature Christians usually are strong enough to 'feed' themselves thru the Bible itself and prayer. Yet, it's good to have friends that you can trust and fellowship with, IMO. I love Christian radio too, that features pastors like Charles F. Stanley, etc. In my locale, we have the wonderful WVCY 107.7 FM -- out of Milwaukee, but you can hear it through your computer/ InterNet.

The Rapture is a very important part of our Christian belief system, so we ought to learn it well enough to defend it, teach it to others, and stand our biblical ground.

Today in WI, we have a Heat advisory with a high index as unhealthful so that it feels like we are over 100 degrees F. Beware, Moscow is not the only place sweltering/ roasting in high heat. Keep cool.
And I thought this subject was especially interesting!

Did Jesus Appear in the Old Testament?

Posted: 11 Aug 2010 01:12 PM PDT

By Nathan Jones Lamb & Lion Ministries Q. Was the Angel of the Lord in the Old Testament also Jesus? - Amelia, TexasA. The Angel of the Lord referred to in the Old Testament was indeed Jesus Christ. This was Jesus' title and form before He came to the Earth to be born as a human being. The Angel of the Lord was Jesus' preincarnate state, meaning who and what He was before manifesting Himself in

Tom Schuckman

Dirk said...

The teaching of the Rapture being a myth seems to have been gaining momentum over about the past year & a half. At least we seem to be hearing more about it at the least.

Evangelist Perry Stone, recently did a series of teaching on the Rapture (videos are archived on his website) to prove that there is indeed going to be a Rapture. One of the things he said about the word Rapture not being found in the Bible was that in the original translation, the word "demon" isn't found either. I also heard an old country preacher on a small-town radio station about an hour north of here talking about this same thing say you won't find the word "Bible" in there either.

Not finding a specific word in the Bible has got to be the weakest & most inane argument there is. People actually buying into this argument just shows the level of end-time deceit that exists now. Brother Stone also made the statement that it was his experience that people who didn't believe in the Rapture were not exactly living lives of holiness. I believe this is what this is really all about. Most people now don't want to hear there will be a judgment & we will be held accountable for our actions.


Heli gunner Tom said...

Matthew 24:6, says: "And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be NOT troubled: for all these things MUST come to pass, but the end is not yet."

Verse 11: "And many false prophets shall rise and shall deceive many."

Count, depend of the Holy Spirit to guard you against FALSE PROPHETS AND 'TEACHERS !!'