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BINGO!! I think I have finally found the best way to explain an idea/ mind set --better than fumbling around before, and I hope to share it with others today. This is a long, meaty piece that I think is very important right now, 24 August 2010, when so much wrong 'info' is going out [being disseminated] that confuses most of us --- and WHO wants to be further misled by the devil and his earthly agents now, just before the storm??

If I can only highlight the part that I feel is most important for all to understand... the part where some 'Christians' are trying to make the Gospel too Social [the Social Gospel] to bring about [by human efforts] "Heaven on Earth" without God's intervention or help-- that would preclude the Tribulation! That is a perversion of the Gospel! And also listening to our Christian radio station while on the way home from Sharon's doctor appointment today, once again, we learned that Glenn Beck, still has not got it right either, when he speaks about "everyone praying to his/her own 'God' , or diety ", also at his rally this week end in D.C., etc. Personally, I am thankful for all of Glenn's expose's of Gov't and WH lies, crimes, and misadventures, and the great history lessons, but we have to watch out about Glenn's personal Mormon view of 'Jesus and the Gospel' vs: the TRUE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST! Remember Jesus' own words about 'expecting to hear about the 'Christ being found here and there'... [Matt 24, etc] actually 'false Christs and false Gospels!' So here is how a person can be fore warned and fore armed, IMHO, by digging deeper in the scriptures with the help of the Holy Spirit. And yes, digging is hard work... but it's so rewarding and yields the TRUTH that can set us free.

It seems that I have been digging for many years, mining for a heart of gold--Ha! And then, all of a sudden I found the 'Mother Load' of knowledge and happiness of being satisfied and content upon reaching that plateau. Of course we shall be studying and learning more even in heaven! Our brains were meant to last FOREVER! Is that a mystery to you all? Just WHY DID the Lord God make our brains to last forever, when we seem to die in our 70's or 90's?? It makes sense now, doesn't it? Some of us may have to read this material a 2nd time, but who cares, right? Personally, I don't feel I really know a subject until I can TEACH it to some one else.

Comments, please. I need to know if YOU found the same gold nuggets that I did in this article.

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Covenant, Reformed, and Dispensational Theology - What Do They Mean?

Posted: 24 Aug 2010 09:20 AM PDT

By Dr. Tony Garland. Spirit andTruth.org Q. About a year ago you helped me out with the book on Israelology (Israelology: The Missing Link in Systematic Theology by Arnold Fruchtenbaum) and I was wondering if you would give me some guidance again. I am starting a personal study on systematic theology and have spent hours trying to figure something out. I am so confused.What I am trying to