Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sharing the Word.

Tom's Journal.

I realize that many of my dear friends and readers believe that they should never give up hope on their loved ones, relatives, and others who now refuse to accept the Lord and His Word-- the Bible. Indeed, I feel like I am in the same boat to some extent, and what real Christian wants to see his beloved family and friends perish and do time in hell forever?

But there is another school of thought, that I have... Only God knows who and how many souls need to be SAVED before Jesus comes back to take up His bride/ church in the Rapture. Some one has to tell them about true salvation and the Gospel! ALL CHRISTIAN ARE ADMONISHED TO SHARE IN THIS PREACHING/ WITNESS WORK! 'The harvest is plenty, and the workers are few.' I don't know when or IF a person will accept the Lord IN TIME, even as I write, blog, invite, share the Gospel, hand out bibles all over my area-- for free- out of my own pocket/ funds. All I can do is to expend myself for the Lord until either the Rapture or death takes me. My point is: I feel that my fleeting energy with a disabled body will only allow me to spend a certain amount time every 24 hours. If someone is NOT receptive to my respectable way of sharing, or overly aggressive/ hostile to me-- I just walk away. I am a busy man taking care of my disabled wife, etc.

Yes, I just walk away to more 'fertile territory' where some one else may be LOOKING and PRAYING for a humble servant of the Lord to share the wonderful prospect of true salvation, remission of sin, real hope, going to heaven!! Lately, I have the feeling that I am nothing more than a "seed planter", when I would more enjoy teaching a person through bible study, etc. But as a Christian soldier, I take orders without making a fuss or whining. If this is the work God has chosen for this old reformed sinner-- 'Let it be, Lord.' I am happy to have ANY part in the "End Times" work involving sharing the Word-Bible-Gospel.

Christians are NOT to be beggars or peddlers of the Word/ Gospel! IF a person shows genuine interest and love for the Word, we ought to 'follow up', get that person to make a commitment and PRAY for forgiveness and accept the Lord Jesus, and then follow up to teach and share with them the Bible and/ or church, if there is a good, Bible teaching church in the area. We are blessed to have such churches here in S.E. Wisconsin, but you still have to be discerning.

The bottom line is, Proverbs 3:5, and total trust in what the Bible says for us. I know that for many, this sounds TOO easy and too simplistic. Too many people now days look to their OWN understanding, education and "higher learning" from a corrupt, debased, sinful, ego-driven world. God will bless the humble, yet hungry heart.

Sharon is still sick-- perhaps picked up some 'bug' from the hospital, and can't get relief for her pained back, and is now begging to see or talk to her doctor who is totally unavailable for the Labor Day holiday, or course. And I am 'eagerly' anticipating my VA appointment next Thursday in Milwaukee. The local church pastor, George Schlegel, was kind and concerned enough to phone me this morning, just to check in and see how we are doing. The air temp is 62 degrees today at noon!! This a dangerous time to drive on the highways -- Be Safe! Be Wise. Be Happy in the Lord!

Tom Schuckman

Can People Place Themselves Beyond Salvation?

Q. I have a question that most Bible teachers stay away from. Here it is: is it possible for a person to harden his heart to where he is beyond salvation? To me passages in Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Romans, 2 Thes. and Hebrews seem to indicate so. What do you think?

A. I believe after repeated denials and refusals where salvation is concerned, people can become polarized to the point where their minds are beyond changing. For example, Paul said that after the rapture many people who have rejected the truth will believe the lie. Seeing that their minds are made up God will actually influence them to accept the lie that the anti-Christ is God. (2 Thes. 2:9-11)