Saturday, September 11, 2010

Music Too Loud in Union Grove.

Tom's Journal.

I read a few articles about the 9/11 event mourned by many today in NY, etc., yet the Gov't is doing nothing really to come to gripes with the Muslim terrorists and 2 wars chugging on. I know a bit about war and how much it costs just to fly a helicopter for one day, or a jet! People nailed Mr. GW Bush about not having a solid plan or agenda in place, but Mr. Obama isn't any better after 2 years of goofing off! How can we prosecute a war and a half while letting the enemy train and move in back home?? Not saying we should round them up like FDR in camps, but we ought to check them out more often and tell the REAL truth about their clandestine activities and donations/ funding.

A side note... our small hick town of 4400 in S.E. Wisconsin still has a blaring loud, hard pounding rock and roll band 2 blocks away that is still vibrating our dishes-- now at 11:17 PM, and I KNOW that few of the attendees will be up early for church in the morning. Sharon made the mistake of calling the cops to let them know about the extreme noise at 5 PM, and then 2 of their abusive, pushy cops knocked at the front door and got snotty to me, actually suggesting that we go somewhere else for the rest of the night!! Ha! I told them that I was a blogger/ journalist-- and they world read about themselves tomorrow... lol. Then I told them, 'Have a nice day' and close the door on them. I always respect authority.. except when it's illegal and abusive. The bone heads [and non-combatant, non- military types-- who strut like storm troopers] would never respond to a robbery or rape as fast as they harassed us in jerk water, WI. I just happen to love good music and listen to it every day. Actually, Sharon ASKED them to just turn down the BASS guitar a tad. I bet there will be a lot of drunks on the road tonight.

Is the Anti-Christ a Jew? I will tell you one thing... the evil one won't be an American. From just the economic stand point and lack of true Christianity, I wonder how long America will continue to EXIST! Man cannot bring about a "Heaven on Earth." Only God can do that! Read the Book.... if you dare.


Is the Antichrist a Jew, Gentile, or Supernatural?

Posted: 10 Sep 2010 09:38 AM PDT

By Bill Salus When determining the true content of the false covenant of Daniel 9:27 it proves helpful to determine the origin of the Antichrist. Will he be a Jew, Gentile, or a Supernatural being like an Alien or Nephilim as some have recently proposed?Up until the time of Abraham there were no Jews, all of mankind was Gentile. Abraham, the ancient Hebrew patriarch, fathered