Friday, September 17, 2010

Time is running out.

Tom's Journal.

I was in awe of my son's ability to work so well and so fast-- just as I was when I was his age, mid-30's, and he was over to visit me today and did a bunch of chores for us. We cleaned out and mowed part of the garden and pivoted the tomahawk target so we could throw into it at a latter date, and a number of other things, while a new cleaning lady came over at the same time and helped us out too. Now I am paying for yesterday-- jumping in and out of the truck, doing chores.

The VA wants me there next Monday and Tuesday for a 'stress test' where they will chemically restrict my veins and arteries and use radioactive junk to see how good my heart is....Ha! This is all in preparation for my knee replacement-- and they don't cut any corners, which is good and reassuring. Tons of fun, and the stress test will last for 5 hours. Sharon is not breathing very well these days and can't walk very far in the house. I fear that I may not be able to care for her someday, as I can barely care for myself right now. Trust in the Lord!

The short article below about the Rapture almost sounds frightening, but most Christians are praying for just that when they repeat the 'Lord's Prayer' at Matthew 6:9. Go figure, that Hamas, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Turkey and the Palestinians continue to encroach and war against Israel almost every day...HA! They are always trying to provoke a war, or pre-empted strike so that the rest of Israels enemies will claim that they now have a legitimate excuse to bring on a full court press type of war to wipe the Jews off the face of the earth-- and then carve her up for dinner! This is SO interesting for me! And for REAL, TRUE, biblical Christians, it's more than super interesting because when the stink hits the fan ["finally"], we expect that our Rapture will soon follow. Wow! Just think... we may even miss the HYPER-inflation that the financial experts are predicting in about 6 months for the good old USA. You all need to do some research on that subject -- that will most likely cause massive riots and uprising.

Mr Obama is even ready for that event too with 80,000 troops reserved in the States to put down any riots and anarchy when all your money loses it's 'buying power' after it's reduced to 17 cents on the dollar. Look for the Obama "Gov't"
to seize all our Guns, Gold/ Silver and bibles about that time... And I realize that most of my readers are now thinking that I have lost my senses or smoking something strange as I post this tonight... but I got much of this info from Brannon Howse and other experts. Actually, anyone with an IQ and common sense can figure this out, but most of Americans are still in denial or working so hard just to scratch out a living to do the math. Pity. Silver and Gold are increasing almost daily! Of course I study these things, but I was 'trying' to explain this to a friend who also serves as a deacon at the church-- and his eyes were wide open, but he thought the news was so incredulous that he had a hard time wrapping his un-educated mind around it-- even with a complete college back ground!

After screaming my head off to a number of friends and relatives, I decided to just shut up and let THEM take the fall. I am not going to have a heart attack or stroke over it... let THEM lose their houses and dine on worms and Kool-Aid, and LET THEM BE HUMBLED. This, of course is all biblical, but even without the Bible, average folks can still figure this out.
Time for bed-- and I must be getting some allergy with a stuffy nose.


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This is where I get a lot of my information: World Net Daily.