Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sharon back in the Hospital.

Tom's Journal.

I had to take Sharon back to the hospital again this afternoon for congestive heart failure and fluid in her lungs. She was ailing this past week, but since she is ALWAYS hurting with her bad fractured back-- it's hard to tell what she is complaining about. Do all women have problems communicating??
I can hardly walk too with my bum knee... lol. I have a very simple question. Why is it that so many 'Christians' fumble with their words when you ask them if they are ready for the Rapture and Heaven? Unless they are so filthy rich billionaires and own their own island with Lear Jet, etc., why would a smart person want to stay on earth when they know that the Lord is coming soon?

I drove 22 miles after church to a good store to buy some special stuff and realized that I forgot my wallet !! They would not cash a check because I seldom write checks at stores--I use cash and/ or a credit/ debit card.... duh. So I came home and got my wallet and drove to the corner Piggly Wiggly that has questionable food, too old, rotten, etc..... Ha! Sharon stomach was ailing and wanted some tortilla chips and pepper cheese dip. A few hours latter I had to drive all the way back to Kenosha, WI., on Lake Michigan again to put her into the hospital ER. It's been a tiresome day for me and I whacked my right knee on my power scooter-- just what I needed, right?

My truck gas tank was on empty so I filled up--$66., and the gas station attendant was a tall Pakistani dude with a strange glare-- as if he is plotting something in his brain box. He looks like he doesn't really trust me either.

Well, I have the hound dog for company now and all kind so peace and quiet. I am hungry but don't want to brush my teeth a second time, and I must get up early to do some stuff. I tried to go to sleep a few hours ago, like 8PM, so tired, but folks are calling me up, plus my wife. I am posting this to ask again if some of your believers would consider my wife, Sharon, in prayer, please. thank you.

BTW, that thing Jesus was predicting about the End Times being like the days of Noah, in Matthew 24.... is so understandable to us now. The USA thanks to the WH and so-called "news media" try to lull us into a 'secure' La La Land mood with their lies... the 'Summer of Recovery'. etc, and 'we are coming out of the recession' BS... lol. In 6 months [mark my word] the REAL experts say we will be in a HYPER-inflation here in the USA!! Hello! But in the world, it's just business as usual-- borrow, print money and SPEND! What's wrong with this picture...duh? God WILL SAVE HIS SERVANTS AND BELIEVERS, but the road will be so tough before that happens, folks. I will suffer too, probably suffer some loss and be glad to munch on a crust of stale bread, but many will lose their homes and won't have a pot... The entire world will suffer big time, and when parents can't feed their children they will take it to the streets-- and martial law will be declared. This is only the beginning-- before the Trib!

Pray to the Lord and God of the Bible for strength and accept the Christ as your personal Savior NOW-- TODAY!
Pray for me and Sharon too.