Monday, September 20, 2010

The Canary.

Tom's Journal.

|Just who is really "Safe?" And in this world right now, we have what is called TMI-- 'Too much information', and most of it false. The end line/ conclusion of Strandberg's article is the most reliable-- 'trust only in Jesus Christ.' Ain't it the truth.
I don't want to make it sound like: "When all else fails-- trust in the Lord" --which is what most folks do in this crazy, selfish, greedy world. I have been praying my head off many times a day with all my personal stress-- sometimes it feels like I am getting bombarded from all sides, day after day, as I know many of YOU feel that same way from your posts and emails. Others turn to booze, drugs, delusion/ self denial or suicide-- but that's a poor long term solution for a short term problem.

I know that all of the women readers like to see the 'man' stand up and defend/ take care of his wife-- but truth be told, Sharon has been "sleeping" in her EZ chair for the past 3 month WITHOUT BENEFIT OF HER CPAP breathing machine for sleep apnea! And I can understand that she just can't seem to get comfortable in bed with her bad I will try to elevate the bed or something. Is it any wonder why she doesn't heal correctly and get a good night's sleep though? The pastor even told her to obey and listen to her husband and the docs who only want her to improve and get well! And it's the same thing at the hospitals when the so-called "medical people" dismiss or really don't listen to what you have to say at all! After all, we so-called "lay people" are just a bunch of ignorant, dumb slobs, right? Fact is: the 'medical people' are specialists in one tiny field, and they make critical mistakes and injure/ kill people all the time! I have dated a few RN's years ago.... lol, and some could not boil water or change a tire.

I had to deal with a very abrasive, abusive, rude staff nurse tech today on the 10th floor of the Milwaukee VA hospital, named Joni Dorr, a 'tech' who injected some nuclear medicine into my arm. I ended up asking for a 'witness' to come in the room so that she might refrain from further verbal abuse towards me-- and then I reported her to the Patient Advocate on the first floor, and it will go into her record. She won't get fired-- but the next Vet who catches her abusive language and reports it WILL get her into trouble. I know how to skin a cat, and I will not be abused! I have to go back tomorrow for the 2nd half of my stress test... Ha! Hey! I got stressed enough just driving to the VA and dealing with some of the staff-- and worrying about my wife and my upcoming knee replacement surgery. The witch at the VA did finally get another staff member to stand in the room, named Jim, but he refused to give me his full name, hiding his ID tag by turning it around on his lanyard. Wait for the Gov't-- and 'Obama-Care' because you all will suffer the same sort of dung heap service and abuse, and won't that be a merry party! . The Rapture will prob come before then, guys.

I talked it over with my wife and she agreed that many God haters see the penned in words on the front of my power scooter: "JESUS IS LORD", and automatically abuse the rider--- me, probably because that kind of stuff OFFENDS them or shames them. Sharon thinks that the beautiful carved cherry wood sign in the back of my power scooter is sufficient for a Christian witness... "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain."~Philippians 1:21. Actually, few people even understand that scripture and it's prob seems 'cryptic' to them, but other real Christians say that they know me from my past visits and they like the sign and me! Same thing when ever I go to the stores shopping-- people have nothing but praise. It's similar to our military jargon that puzzles all civilians-- but we like it like that--belonging to an 'exclusive club.' Most of the staff at that VA Hosp. are there only for the pay check and could care less about the disabled Veterans... and I know that other Vets have worse horror stories than me and freely tell me about them while we all wait our long waiting in lines. It's a pity to see them all suffer and get abused on a regular basis-- but I do my best to cheer them up and share scripture and jokes with them.

The real truth about precious metals is too scary to be 'leaked' to the public, and besides that-- we are 'too far down the pike' for most folks to do anything about it. But if you have the funds and where with all to purchase the goods, DO NOT TELL ANY 'friends', neighbors or relatives, PLEASE! 'Loose lips sink ships', and when folks are starving-- they will have no honor or dignity. You see my friends, the hard working blue collar people in the USA are the 'wicked element' according to this current WH. But if you are a lazy, drunken bum, or have lots of bastard kids just to get on the welfare rolls-- then you are OK! [sic]. Sorry, folks, I calls 'em like I sees 'em, and most of my friends will agree with that.
Well folks, it shouldn't be too much longer, and the apostle Paul told us, 'Do not be anxious, but be in prayer and supplication always...' I would say, do your Christian networking now and grow closer to the Lord-- study your bible daily.

We are by no means rich, but I treat my wife well with fresh fruits, veggies, etc and take her out to eat a few times a week. But she was complaining about the poor quality of food at the hospital today, and I gently told her to eat all of her carrots... lol. Sharon doesn't care for a lot of things and is spoiled. I told her, 'See now, life at home isn't that bad after all.....', just kidding her. I then asked her, "Dear heart, if you actually did eat everything on your plate, do you think that you would die ?" And she said, "No." I said that the ' 'institutional food' may not taste so good, but it won't kill or poison you.' But if she doesn't CARE for the food, she sends it back and gets something else! I told her that I didn't feel comfortable smuggling in 'special food' to her because the staff prob. knows what is best for her, and then maybe she would appreciate her home life more so when she comes back in a few days-- as we are guessing. OK, call me a butt head, folks... lol. Just trying to make a point. Sharon is not allergic to anything except some peanuts-- she is an 'only child, and spoiled.'

We used to laugh at rich kids in Basic Training at Fort Campbell, KY, turning up their noses at the Army chow. But in a few days they were eating everything on the plate too-- as we all had to eat in ONE MINUTE, every stinking day for 8 long weeks, or lose it by being forced to dump it outside in the garbage cans!! Not even the Marines were treated that way! In AIT [Advanced Individual Training] at Fort Rucker, AL [late 1967- right before Christmas]-- Aviation school, we were allowed more time to eat at the Mess Hall, about 10- 15 minutes... Woo Woo! Now I never tried to force my kids or wife to do those goofy kind of things, but I just wanted them to have the right prospective in life, in telling them what Army life was like, so they should be thankful.

I also communicate with the friends on FaceBook, but I don't like to give out TMI [too much info] to the public or 'Big Brother.' Have a good night, friends and buddies! If things work out well, we expect Sharon to come back home in a few days, but we shall leave that up to the good doctors-- those 'small gods who roam the halls of sickness and trauma.' Just think-- they will all be out of work in heaven-- IF they get there! Judging by their attitude and big time PRIDE-- we will just have to leave that up to the Lord. I have enough on my own plate.


Precious Metals: "The Canary in the Coal Mine"

Posted: 20 Sep 2010 08:58 AM PDT

By Todd Strandberg Rapture Ready The precious metals market has been on fire. Last week, gold hit a fresh all-time high and silver reached a new two-year high. In London, spot bullion hit a nominal record of $1,286 a troy ounce. The yellow metal has risen 17 percent since January. Gold is heading for its tenth consecutive annual gain, the longest winning streak since at least 1920.Silver rose to