Thursday, September 23, 2010


Tom's Journal.

Sharon's doctor in Kenosha, WI., had to stick a long needle into her back this morning to draw out over a quart of fluid from her Right lung, which was then collapsed, but they corrected that soon after. We call each other about 6-8 times a day for updates, chats and info-- and I just called her in between this very post. We think that she will be breathing better tonight. She was on dangerous ground up to this time with labored breathing, etc., and that's got to be scary for any human. I could think of better ways to die...

My son, Andy, was over to visit and help me today too, and he likes to work! You don't hear that now days from many grown children OR adults. I was 'striking while the iron was hot' telling him about God's grand prophecy and promises to those who accept the Son, Jesus, and try to follow the Bible in these 'Last Days' of great temptation and violence/ economic times. Sometimes we even have to ask God to tear out the love from our heart concerning an 'unbelieving mate/ girl friend' who has no love for holy things/ God, or the Bible. Just like our original father, Adam, who had the chance to ditch Eve [after she sinned big time--on one simple rule], and follow God, but was thinking of his own pleasure and companionship-- and so we were all born into sin and corruption. God would have provided another female for Adam, probably much better! Adam made his choice and KNEW what he was doing. The apostle Paul said that 'it was the WOMAN who was deceived/ beguiled' [by the devil]-- NOT Adam!

Satan knows how to trip our triggers, and what buttons to push, as he has for the past 6000 years. In this area I have fallen flat on my face and made a fool out of myself too many times, until I finally figured out to live on my own, by myself, own my own house -- with my own income. And then hook up with a CHRISTIAN lady WHO VALUES the important things in life-- God and the Bible. And yes, that IS rough and hard to do now days, with greedy gold diggers lurking and lying at every corner [and men are the same]. But we ought to know by now that true Christians are a minority, hard to find, and is it worth goofing up so close to the 'Big Storm ?' Paul said: 'Do not become unevenly yoked with UN-believers.' By the many articles that I post, including this one tonight, it only a matter of time before God's chosen people, Israel, are FORCED into war with all her surrounding, hateful neighbors! How long can all these daily provocations go on with bullets, rockets and mortars launched by the Muslims-- before Israel must defend itself??

Obama is not the least bit interested in Israel's well fair, but continues to snuggle up to all the Muslim nations who overtly want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth -- see the enemy's speech in the USA from tonight... again. I told Andy today that Israel is the "Lynch Pin" that will set off the Big Firecracker, and most Christians I know believe that could be precipitate the RAPTURE, and then the Trib! So, it's a delicate thing we do to 'temper' our words when we share the Gospel of Salvation without sounding like the 'grape kool aid' people or some cult. And indeed, that is just what the God haters, unbelievers and even many CHURCHES now love to spread around and mislead about REAL, TRUE Christians who actually teach from the Bible! I have heard other mature Christians claim, 'what a genius Satan is-- to masquerade as the 'Angel of Light' and climb right into our Christian churches to spread more lies about Jesus and the Bible!!'

I keep pounding the table that we must get deeply immersed in God's Word.. and use a pure translation that is not watered down and twisted. The KJV may be harder to understand for those who are not schooled with 4 years of proper English, but the text is pure and clear. but even our fore fathers LEARNED to read the Bible well, and so what if it takes a little effort! Please visit:

Pray and Study every single day! We will need every once of faith, trust, power, strength, plus the Holy Spirit to survive what's ahead, dear friends. "You ain't seen nothin' yet!"


Jews Pelted with Rocks at Feast of Tabernacles

Posted: 23 Sep 2010 08:06 AM PDT

By Aaron Klein WorldNetDaily Riots near the Temple Mount that left at least 10 Israelis wounded were instigated and partially directed by the Palestinian Authority, according to a senior Israeli security official speaking to WND.The security official said elements of the Israeli government yesterday asked the PA to cease its involvement in instigating the clashes, which included Palestinians