Friday, September 24, 2010

Appostasy in the CHURCH.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
My wife is being transferred to a good Rehab facility where she has been before in hopes that she will progress and get better-- but that is a 'relative' term, as we all know that she is NOT expected to get better, or function at home any more. I told her in person today in the kindest, most loving way that I just cannot take care of her physically anymore, and especially after my upcoming surgery in Oct. But I will support, visit, insure, take care of her when she goes to a nursing home in the future, if and when that comes. I reminded her that things could change drastically over night-- and certainly in the next 6 months, if -- but more likely, WHEN, --the war between Israel and her barbaric Muslim neighbors trade bombs and rockets....and small country Israel has to defend herself. Can you all believe what the president of Iran just said in front of the UN last night ?? And I bet our president will still bend down and kiss him in a few weeks, again ...Ha! Hey! Some things just never change-- and the stupid, large percentage of our own nation still don't get it! Sorry....

I tell you that things just keep getting more clear for the real Christians every single day, even as we KNOW that the vast majority of humankind will never understand or believe that the 'Storm' is coming just as the Bible says, and soon. And I should not get so frustrated and over excited when people don't understand my King's English and my God given 'gifts' of teaching-- that this is exactly what Jesus foretold at Matthew chapter 10... read the whole short chapter to get the gist. 95% of my readers won't find the time or energy to do that! How many of my readers are brave enough to pass this post on to most of their friends? Fact is, most of us still have one foot in the world of Satan-- and the other in Christianity-- somewhat -- I'm guessing. Both of my kids are going on vacation right at the same time I am having knee surgery, even if they have NO money to spend....Ha! Just read 2nd Timothy chapter 3, to get the real picture of these 'critical times' where there is NO natural affection anymore, and all the once -sacred things are tossed into the trash heap. But that's OK, because I know that the Lord will take care of me-- one way or another. Even death is a way out-- and I fear death NOT.

I feel more and more, every day, that the Truth is far from the people, but the Book of John frankly tells us all about the TRUTH! Actually the TRUTH of the Gospel is so simple that the upper 'educated class' in America and Europe reject it for it's simplicity! "GOD is Love." People just can't see farther than their own lustful satisfaction. I USED to be that way-- before I found the Lord. Most likely, if I would have followed Jesus' example-- I would not have had so many misadventures and negative experiences.... but I was too proud and 'knowledgeable' when I was younger... lol. That just shows you how much a good, godly parental, Christian, upbringing is worth! And again, Obama is just part of the problem, as the entire world is under Satan's spell and domination, but the Lord Jesus will clean things up completely, and soon.

I advise and encourage EVERYONE to re-read the book of John again, and yes, it is simple, but full of Truth. I heard on the radio while coming home from the hospital: First John, Chapter, "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world..." There will be many false Christs, false prophets [teachers that will turn from the original Truth of the Bible- in these last days]. The CHURCH is already infested with APOSTASY right now, and many misled-- and surprise MANY, even some of the "Elect"! The ONLY way we can 'sort things out' is by being very familiar with God's Word, the BIBLE! Just attending some cool sounding church with great music won't get you Saved, or feed your the pure truth of the Bible -- but might even get you LOST in hell! The time for the lazy, dizzy, sleepy brain is long gone, and we Christian are ordered to keep our wits and stay awake... for the Lord is coming-- just like a 'thief in the night.'

It's becoming harder for me to travel, getting in and out of my truck and lowering my power scooter which is my only life line and means of shopping, visiting. There is no way I have enough strength right now to even charge up the battery, as I am usually very exhausted at this time of the night, 8PM. And I have been going to bed early, right about now. Laying down is the only way I can stop the pain at this juncture of the road... and I can only wonder how I am going to mend after the operation home alone. The 80/20 Fact is alive and kicking, even in our own church... and my dog can't help me much either. i don't even know who, if any, will pick me up from the VA hospital after my brief stay after surgery. Yes, Beware Apostasy, even in your home church, and a drifting off to sleep.


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Posted: 24 Sep 2010 08:18 AM PDT

By Hal Lindsey The Hal Lindsey Report Summer is gone and Autumn is upon us. The changing of the seasons serves as a reminder that everything in life changes. That's why it's so important to found your life on something that doesn't shift with the sands of time and the winds of adversity. And what could be more solid and enduring than the most precious words in all the Holy Scripture: "God so