Saturday, September 25, 2010

More Apostasy.

Tom's Journal.

It seems like the EV. LUTHERAN CHURCH of America has given in to homosexuality by welcoming 3 Lesbian pastors back into the fold in St. Paul, MN., lately.

What Would Luther Say? — A Church Apologizes for Church Discipline

Posted: 25 Sep 2010 09:31 AM PDT

By Dr. Albert Mohler The great moral revolution on the issue of homosexuality collides with the total surrender of a liberal denomination, and the result is the church’s apology for having once stood on biblical grounds. That was the picture just a few days ago, when the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America welcomed three lesbian ministers into the clergy roster through a “Rite"

This is to be expected in these 'Last Days', of course, and much more to come. You see, dear friends, there will be NO Last Days revivals!! 2nd Timothy 3:13, says, "But evil men and seducers shall wax [grow] worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived." Well, that pretty much takes care of the American Dream about the Tea Party, Glenn Beck and even honest, hard working people who want to CHANGE THINGS FOR AMERICA-- for the better! I just ain't gonna happen, brothers and sisters!
First of all, these plans don't have God's backing, and His Book says other wise. People pray the "Lord's Prayer"-- 'Let your kingdom come..' but it doesn't sink into their bone heads! People on earth are determined to have things THEIR way-- instead of God's way... and they are going AGAINST God's Will! And they are allowing Satan to lead and deceive them.

Did you ever watch a dog stare into a fan on a hot day? Well, that's exactly what MOST humans on earth look like when a true Christian tells them about God's Kingdom that is coming. 2 things: Most people have NEVER picked up a Bible in their life....too lazy, stupid, illiterate, or too proud. 2nd: Without the Holy Spirit --one cannot really understand what the Bible says. That is true for many church 'leaders' too. And the ones who understand the Word and have compromised with the devil, or deluded/ watered down the scriptures will be MORE accountable than the so-called "lay people" that they are leading to hell. Isn't that cool? Many in my own family and relation are on that nasty highway to hell right now... and they could care less! They would NEVER consider giving up their honored place at church nor their family ties/ standing/ relationships, to take the correct side of Jesus Christ, and the Bible! Oh well... And if you choose to stay/ continue with Babylon the Great-- the 'world empire of false religion' [in Revelation], YOU WILL ALSO SHARE IN HER PLAGUES! If you think that I am coming on too strong-- just check out apostles Peter and Paul, as they don't mince words either!

You need only check out the 'News Papers', TV or the InterNet to verify what I said about the Lutheran church and the Lesbians. And to think that I always liked and respected that denomination... shame-- pity. I expect this to be just the beginning-- and this means, of course, that they are shifting over/ taking sides with the Liberal/ Progressive/ SOCIALIST side, along with Obama and Pelosi, etc! Very soon, there will be few real Christians who follow the Bible left in the world, persecuted big time, already. But that is exactly what the Good Book says will happen in these Last Days. Jesus will Rapture up millions-- but Billions will be 'Left Behind.' Now... we have to ask ourselves, have we Christians honestly done all we can to share the Gospel of Salvation to the real extent of our abilities?? Or do we just sit in church like a bump on a log, and then run out the door after the last prayer? [And that goes for the church I attend too] How much time do we spend on the computer and TV compared to reading and study of the Bible?

You may ask or think... well, old, disabled Tom Schuckman, is hurting, dying and pained, and that's why he wants the Rapture to come tomorrow... or yesterday, lol. You may have a good point there-- but the reality is that God is never slow keeping His promises, and He has NEVER lied! Who knows that I may not need knee replacement surgery at the Milwaukee VA hosp., and maybe the Lord will come before that time--- or maybe the Lord will take me up tonight! People die and get killed every day, and I can barely walk at this point in time [but I'm not going to miss church tomorrow-- and I will visit my wife, Sharon]. Though every man on earth forsake me-- the Lord God will take care of me, one way or another. I just hope He lets the dog out 3 times a day so the house won't get stinky... I am still calling up every one I know to baby sit my Rotty, but no volunteers yet.


The Last Days Apostasy of the Church - BPT (Andy Woods)