Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Complaints.

Tom's Journal.

What an incredible day already! Poor Sharon had to be transported back to the hospital at 8PM last night because her lung was filling up with fluid again. The people at the Grand Prairie Rehab place FAILED to give her the medication, LAXSIX, that prevents more fluid build up in her lungs... and what a bunch of incompetent jokers there-- 'taking care of my wife!' Dave Lyons, one of the staff at Grand Prairie, just called me up to see if we wanted to reserve Sharon's old room there that my Chrysler Humana Insurance is paying about $258/ day, [and it's all about money..] so I told him to call her doctor to get more info on that matter. I had to repeat myself to him constantly, and I also told him that their 'Hispanic' female front desk/ receptionist could BARELY speak English! I over heard other guys having a tough time understanding her too when I was there visiting Sharon yesterday, after church. Pity...that they put incompetent people in positions where finite language skills are needed... like ENGLISH!

So, Sharon is having a rough day again, trouble breathing, up on the 8th floor--ICU--at KMC- Kenosha, WI. I just called pastor with that info. Pastor George Schlegel is a GOOD, HARD WORKING, and very busy man, and I doubt if he gets enough sleep at night. He has a charming, beautiful wife that is very cordial and kind, and a blessing to us all. We have a good attendance at our Union Grove Baptist church, with many caring, kind people. But like ALL churches, Satan is trying to thin our ranks with complacency, laziness, and a cooling off, IMHO. It's the same old 20/80 percent thingy, where 20 percent of the people pull the load-- while the other 80 percent sit on their back sides faking it. This is true in ALL companies, organizations, and groups.... sorry, but it's a fact. Hey! Not every one can be an 'over achiever', like me and you.. LOL! Ha! Some Liberals/ Progressives/ poor people who lived on welfare for 5 generations might say, "Why even work, when you can live well off the Gov't and taxpayer?" I say, first of all, Real Christians know what the Bible says about working hard and not being lazy, so we have good work ethics, and perhaps SOMETHING [some pride, a roof, and food on the table] to show for our hard work, and God's blessing. 2. There will surely come a day when America's credit will run out, and over spending on stupid things will come back to bite the Gov't in the behind-- and all will suffer! My fellow patriots and Christians brothers: Let us pay off our credit cards and live frugal-- but live well in the Lord, and He will provide!

|I have already posted that financial experts predict that America will experience HYPER-inflation in SIX MONTHS! I encourage all my friends and readers to hunker down, pay off debt, and invest in certain commodities, NOW! If you want to know more-- email me:

I don't want to post this info, for fear that too many might make a 'run' on the markets to buy it all up... I hope you will understand. But it's just basic logic and common sense, IMHO.

Too, I pride myself in having good knowledge of home remedies, herbs, etc., and I am wondering if some of you have trusted ways to care for yourself in sickness, injuries, new Flu bugs, and SORE FEET and Arthritis remedies ?? My feet, ankles, knees are SO SORE and painful. I will now get some HOT water and dump/ add Epsom salt so I can at least do my chores, duties today. Also, Apple Cider Vinegar, is a important ingredient to help people deal with life's discomforts. Let us pool our efforts and home remedies, ideas, thoughts, and knowledge, for when the Obama-Care fails in our soon coming, bankrupt economy, dear friends. Very FEW people know or understand what HYPER-inflation is in America! And please prepare for civil unrest, violence, riots, and food shortages, and police failing to respond-- just like Katrina.

But those trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ will have that special "edge" and salvation! OUR survival depends on our personal relationship with God, but we must be strong and depend on the Holy Spirit, every second- every day. The fingers are on the triggers, and things could start popping any time now in the Middle East, and believe it or not, the tiny country of Israel is the most important key and "lynch pin" that will "end the Church Age" -- and the Rapture will soon follow. The majority of earth's population will not believe/ understand this fine point-- and will there for be 'Left Behind.'
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Who Goes in the Rapture?

Posted: 27 Sep 2010 01:51 PM PDT

By Terry James Rapture Ready Our new book, The Departure: God’s Next Catastrophic Intervention into Earth’s History, will be officially released October 2, God willing. I say “our” book” because a number of the most knowledgeable authorities in Bible prophecy have written chapters on the most relevant topics of our day. All issues and events involving what we consider to have prophetic import are

Tom Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, and Soldier of Christ. PTL!

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