Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The "Gay" Deathstyle.

Tom's Journal.

Real Christians don't go around pointing fingers at every sinner they see-- because they are sinners too. But here is the difference, people who PRACTICE sin or that particular lifestyle make a big statement to the world and to God-- they don't get a hoot. The problem is... gravity. And if you 'mess with a bull-- you'll get the horn.' The same with perverted sex-- you are again playing 'Russian Roulette.' "Do you feel lucky, punk?" ~Clint Eastwood. 'A man's got to know his limitations.' What really gets us 'normal', average, hard working Patriots annoyed is when the Administration/ Gov't and the "News Media" try to cover up or fail to print the TRUTH about homosexual results and disease-- we feel like we can't trust those two groups at all!! And now they want to teach that crap life style in schools! No thank you.

The article is so funny, but so TRUTHFUL. What a skilled writer! Enjoy.

The "Gay" Deathstyle

Posted: 29 Sep 2010 09:14 AM PDT

By Matt Barber Liberty Counsel One has to wonder if Reuters reporter Julie Steenhuysen will soon be joining the millions of other Americans relegated to Obama's swelling unemployment lines. She evidently didn't get the media memo last week and violated the goose-stepping left's Orwellian requirement that we all adhere to obtuse notions of political correctness.Having contracted a rare case of

Who's YOUR Daddy?

Friends, What is the definition of INSANITY? Short of being an anarchy [yet, that might come soon enough...], how can the normal, average person in America get a handle on news cited below, by Bill Wilson? Let's take off our horse blinders, please.

If we are honest with ourselves, a good chunk of America is 'over, and self medicated' or drugged up/ anesthetized/ inoculated/ numbed, so that they can live with the daily stink/ stupidity that comes from the White House and the Congress.... and the beat goes on. Except that things WILL CHANGE and perhaps violently when the nation's "money tree" is picked bare and naked... LOL! Put the Bible aside for a minute-- and just think logically with your [our] God given intellect for a change! 2 +2=4 !! If we don't put enough money into our checking account,and write out too many checks without enough money to cover them --to pay the monthly bills, we could over draft our account! Duh... This is a no-brain-er, dear friends and readers! The Administration is playing 'Russian Roulette' with our country's economy with a stupid, silly GAME that we can't afford the the stakes way too high now -- and our very lives are on the line. Actually, 'the few are leading the many to Socialism' which has proved to NOT work! Who did this happen? WE WERE ALL TOO COMPLACENT, AND WE KICKED GOD OUT OF THE SCHOOLS, CHURCHES AND OUR HEARTS! "LOVERS OF PLEASURES MORE THAN LOVERS OF GOD..." 2nd Timothy chapter 3, verse 4. At least Andy accepted a small KJV Bible from me last night, and I pray that he accepts the Lord Jesus some day SOON. If my beloved son and daughters don't make the Rapture, I hope that I have prepared them for the 'Trib.' But I think they are still allowing/ letting the every day rat race to dominate their minds and hearts at this point. They love me, they love the Lord, but the devil knows how to shake his worldly, material glitter in front of their eyes and mislead them like the Piped Piper. Sad...

I have been in 3rd world, war torn countries--steeped deep in poverty, where young boys and pimps were selling their sisters for a few bucks, in Vietnam and else where, even here in the USA. Most other world economies are also hanging by a thread, and even if a country like Japan goes down--WE ALL GO DOWN THE TUBE! Do we really want to experience what true abstract poverty is? I just read this morning that MILWAUKEE is the 4th poorest city in America! Wow! And the violence on Milwaukee's North side is fast approaching Detroit and Chicago's-- mostly 'those' who voted for the Democrat- Obama.... and I will explain that some time.... lol, just before I'm ready to die, when no one can do me any harm. But for now-- most are not ready for that Truth. I was telling my son last night, ALL THE CURRENT POLITICS are just a 'smoke screen', a distraction from the devil to eat up these last precious days and weeks before the Lord comes back, and that will end what is called, the "Church Age" where the Saints are Raptured up, and then the Tribulation will kick in and bring extreme woe to the world. We DON'T want to be here when that happens! I had a difference of opinion with a good friend, name Joe B. [but that's OK, to stimulate the mind, and still remain good friends], when he said that some will remain behind to teach and prepare the "good" people Left Behind, but I don't want to be in that number, please Lord. My OWN thoughts on this matter are that there will be some knowledgeable men Left Behind, with good Bible back ground... but who didn't take a stand for Christ, for some reason, who will take the lead and preach/ teach to those with good character-- what the Bible says so they will become "Tribulation Saints" who will either be martyred or survive through Armageddon. I welcome any comments/ ideas on this subject.

Sharon's blood pressure is too low this morning, and she doesn't have an appetite. She didn't even eat the oranges I brought her. My own gut feeling is that her 'multiple organ damage/ dysfunction' is dragging her down, and it's a miracle she is still alive. I know that her friends will always say, "Never give Up!" But if a sincere Christian is struggling with 'quality of life' it's not wrong to have a desire to 'go home to the Lord in heaven' where there is no more sorrow, pain and tears. Most people, even 'Christians' just don't 'get it' because they love their lifestyle on earth and their materialism with lustful, selfish hearts-- just like Job's wife! You may say, 'Oh, Tom is just in too much physical pain and mental anguish right now...' and perhaps you'd be right. But I also see so much sorrow and grief in others, in the world--pain and suffering, and people not knowing the way out, not knowing the truth of the Gospel, and Jesus Christ! Why would a person want to remain on a SINKING SHIP, when a sturdy life boat can take them to safety and save their lives and their loved ones too?? Titus 1:2... 'God cannot lie.' God has NEVER broke any of His promises-- great track record! Much better than Obama-Care, and that Hopey-Change thing! Who's YOUR daddy?


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Farrakhan, Ahmadinejad, Black Panthers and the White House

Posted: 28 Sep 2010 12:11 PM PDT

By Bill Wilson Word of Life Ministry The man who occupies the Oval Office showed the Iranian world just how weak and pensive he is in responding to Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's remarks at the United Nations. On a Persian-language BBC satellite channel, the US president characterized Ahmadinejad's remarks by saying,"It was offensive. It was hateful. And particularly for him to make the