Thursday, September 30, 2010

Astroturf Rally.

Tom's Journal.

My nasty old knee...arthritis.

This is so "cool"... NOT! It seems like these Liberal folks who are having a big old Liberal Rally have really shown their true colors for all to see and read about! This is a 'Free-be'-- thank you very much, but I wanted to draw more attention the the 'New' Methodist church with this post/ article, please. Look how they have forsook the BIBLE in favor of ever sort of loose, immoral, perverted, homosexual, conduct and threw in with the devil and his gang! Wow! Anyone with one shred of love for Jesus and the Bible would never continue their support or membership with an errant, unholy, demon inspired 'church!' And just look at their bed-fellows...Ha! And yes, I WILL send this post to some folks in Ohio...

I knew that my once, great, dignified, beloved America was already dead in the water, for forsaking the 'apple of God's eye--Israel, and for more than 50 million murders of the unborn babies, immorality, etc., but this news cements the case closed. No matter what people vote in November-- I believe the majority of Americans have left good, common sense --and left the Lord Jesus Christ completely. ['wide and spacious is the road leading to destruction.' ~ Book of Matthew]. And come to think of it--we are no better or different than the ancient Israelites who constantly rebelled against their heavenly Father- Jehovah, and had to be chastised time and again. When some great, big tragedy visits us-- we come back to God, just like after 9/11, etc., but it isn't too long before we mess up again as a nation and choose corruption and sin.

Real Christians sin too-- but they have the Holy Spirit to guild them back to the 'Rock.' When we accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior, we don't get up in the morning all PERFECT and CLEAN...but it's a long road to recovery with hard work and prayer every day! The more we crack open that fine, holy Book-- the Bible, and read/ study/ pray for help, understanding and guidance-- the faster we change in to the "NEW MAN" [or woman] that God wants us to be-- for our own good, and ever lasting life! Some of us progress faster than others, but getting to heaven is our goal and final 'touch down.'

I went to see Sharon again this morning, and she seemed to be attentive and better, except that her BP and BS [blood pressure and blood sugar] was way too low, and the staff doesn't know why, yet. They had her in ICU yet, and also physical therapy when I got there. I think the stress is wearing at me too, and it's almost time for my 90 day knee shots for pain at the VA, having much trouble walking short distances. I think I am losing some weight, but I KNOW that Sharon is, and her appetite isn't very good. Hey! I just figured out a good way of spelling, "Weight" = W- Eight = [W-8]!
I know that Sharon doesn't care to be in the hospital, is bored, confined and tired of being sick and disabled. The Pastor and his wife went to see her today too, and offered some advice on area Rehab places. I am worried about my power scooter lift in my truck failing at the wrong time, and Sharon asked me to take care of it NOW, before it does fail. I would be pure dead in the water without it, and like a hamstrung bull. I get along fairly good with all my machines and helpers-- but just think of how our ancestors suffered.
Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.


The Left's Big Astroturf Rally

Posted: 30 Sep 2010 02:13 PM PDT

By Mark Tooley Institute on Religion & Democracy A superficially wide coalition of about 300 left and far-left groups, from the AFL-CIO to the Communist Party USA to the United Methodist lobby office, is sponsoring a rally in Washington, D.C. this Saturday to match and counter Glenn Beck’s successful event on the National Mall last month.Called “One Nation Working Together” (ONWT), the rally will