Saturday, October 2, 2010

More reasons to be very thankful.

Tom's Journal.

I keep on telling you guys that it makes me feel gratified and thankful when I read of other Christians sharing the same knowledge.. [belated experiences that I do-- well AFTER being Saved-- after I read great new articles like the one posted today below! Just like a few months ago after Sharon fractured her back in another fall in the house, and I mentioned the "Rapture" to a 'high-stepping' doctor in the Kenosha, WI., area-- and he didn't have the foggiest idea what I was talking about...Ha! Actually most 'medical people' don't know what the term means. OK, I know this sounds strange, but, [what's that word for 2 things that seem parallel-- but they aren't?? -- Ahh, Paradox!] if I say that Tom Schuckman loves higher education/ learning... but in the same breath: most highly 'educated' people don't know the Bible, and I talk to them all the time.... 1st Cor. 3:19 [For the Wisdom of the world is foolishness with God]. Just like money/ cash-- can be either the 'master or the slave.' If I had time I would explain this subject more... but I'm tired and achy.

There are things that are very boring to me too-- or is it that they are very low on my personal list of priorities or usefulness in these 'Last Days?' Part of the mind set is that 'it's my duty to God' to share the Gospel, but also my LOVE for God and fellow humans, as is brought out in the article below. And IF I had not read this before, and things like it, why are the 2 of us on the 'same page' and same mind set?? You see... my own posts reflect the TIME [dated] I thought and reasoned on them-- compared to other talented, Spirit-filled Christians surprising the rest of us with their OWN Biblical ideas. And remember: I ALWAYS give the credit to the person of whom I 'borrowed' the articles from. I am NOT a thief nor plagiarist. I also like to cite the scriptures, chapter and verse when I can for proof of the HIGHEST source-- God and the Bible.

Until now, I never thought of the genius of God --relating to the 'secrecy' of the 'Rapture', until AFTER the cross, and it makes all the sense in the world. The devil can read the scriptures-- but he can't make the proper sense of them because he doesn't have the Holy Spirit! The same as unbelievers can't get the real full sense of the scriptures either
-- as God reads their hearts as enemies. However, some unscrupulous 'christian' preachers/ teachers are passing a FALSE GOSPEL, and have reserved for themselves a mighty, horrible place in hell! I would hate to be in THEIR shoes, and that's also why being a teacher of the Gospel is such a heavy responsibility! Be careful what you wish for... lol. But this doesn't mean that we should all be ignorant/ lazy bumpkins who just sit around eating Twinkies day after day to plug up our pipes!

Sharon says that she is feeling a bit better again today, and her doctor is really monitoring her medications carefully -- serious business, and if all goes as planned, she will be transferred to a local nursing home. Now, if only the nursing home staff can READ the DIRECTIONS....DUH. I've seen too many of those kind of people walk around brain dead, or only there for the paycheck. That is precisely why I am Sharon's "Patient Advocate" -- and visa versa.
My son and I are working on getting Sharon's power chair charged up to deliver to her in a few days-- and I will see her tomorrow after church. I have another full week at the VA again with more tests, etc., and I suspect that surgery is near. I need that bionic knee badly-- yet I don't want to dwell on the prospect of surgery. I just cut my index finger today when my son was here, with my SHARPEST tactical knife... Wow! I think the Lord is telling me something... In all the 30.5 years I worked at AMC/ Chrysler with sharp metal-- I don't think I cut myself once, as we were careful and had to wear special gloves when welding, etc. I was on fire a few times too.

I am petty much sick of TV, even though we have Cable... it all seems like repeats, or things that don't interest me. And politics are mostly lies, mud slinging and baloney, although my wife and I both vote conservatively. I just wonder how many or YOU folks "feel" a tense, electricity in the air, as if something big is about to hit us next? I am willing to bet money on a few things I am very sure about the near future--- like a national [and probably global] cash, credit, money bubble that is inevitable. If not the USA-- then a few other countries that COULD/ MIGHT drag the rest of us down the tubes. And the coming war in the Middle East that WILL happen. Like I said many times, Christians will get 'hurt' too, losing tons of money, as there will be a "banking holiday" and a changing of currency to some type of 'credit system' perhaps. And this is what the Left/ Progressives are waiting for so they can scare the country into accepting Socialism and other draconian surprises ...."Never waste a good disaster.." ~ said, Rham Emanuel.
Now go figure, if MOST of the working class doesn't have the 'safety nets' that the very few rich and well connected do-- what do you think will happen?? I figure that I am an average guy too -- except that the Lord is on my side, and we will see some protection-- living or dead. RAPTURE! Heaven is our home.


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