Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Problem of Pain.

Tom's Journal.

I think I went about learning about God and the Bible the wrong way from the start after I got home from the war in S.E. Asia. Some how I thought that IF I learned all I could and stuffed all the facts, scripture and knowledge into my head-- I would win God's approval. Now I see that I put the horse in back of the cart. The apostle Paul and Jesus Christ said that if I do a whole bunch of "good things" and have not love-- I have benefited NOT! Love is a very strong emotion that most men don't hand out so freely, and many of us don't appreciate the gravity of Christ's supreme sacrifice on the cross or even understand it, IMHO. But I had some things right.... like earnest, humble prayer, supplication and asking for a 'new heart' and the "eyes of understanding" things necessary to everlasting life, and being God's true servant.

Asking God to make your heart pure and the power to resist wrong thinking and temptations of the evil one is only right and correct-- after we give all praise and honor to the Father in Heaven-- through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. These are legitimate and proper things to ask for within God's righteous Will for us. Especially when we know that God has the only real game in town-- and hell is not an option. Most of us are still working to become more mature and productive Christians.
And I just figured something out about a close "friend" of mine who is hesitating to fully accept the Lord as Savior.... He still doesn't want to give up his lifestyle of the world! Since I was very much like him when I was young-- I can relate to this business, but then, we DON'T HAVE MUCH MORE TIME TO BEAT AROUND THE BUSH AND PLAY GAMES EITHER! As a matter of fact, I would say that MANY other people are in that same boat! I thank God every day for getting my head and heart right in the 'nick of time' and breaking my bones to save my eternal life! Ha! -- "You can always tell a German-- but you can't tell him much..." and 'sometimes you have to cut off the hand to save the body...' but better to enter heaven minus a hand-- than get 'Left Behind' or worse, go to hell-- where MOST of the Left Behind will go. And what does it matter who we are and where we came from? If we were born to a 'privileged class', have riches, brains or beauty, yet get "Left Behind", or worse, what good are those assets?? Time to get our collective heads and hearts right, NOW-- or, 'do you feel lucky today, punk ??'... lol!

I always wanted to find my personal niche in life, have a few creature comforts and be a good talented writer/ blogger, but being successful at 'soul-winning' is more important, after I have my own flesh in subjection.

The realistic subject of "Pain" has been over looked, watered down, buried in the churches in the USA, IMO, and that is unhealthy. Being fat [spiritually] and lazy, untested, untrained, and bible illiterate in America will be the death of many so-called 'Christians'-- just like combat Veterans of the military will always have an edge on puny civilians who were never tested and tried. Veterans usually survive because they are well disciplined and trained to respond to most anything! Combat Veterans also make good Christians, IMO. And it just bugs me when some one says that 'I am lucky that I have a good Chrysler pension and VA benefits!' Luck has absolutely NOTHING to do with it! I worked hard for everything I have! Even many pastors can be ignorant and choose poorly worded expressions, assumptions and poor ideas... and I correct them too on occasion, when I know I am right. As I told one person at church today...'if I tithe [donate gifts to the church] as best I can-- it's MY BUSINESS how I choose to invest the rest of my money-- because there was NO BODY there to help me when I was down and out when I was laid off for 6 years, on the street, after my first wife left/ abandoned me because I elected to sell our house and had to take a big cut in pay during an economic down turn in the early- 1990's. Besides, I am well known as a generous man.

Christians ought to be aware that we will suffer some sort of persecution and hatred for our stand with Christ-- and we are just starting to see just that in the USA. It seems like the Muslims always get a free pass/ and special treatment-- but Christians are jumped on in a heart beat for the smallest 'infraction' and even loss of freedom-- with the US Constitution being trumped in favor of being 'politically correct'-- abuses from the Left--Progressives, including the goofs in the WH. Being a Soldier of Christ means that we can expect to be cut and bruised, or worse.

God Bless all my Christian brothers and sisters.


The Problem of Pain

Posted: 03 Oct 2010 01:19 PM PDT

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