Friday, October 15, 2010

Some things that still scare me.

Tom's Journal.

If I think back through out my entire life on "things learned," I have thought that some things are NEVER to be repeated-- as they were so life threatening and scary. NO-- I am not talking about combat and war too much... but about learning from mistakes that COULD HAVE ended more tragically. NEVER point a loaded gun at anything you don't want to shoot. NEVER lift heavy weights without a spotter. Always take a buddy swimming with you, etc. Never touch an electric fence with a wet piece of grass, or something else like it.... Kind of like Murphy's Laws.

Well, a few things happened in my life that could have been prevented had I known better, used my brain more, or had a smart friend to 'pull my body out of the fire.' And it also may be true that many combat Veterans just can't seem to let down their 'guard' for fear that a similar mishap, injury or death might befall them or their buddies. Like the God father movie... 'Women and children can relax and play, but the men can never do that..' "Ours is not to ponder why-- ours is but to do or die." I won't further embarrass myself by telling where I messed up royal in my life-- but I always thought in my mind that I would never do that stuff again.... and it works for me!

Being complacent scares me, and I wish I could JUST RELAX AND CHILL OUT FOR A WHILE. But being retired is a joke, in a way, because you still have to read your daily mail to make sure it isn't something really important... as I found out the hard way. You had to stay awake on guard duty in war--Vietnam-- but you also can't just read a book at the VA lest the nurse call your name and you miss it and get counted, 'absent,' even if THEY are an hour or 3 late. And don't you think the same VA'Staff Members' just know how, and play that game with you??! I well know for a fact how they intimidate and play on the Vets' fears and anxieties, but so do politicians and the Gov't!

But one thing that we can never do is to let our spiritual, godly guard down, ever! Why? Because Satan never sleeps nor rests, and he is walking around the earth like a roaring lion seeking to devour us [Christians]. Go figure that he already has the MAJORITY of other humans under his spell and power! WE are the real targets-- the real prize! And think of this: 'When a robber breaks into the house or store-- who is he afraid of or most worried about... the average old lady-- or the guard with a gun and police radio?? If I were a Viet Cong looking to shoot down a helicopter, I would aim at the pilots, but the gunners also pose a dire threat to the VC, and even if the gunner doesn't see the enemy, he will throw a smoke grenade out the window to "mark" the enemy, so that the gunships can zoom in and 'waste the whole area' with their heavy ordinance. Is that cool, or what?!

Yes, it's been my experience that every time I FAIL to follow S.O.P. [Standard Operating Procedure] something bad happens to me, and it's a stupid person who continues to keep messing up because he/ she has not learned his lesson, IMHO! Once you figure out that God has never lied or with held something good from His servants, and all His promises have come true in the right time-- we should never doubt what His Book says! But most of mankind have never taken the time to READ THE BOOK! Too busy "working" and watching TV, right.... lol? This will be so abundantly clear to the folks who are 'LEFT BEHIND.'
There are honest Christians all around us who would love to help us understand and lead us to Christ-- FOR FREE! The Holy Spirit is free too.

Sharon is doing well, as I saw her today, and I will see her again Sunday.


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Posted: 15 Oct 2010 10:45 AM PDT

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