Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grain Shortages.

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For all the 'city slickers' out there, farmers are not dumb or illiterate. They have to work hard, and work 'smart' to retain their land and machinery. I was raised on a small beef, hog and grain farm in Wisconsin, and those were my 'happiest days!' The hard work for my brother Albert and I were GOOD for our bodies so that we were pretty much in condition when high school football season came every year. The city boys just went home and crashed after football practice, but the farm kids had to go home and do their chores, milk cows and feed the livestock, shoveling grain, corn, hay, etc. I honestly believe that the country/ farm guys in the Army did better than the city kids in all physical activities. But I am not trying to start some kind of 'class warfare' here today... lol.

The last part of the article below had me laughing... 'when unbelievers talk foolish concerning the Rapture-- and they ask if they can have our cars, house, etc.... but they are advised to look for the canned goods-- food, instead.. Ha!'

Having been around the world, seeing Europe and Asia before turning age 20, I have really seen abject poverty and hunger. When you witness little boys 'selling' their sisters-- prostitution, in the back alleys of Saigon, etc., because they need the money to buy food-- that stuff still sticks in our minds--when we were soldiers. America is rich, fat, spoiled and greedy, for the most part. Sure we give away tons of food and resources to many nations-- even to our enemies! Politics-- giving folks like Pakistan and other Muslim nations food so that they can attack us and kill Christians in their own Islamic countries... Ha! Sounds crazy to me-- old, dumb farmer/ soldier, auto worker, Tom Tom.... duh.

I love the 'Rapture Ready' Link!
It was in the low 30's this morning in S.E. Wisconsin. We call that type of weather, "Crisp."

Grain Yields Takes a Sudden Turn for the Worse

Posted: 18 Oct 2010 07:15 AM PDT

By Todd Strandberg. Rapture Ready. I use several guidelines to determine which news event should be the focus of my "Nearing Midnight" articles. One of the most important rules I follow is to pursue stories that can be supported with repeated examples. If prophecy is progressing, we’re to likely see it have an impact on a number of areas. Earlier this year, I reported on major earthquakes in Haiti