Thursday, October 28, 2010

Who let the dogs out?

<<< Tom teaching the 'Father and son' banquet and get together' at church how to throw tomahawks-- 2 Saturdays ago.


Maybe I am trying to prove some goofy point to myself-- but I decided not to turn on the heat in the house until November... lol. But heck-- I know how to dress warm and insulate myself-- Army trained! Women could EASILY do the same by putting on 2 T-shirts underneath, but they just WON'T....Ha! OK now, let's just keep this "secret" to ourselves-- so we can continue to hear them complain about being cold. But if Sharon were here with me at home, I would make it comfortable for her, of course. But my electric bill was cut in half for the first time in YEARS since I've been alone without Sharon with me.

I forgot that I took off the dog's 'choke chain' collar a few days ago, and then put him in the truck today to see Sharon, so when I went in the back seat to hook up his lead [leash] there was nothing to hook up to. So I took a camo kerchief and tied it around his neck and tied the leather lead to it, and it all worked out OK, until I got to the nursing home Mess Hall [dining room] and Deuce got so excited to see Sharon that he slipped the collar! So the nurses and staff corral-ed Deuce and they got him all hooked up again. The head staffing lady asked me nicely to bring in Deuce's current shot record, so I will collect that from the Veterinarian tomorrow, for sure. I can't find the hound's purple 'Service Animal' vest to ID him.... so I should look into getting another one to make him look official-- which he earned. Deuce is a darn good "Therapy Animal" too and he just lift's the spirits of all who come in contact with him. Deuce likes me well enough, but Sharon is the LOVE of his life.

I just now figured out why Sharon's nursing home has such high Security with 'controlled doors/ entrance/ exit... Some of the patients there suffer from being disoriented and dementia, etc., and that street has high and speedy traffic! Ah...ha! Because the neighborhood isn't that bad... so go figure. And who wants a big law suit these days for being legally negligent?

Well, folks, can't you just feel the steady flow of electricity before the election-- and the high probability of CORRUPTION AND CHEATING at the polling places?? And how about the bungling of our military people not getting their votes counted for various stupid reasons -- and we all know that 2/3's of them always lean toward the conservative/ Republican side.... duh. Glenn Beck and Fox News are right about a lot of things like cover-ups, corruption and cheating. But we must always remember that God allows many things to happen for a reason, and no one can thwart Divine His Will and Purpose! I just found a 'hidden box' full of Bible tracts, pamphlets and small books today, while looking for something else. It was a gold mine for my sorry eyes, and one book called, |"HEAVEN ....God's answers for your every need" ~by Randy Alcorn. But I don't care for his choice of the New Living Translation --Bible. However, he has posted many 'proof texts'/ scriptures for every subject he talks about, and I can go to my own KJV Bible to research them. So I am a happy camper today, and I thought I'd pass this on.

My buddy, Bob Gibson, who also served in Vietnam with the Australian Army just had a Cardiac procedure a few days ago and he is doing well. Pray for Bob and his family and give thanks! I have friends like him all over the WORLD and it's nice to keep in contact with each other for info and encouragement.
The air temp here is 41 degrees F. at 9:47PM-- S.E. WI. I just posted some new pix I got developed today and will include a few.

Tom, and Deuce, the 'Rotty.'

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