Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Congress.

Tom's Journal.

Winning one big battle is not the same as winning the war-- my dear, fellow conservatives and friends. Be careful what you wish for-- and get your [our] priorities in order for the long haul. For my fellow combat Veterans whose advice and comments I value-- we ought to realize all that goes into a war/ battle campaign, and even the Bible talks about 'logistics' of keeping/ fielding an army for any length of time. I will always remember the time when I first got to Vietnam with USARV [United States Army-Vietnam ---group/division] and was near Saigon [Ton Son Nuit] waiting to be deployed to my permanent duty station in Cu Chi, RVN. I got 'in-country' about one month after the BIG Tet offensive of 1968, and heard about the VC--enemy working their way through the officers' golf course and heading toward OUR Mess Hall. So our company, etc., placed 300 men around the mess hall determined to hold, guard our food-- because the Army can't function without their food! Our troops then pushed back the enemy and gained full control again. I know this sounds humorous but it's these 'logistics' of feeding and fueling an army that MUST be done to keep it ticking/ alive and operational.

I like the new House of Reps. Leader from Ohio --suggestive Leader, John B, but he will need full and complete cooperation from all this party and House to stand up to the Obama sneaky, dirty tactics. And what should we think about Obama and his rats taking another luxury trip to India right now when so many Americans are worrying about food and jobs?? You see-- when you get to be old enough to compare this Prez with others, since JFK, you get a better mental image of the absolute arrogance obama sports ALL THE TIME! And this has got to be a high Security nightmare too.

Having a back ground in Federally mandated Securities and Investments about 10 years ago with PFS, I can't be too aware of what is predicted to blow into our laps in the coming MONTHS--HYPER- inflation, which means devaluation of our American dollar and it's ability to buy things. When I was yet in high school, people thought, "What good is an education in History good for?" For one thing, great disasters and tragedies of the past will most likely be repeated-- because PEOPLE DON'T KNOW THEIR HISTORY!! It's all about human nature, power, greed, selfishness and sin. Nothing under the sun has changed in this world--even since Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden. Man is always so arrogant and proud that he just keeps on messing himself-- and then wonders why. The Bible shows the true and only way to be happy--- follow the Bible and serve God. But most people will try everything in the world EXCEPT embrace the Lord Jesus Christ. I was the same way for quite a while until the Lord humbled me with a large stick--because He loved me so much. [See: John 3:16]

It seems to me that my own grown kids see the wisdom of asking Dad for advice-- and I lead them right back to the Bible, and common sense. But now in the 11th hour, MOST people have not stored up treasures in heaven, nor bare essentials/ commodities/ some cash and silver in their own homes, and now are at the mercy of BAD TIMES, and a messed up economy done by human hands-- ON PURPOSE--World Governance! Human nature tells me that many Christians have dropped the ball to
o, having been unduly influenced by the world of Satan. Like I keep saying-- the ONLY thing we got going for us is our close relationship with Jesus Christ... but while on earth we will still have to pay the piper. When a country is so poor that you see young boys selling their sisters for immoral purposes-- you know where you are, in the gutter. But people gave no thought about allowing their corrupt Congress and Society from passing laws making ABORTION legal in the USA, and the Gay agenda. As for the future... the Bible tells us what will happen, and that Book has never been wrong. As an aging, disabled, old Veteran and retired auto worker, etc., I am limited as to how much I can do to warn people, but I witness and share the Gospel where ever I go.

I got a letter today from the VA telling me the exact date they want to cut my knee and make me 'bionic.' That ought to be a thrill.... or a pain...Ha! the first part of December so I can slip on the snow and ice... lol. This doesn't mean that I will be 'break-dancing' or running in some marathon any time soon. Prayers accepted. Thanks.

Tom Schuckman

New Congress Faces Obama's Remake

Posted: 04 Nov 2010 09:45 AM PDT

By Bob Maginnis The outcome of the mid-term elections will put the brakes on President Obama’s radical domestic agenda, forcing him to redefine his presidency to remain viable for 2012. Expect him to remake his presidency using foreign affairs and national security powers. Keeping the President’s strategic tactics in mind, congressional Republicans had better identify their own