Saturday, November 6, 2010

Who can understand the Bible?

Tom's Journal.

I get so happy when I "trip" upon great articles like this! And when the body of Christians mostly agrees with the same fundamental things/ dogma, facts of the Bible, it's a powerful feeling of faith in action, IMO. I don't call that a consensus-- just a confession of biblical faith... and no studied Christian has a problem with that.

My son, Andy, came over this morning to help me with a few chores inside and out, as I noticed that my truck battery was a bit low in the cooler air temps lately-- and i am not the man who waits until the dead of Winter to get things corrected, and there was some nasty corrosion on the battery posts which we took care of. I have to take that battery charger off before I hit the hay tonight soon. I told Andy that I am trying harder to be gentler and kinder now that he is all grown up, and he functions very well all by himself and is smart/ skilled. I may have tried to "micro-manage" things so they would be correct when he was younger and inexperienced-- but we can't hold our kids' hands all though life.

I also found some close friends from church who said they would take the dog in their home while I have surgery in December.... and not many would put themselves out for that. We have fake/ plastic/ snobby people in our church too... or CHINO's [Christians in name only], but I am not their judge, but I try to get along. Even so, we learn from the Bible that these 'Last Days' will see the 'dross come to the top.' I figure if I just take care of ME and work on MY own sins, I should be OK. As it is, I love to be in church every Sunday morn to see all the friends and be edified.

So... Who can understand the Bible? I've yet to see any priest come close to my level of Bible understanding.... sorry folks, if a person spends all his time in the 'Traditions of men'-- and not with the Bible-- they simply will not know what's in the BOOK. And really, folks, can people honestly have the Holy Spirit and support homosexuality and perpetrate untruths and things without scriptural merit?? And I can usually hold my own next to many other pastors of Christian congregations, although I keep learning things everyday! Yet the bible says 'if I don't have LOVE, the "head knowledge won't do me any good." ' And in the long run-- Heaven must be our goal, and being with the Lord. You've got to be on the train to get somewhere-- so we do what ever it takes to get on that train. And someone who just sits on the fence to take a "wait and see attitude" is LOST, since the Rapture will come like a 'thief in the night.' As I have said many times, the Bible is written on a 5th grade level, so it's NOT ABOUT THE BRAINS, but our hearts and the Holy Spirit. Actually this formula is so SIMPLE that it turns many prideful ones away!

And for a number of reasons [now days] college often times swells the head so much that the 'educated' person may not be receptive and humble enough to depend/ put faith in the HOLY SPIRIT! Number 2: Most college professors are atheists and agnostics, so that they push Humanism and Evolution, big time. Number 2: people who don't support and honor God's Chosen people, Israel, are constituting themselves enemies with God. The Jews may still be blinded now-- but they will see the light soon enough after the Rapture or before.


Who Can Understand the Bible?

Posted: 06 Nov 2010 10:01 AM PDT

By Dave Hunt The Berean Call Question: At a Bible study, the subject of who can understand the Bible came up. I said that a person who is born again and is depending on the Holy Spirit can understand it. My pastor said that we are too depraved and sinful to fully understand the Bible on our own and that we need a "consensus of teachers." He then said that anyone who thinks they can understand the