Monday, November 8, 2010

Foreshadows of Ferocity.

<<<< Sharon hoeing the garden years ago.

Even I was surprised today at hearing the price of gold and silver reaching all time highs in the Market: Gold- $1404., and Silver- $27.7! And I told my son that I predict that the price of silver will surpass the $40/oz mark within 6 months-- but he refused to take any bets... lol. This is only one of my many hobbies, keeping track of commodities, etc., and speculating. I am not a big investor, but I [like many combat Veterans] believe in putting stuff aside, like candles, batteries and a few canned goods, just in case the lights go out. And "if I should die before I wake-- my wife and kids can handle the take... lol." Seriously, few people will be celebrating when the 'Big Storm' finally comes to visit us, and I can only pray that God in His infinite wisdom and mercy will take up His saints in the Rapture before.

Poor Sharon is caught between a rock and a hard place [as if we didn't already have enough on our minds] because my Chrysler-Humana Insurance wants to kick my wife out of the nursing home [in their long distance stupidity and greed] while Sharon's good, well informed Doctor says that Sharon should stay in the nursing home! She can barely walk a few feet and uses her power chair all the time [which doesn't fit in our cramped house], has lost so much weight, is frail, needs help bathing, has a bad heart, lungs, diabetes, Sarcoidosis, etc., but the Insurance 'people' want to save money and send her home. Of course I WILL TRY TO HELP HER EVERY WAY I CAN, but what will happen after I have knee surgery and have to recover?? This is what Gov't 'obama-care' will like IF it becomes a reality. We can only hope the new Congress will turn that sick puppy around and drown it!

I must have called Sharon at least 6 times today
-- just to talk to my dear wife and friend and visit. She is very blessed to have the ability of making friends all over, where ever she goes, and has her own ministry of sorts, sharing the Gospel and Bibles all the time... and I supply her with all she needs. God is surely using her as a tool to spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ-- and what does that say for the rest of us 'normal', able Christians, who can't spare the time or energy??

So I asked my son to be on 'stand by' tomorrow in case we have to get Sharon's heavy power chair back home, etc. PTL, I am feeling a bit better lately and today was unseasonably warm outside too--60's. I've been taking some, JOINT ADVANTAGE GOLD tablets: --that seems to help me a little with my arthritic knees. But I need to say that most of the mail order stuff I have tried in the past were just baloney and didn't work-- except to take my money and run. Beware.

I sill watch Glenn Beck on TV- Fox News channel, and I am amazed at all the under cover stuff he exposes about George Soros, the Dims, WH, and Socialists, hiding behind the bushes.... and what a nasty scam they all are-- tricking the beguiled Americans to vote for their policies and causes. But when Glenn talks about HIS brand of Christianity I take his words with a grain of salt. You must take the truth of what he says about the Gov't and corruption-- but leave the rest, of course, IF you are a Christian, IMHO. See-- if you don't know your Bible, how can you possibly know if someone is telling the truth about the REAL God and Jesus Christ, the Bible teaches about? Most folks are just TOO LAZY TO DO THE HOME WORK, and that is their big error of willful ignorance. And that will sink their ship, IMO.

I ought to call Chrysler-Humana Insurance tomorrow concerning my wife's disposition, but they have so many barriers and merry go rounds/ obstructions built into their system that it might take all day long to talk to a human being-- and that's the way they like it. The progressive- liberal Union - Local 72, knows that too.


Foreshadows of Ferocity

Posted: 08 Nov 2010 01:46 PM PST

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