Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Black Horse.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
Looks like my past blog posts were not incorrect. BEHOLD THE BLACK HORSE, from Revelation sounds ominous and scary, but it's all logical and happened before in the world, but not on the grand scale we read about here and now. Coming from a German-American back ground and being raised on a farm in Wisconsin taught us to plan ahead and stock up of commodities, plus butcher our own live stock, and hunt/ fish. The goofy city slickers still think that milk comes from a paper cartoon... lol. 'And a country boy can survive!'

|Now, even though the 'main Storm' will carry the blunt of disaster AFTER the Rapture, we can clearly see things lining up with 'preparations', and the foolish, destructive leadership from the WH and Congress are hastening the inevitable coming crash. There are plenty of good reliable references to aid our understand in this post. Listen, friends, the bottom line is: God's Will must be done... period! If people still want to live in denial, it won't hurt me one bit, because I know that
God love me, and though His Son, Jesus, I am going to heaven! If I don't die before-- I will be Raptured! The long, well written article only lends more information on HOW things will come about, and just how shaky things are already, and WHY. You all can keep on believing the LIES of the WH and Congress, or put all our faith and trust in God's faithful Word, the Bible. Personally, I just can't understand how anyone who CLAIMS to be a Christian would goof around still dancing in the world of Satan, instead of taking an ACTIVE part in God's work of sharing the Gospel. And if you say that you are too busy making a living-- just wait and see what's right around the corner. You will be looking back at Nov. 2010 as the "Good Old Days" of fun and prosperity!!
For me, reading and sharing articles and stuff like this make me feel good and strengthen me! Seems to me that families might band together to support one another with finances and help-- the good old way when America had real honor and morals.


Behold The Black Horse


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