Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trouble in Paradise-- Woodstock.

Tom's Journal.

I was the hero again today, Sunday, when I brought in fresh strawberries and pumpkin pie, plus some Popeye's chicken to Sharon. But after that she told me that she wanted me to explain some things with her head nurse in that ward. Seems like she and her nice room mate, Helen, were transferred to a long term, larger room in a different wing, to make room for newer patients in the 'short term' wing. But the old story in America is that companies and hospitals lay off staff and expect the remaining nurses and aids pull the extra load, for the same pay! And we can honestly assume that things will get MUCH worse as our economy gets worse. Welcome to reality, America! Sorry...

The shortage of hired help is NOT our concern, and we pay through our insurance companies, an arm and a leg, to make sure our loved ones get the right kind of care. Well, Sharon, wanted me to tell the staff, through the head nurse that she asked for help in getting up, cleaned, dressed, bathed, etc., but no body assisted her. She has good days and bad days-- her heart and lungs are shot and her spine is pinched so that she has little or no feeling in her legs. YES! SHE IS DYING, just as her smart, honest doctor told her and I not too long ago! But now we need that same doctor to write a statement proving/ certifying that she needs that extra care, according to the RN. Sharon can only walk and exercise on her "good days." The RN got a bit testy, and even tried to humiliate my wife in front of me by saying that Sharon wet her bed last night! Shameful! If my wife was healthy enough why would she even be in that place?? I will have to report her for that thoughtless, comment. You can take this any way you like, but I will not tolerate any abuse toward my wife. And I can ask other patients there what THEY think about this business... and I will, as they like and respect me-- and I am getting a feel for that place and those patients who enjoy my company. Woodstock Rehab and Nursing facility always did have a bad reputation in the past-- even since I lived and worked in Kenosha, WI., some 35 years ago at AMC/ Chrysler, etc.... and I was wondering when the 'boogie man' would pop up. I ought to research what the BBB-- Better Business people say about it, or what ever entity. I've already got some good comments from friends on FB.

I know that many hospitals and nursing homes don't like people who make waves, and they like to keep the patients over drugged to make sure they are mute, sedated, docile. I told Sharon that I would bring a small digital tape recorder to keep better records of conversations-- plus her written diary. Sharon is afraid that if she comes home, she will lose control and fall down again-- breaking more bones. Sharon has not complained about her place up until now. I really feel sorry for disabled people who MUST be in nursing homes-- and there are good homes and bad, of course. I am not the sort who deserts his loved ones, and I know my Bible based duty as a husband. Folks, YOU would want a good soldier in your corner as a "patient advocate" if you were forced to stay in a nursing home or hospital. The VA hospitals used to be terrible until the VIETNAM VETERANS pushed and sacrificed for better services and clean up-- but the 'newest, younger warriors are having to go thru all that BS again, from Iraq and Afghanistan! We older Vets don't forget things like the peeling paint, filth and rats at Walter Reed Hosp. near D.C., and other places. I am not looking forward to my 'short stay' when I have knee surgery either... but maybe the Lord is sending me there for a special reason.

I read today that the Prime Minister of Israel might be hinting at a Pre-empted attack against Iran as they are growing closer to gaining Nuke weapons. I may be wrong, but other Bible students and I think that the Rapture can't be far off after that soon coming war in the Middle East, and that suits me just fine! I have to scratch my head when some so-called 'Christians' tell me that they are NOT ready for the Rapture! Ha! Me-thinks that we ought to be ready every day and night for Jesus to collect His saints and believers. Why do I give away free Bibles and tracts where ever I go all the time? Why do I bare witness and share the
Gospel to every hearing ear-- plus in my blog posts?? The Holy Spirit drives me to carry out this command, and He puts the correct words in my mouth... PTL! This divine commission gives me a reason for living and it feels so good to 'give something back' and help others with the most important assignment in the world.

Well, I need to make another list of things to get accomplished before I have to go to the hospital in 2 weeks, and enlist some friends to remove the snow on my front wide walk, etc., and collect my mail. I am so happy that Joe vander Mullen and his wife, Doris, are taking care of my noble Rottweiler in a few weeks.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman