Saturday, November 27, 2010

Puppet Masters.

Tom's Journal.

IF WE COULD ONLY ADMIT THE TRUTH TO OURSELVES. Wouldn't that just be so cool ? No more denial, lies, half truths, deceptions and nagging conscience... but then we might have to do away with/ quit stealing, cheating, buying things on the sly, etc, etc., because one lie is sure to be followed by another 'cover-up lie.' Did you all know that the German children were raised to always tell the truth --so that in WW-2, Hitler's Germany-- school children would turn in their own parents when questioned by the teachers/ authorities--- as they just could not LIE! Kind of different now days, huh?

Here is my point for today-- if we could somehow 'remove' ourselves from the worldly picture and READ the Bible prophecy, we would have to admit that this world scene is getting very dangerous, and if our brains were above 70, we'd understand that we are on a collision course with world chaos, bankruptcy, and major war! And when the world finally does wake up out of the stupor of denial, not even booze and drugs will hide or mask the real truth that we have not only been misled by the folks we elect, but we don't have much belly to standing up for our Rights and Freedoms! It's like the neighbor's denial that he is totally broke-- but he is throwing huge champagne and lobster party for all of his "friends." Well, actually they never WERE his friends... and I know all about that rude awakening from when I had hard times in the mid-90's.
And perhaps I will be looking to more hard times in the near future-- but maybe I can lose some weight in the process... lol. It's not contradictory that MY God of the Bible will protect me-- even though I'll be forced to suffer some persecution and hurt. Heaven is my home, and death is a mere gate way for true, honest Christians! And if I die on the VA operating table, God has something much better for me, and He will also somehow take care of my wife, Sharon.

One thing for sure, playing into this silly political game of 'this party is better than that party' is just a smoke screen to occupy our last days in this wayward system of Satan-- while God's Plan unravels all the time-- and ON time. Except right now, even a blind man could 'see' what is going on in this world. The 'Puppet Masters' are jerking the strings and collapsing the world economies so that the people/ masses will BEG and do ANYTHING to put another 'king' on the thrown to end the suffering!! Yes! Remember, History always repeats itself-- but they don't teach it in schools anymore. The Bible IS History, but it is also special communication from God in Heaven. God would love to help everyone on earth-- but he will not beg-- or give us chances forever.

I have faced my own demons so that I know that I have worried most of my life about everything under the sun-- but the truth of the Bible was always there for me IF I would have had enough humility to grasp it years ago. But better late than never-- or after the Rapture. There are Bible loving Christians all around us who will be glad to teach us more -- but there are also FALSE, counterfeit 'Christians' who water down the Bible and try to lead us down the wrong, sinful path-- broad and spacious. So HOW can you tell the difference?? READ AND STUDY THE BIBLE!! Ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand and ask the Father for forgiveness, and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior! Doesn't that sound pretty simple? Actually, for most people-- it is near impossible, because their heart isn't in it and they are too proud and full of themselves.

End of short sermon.

Tom Schuckman

This Week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'

Posted: 26 Nov 2010 06:51 PM PST

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