Sunday, January 30, 2011

Israel watches Egypt.

Tom's Journal.

Rumor has it that WI could get up to a foot of new snow and high winds-- and maybe my Mom is right that we are DUE to get a good storm... lol. I am glad that I went to the store today after church to get a few things and then share some fresh fruit with Sharon later. She is coughing too much and short of breath again-- poor lady. I know just what to bring her to snap her out of it-- as she suggested it too.... we are into herbs. I ought to bring our Rottweiler buddy to see her too, as that would give her a big shot in the arm. Today was hectic for me too-- getting my power scooter in and out of the truck 3 times today to get things done. I got a lot out of the sermon at church today concerning the book of Ephesians and showing love and respect for our wives/ spouses. And the congregation prayed for my wife a few times. The local church has done a great job in shoveling my snow for me ever after I got home from knee surgery.

Per the article about Egypt-- America has reason to worry about that out come too--- if the 'wrong' people control the Suez canal-- the price of gas could shoot up big time-- plus other goods too, directly and indirectly! Go figure: If gas and diesel fuel go up much higher, that will translate to higher commodities and services in America and else where. And of course, Israel would be hard pressed to defend itself on 2 fronts, with the Egyptian Army having the Abrams tank and American know how/ training. Now... this recent news about Egypt SOUNDS bad, but any real Christian who knows the Bible well enough understands that God will protect the "apple of His eye--Israel" in this next great Mid- East war that has to come. Just like ancient Israel-- Jehovah God told His people 'not to multiply their horses' because God Himself would crush their enemies. Rather than having horses now days-- we have battle tanks. But you get the idea. No matter how you cut it-- our lives and future is in God's hands. I guess that Egypt hasn't read their own history about Moses and the Red Sea... or the Bible either.

I hope that a 'word to the wise will be sufficient' as to the coming wars and conflicts-- so don't expect to see a real peace on earth, because things MUST get WORSE according to the Bible! Also there will not be another great 'Awakening' Spiritually [ or a great Revival] in the USA-- but the moral decay will get only worse. Just wait until this next storm hits the East Coast again... lol! Winter will still rage for at least 2 more months, and as we continue to get closer to God's Day, we can expect to see and witness violent changes in the earth's weather patterns.
Thank you, Lord, for providing safe, warm homes for us in the USA, and we still live in a very rich country compared to the rest of the world. I have seen pictures of whole families living from the rotten food outside Cairo's huge garbage dump-- and the same thing in Vietnam: '68-'70. And the day may come when we have less in our own country... but our trust is in YOU, dear Lord.

Warm Regards,


Israel Watches with Concern as Egypt Teeters on the Brink

Posted: 30 Jan 2011 12:21 PM PST

By Ryan Jones Israel Today While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered his government to refrain from commenting publicly on the situation in Egypt, Israelis watched with concern as the regime of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak appeared ready to collapse, and wondered what that will mean for the Jewish state.Over the weekend, a large number of Egyptian troops that went into Cairo to quell

Friday, January 28, 2011

Restful Friday.

Tom's Journal.

I am sorry that I misjudged my wife in her failure to respond to my many phone calls and email messages. She claims that her phone is not working right and the Internet service at the nursing home is out of order-- and they are slow to correct the problems....$$. That sounds about right for that caliber of nursing home-- and Woodstock always did have a bad reputation...

I picked up Sharon early this morning and took her out for a good breakfast at Mullberries on Main Street, of Union Grove, and the "country skillet" did me a lot of good too to start my day of right for a change. I left the older lady waitress a good tip because she takes care of us so much better than the 'younger girls' and the food is great. So then my wife and I went home to relax and just talk and visit, and she got more of her Winter clothes. I call it her R and R, away from the 'institutional life style.' They moved her up to Room 256B, 2nd floor at Woodstock nuring home in Kenosha, WI. She claims that the staff takes better care of her up there-- all around. So that makes my mind at ease too and I don't have to worry so much.

OK, Guys! Spring time can come any time after the Super Bowl !! It kills me when people say that we've got another 2 months of Winter! March can be milder, you Of course I realize that friends in my age group at starting to 'break down', need surgery, get sick more often, but this year seems to max out with my friends going to the hospital for some reason. I know we all been praying more often too and the Holy Spirit will support us and see us though things. Remember that DEATH is nothing more than the Gateway to everlasting life with God in Heaven, how ever we pass on-- it's all the end result-- eternity in one place or the other. Why are so many people just too proud to accept the Lord, or just so complacent and lazy?? Real Christians can have a super good time too-- and still love the Lord! When we quit drinking to excess, smoking, drugging, stealing and cheating-- we ought to be more happy in the Lord, and He truly blesses us! I have know too many folks get so hooked on gambling that they are 3 months behind on their mortgage payments because of it! Sometimes I have to whip myself to stay clear of my own 'demons' as Satan would love to score a 'target of value' if he succeeds in bringing a Christian down with one of his arrows.

If you think about Egypt shutting down all the news and communications like email, etc., many true Christian Believers could be out of the loop as they depend on being stabilize by other Christian bloggers of encouragement. Don't think that this could NEVER happen in America, please! The time to establish a net work of Believers is now! Our enemies of the Bible certainly are using all available means to attack us, and also over throw the USA-- but that just might be the way God has planned things. If we consider that China has more underground biblical, born again Christians than Europe and America COMBINED!! God has allowed some nations to grow in power and riches when they obey His laws, while other nations suffer. We will probably learn more about this when we get to heaven.

Thank you all for your many prayers and well wishes for my wife and I. We surly needed them this year.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday and slippery.

Tom's Journal.

I was going to cut and paste something about Rick Warren's spreading the 'Great Apostasy' on this post but failed... We can only measure things with the light of the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit aiding us, IMO. That is the final test when we read from the book of Hebrews 4:12 'for the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword....'. I have heard that Rick Warren's organization touches half a million churches in one way or another-- with deadly 'New Age' influence, but short of scripture and Gospel. Pity-- but that seems to be foretold in Timothy, 'Last Days' prophecy, etc.

I had a long day at the Dodge repair shop/ dealership in Antioch, IL today, waiting for 4 hours and they still didn't get it all fixed for lack of parts that they must now order. The 'engine light' would not go off and so I thought I ought to have it checked out by the 'experts' who sold it to me in late '07. A sensor was out which made the truck run rough and not burning the gas efficiently, but after they changed that-- the light still wouldn't go off, so they determined that the "brain box" was bad-- that is the computer that runs the whole truck system. They charged me $173. after that 4 hour stint, but I got to talk to many nice, intelligent guys in the waiting area and many shook my hand as they left when their auto was done/ serviced/ repaired. I even got to share the Gospel a bit with one guy who was seeking employment there! The brain box would normally cost me $1000, but it's still under warranty, and they will call me in a few days when it arrives.

The roads were snowy and very slick in the morning, and the 'flat landers' in IL love to drive super slow, afaid of the snow-- but I put the Ram in 4 by 4 drive and did better time, passing a few slower people. After that I was so hungry and figured I needed something hot to eat, so I bought more Popeye's chicken and biscuits, with some red beans and rice, etc. i didn't eat all day until about 2:30 PM, and my morning meds were setting on an empy stomach. I shared some of the bones that still had some meat on with my hound dog-- even though he had plenty of his own dog food and water at home. One smart man I knew long ago told me that the ONLY bone/ tendon I need to remove so my animal won't choke is that small one attached to the leg/ drumstick, and so I always do, and I have never had any problem. I love my hound and would never give him anything that would hurt him!

The antibiotics the docs at the VA just prescribed last week are making the red lines on my knee incision and my face heal up-- so they must have had more than a suspicion/ hunch about possible infection-- and that's the very last thing I need-- and even my PT guy thought so too.

I just can't figure out why I am so tired every day of the week unless I'm not eating right-- balanced meals. My son, Andy, was over the other day -- steamed some fresh carrots and broccoli, and I ate it without any seasoning-- just as it came hot from the cooking pot-- good, and I love all veggies. I have to meter/ take only the right amount of my daily meds-- or else I run out before the VA can Fed Ex me more each month, and you can NEVER argue with their infinite wisdom.... lol. Even when I catch them in a lie-- they are STILL right!
Well, at least I didn't gain any more pounds when I scaled up at the KMH pulmonary specialist 2 days ago... and if I can whip myself away from my fav. Welches' Grape soda pop and start drinking fresh lemon flavored water again-- I know that I could lose more weight. I don't mind drinking cold water any way, but jumping up and down to refill my glass makes me sore, as I have a long way to heal yet. I may join the local health club in a month or so when the snow stops falling.

I fear that Sharon is spending most of the extra money I give her on junk foods like Twinkies, chips, etc and soda [Coke isn't all that good for diabetics either] from the machines at the nursing home, and I notice that her mid section is growing large again. Part of me feels sorry for her-- but the other part of me knows that I am enabling her to mess up her diabetes, etc. And then she gets dizzy and falls down to break more bones and bleed all over. I don't mind buying her fresh fruits, etc., but she always was a very picky eater, and hates most veggies. Like when ever I give her a $50 bill, it seems to evaporate over night. She orders out for pizza, etc., during a big football game in the mess hall with her friends, and that's OK, but the junk foods are hurting her. This month is a bit tight for me with all the extra repairs and expenses, bills, so I am holding my breath until payday-- the 1st. When Andy comes over to help and visit me, I always give him at least $20 for gasoline, but now days that doesn't go far in filling his tank @ $3.08/ gallon. It hurts me to think that all I am is a 'sugar daddy' but I am certainly not rich.

I met an Army Captain who was also a Huey helicopter pilot in Vietnam today at the repair shop, and he told me that I could get some specially cut/ tailored shoes that would help take the pain out of my feet and back! I will check that out too-- soon. I had back problems shortly after I hurt it at AMC --American Motors Corps in Kenosha, WI, hyper-extending my back leaning over a stock box, etc. A neuro-surgeon told me ack then in the early 1970's to get into a life style of exercise so I choose weight lifting and that pretty much cured it until that last few years before I retired from Chrysler in 2002, at the tender age of 54. At that time after over 30 years of hard labor there-- wasn't much left of my once strong body... lol. We work hard all our lives and dream the dreams of a restful, productive, fun retirement-- only to sit in a comfortable chair with a destroyed body...Ha! I used to hunt, fish, power lift, drive my motorcycle, do carpentry and welding-- but I made the transition to writing, blogging, and more intensive Bible study and reading. Yet we all know that many in the world have it much worse than us.
But Thank You, Lord, for giving us the means to live a productive life, pay our bills, and raise our families not in poverty. Give us neither poverty nor riches, Lord. Heaven is our home-- and this earth is a temporary abode --so let us make the best of it-- and share the Gospel with all we can, for time is short.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Monday, January 24, 2011

Stroke in the Family.

Tom's Journal.

I just heard a few hours ago that my only brother, Albert, found his wife, Colleen, on the floor recently, and eventually found out that she had a 'significantly high' stroke, and is now just out of ICU at St. Luke's hosp. in Milwaukee, WI., today. I am sure that this sad news will throw the entire family into a tail spin-- even though some of us suspected that this would eventually happen-- given Colleen's past habits and health concerns, with all due respect. The lady was always nice and kind to me, personally, and was a hard worker outside the home. She has seen me go through too many relationships in my life time, but her and Albert remained together forever. I always envied people like that who could somehow solve and live with their problems-- and everyone has them. I suspect that she might end up in a nursing home too-- or at least a Rehab entity for a while.

With my historic perception of people and much reading-- I believe this will produce much stress on my brother and his family, and I only want to help if I can. Albert took care of my precious hound dog, Deuce, while I was in the hospital for knee replacement surgery and Rehab for a few weeks recently, and I regard this kindness as special. Actually, I think that Albert became very fond of my trained Rottweiler. His son, Steven, has always honored my wishes to come over to my house and help me with things, shop, and clean up my house while I am still convalescing. Actually, I could really use him now to cut my dog's toe nails.

I request that my friends and readers consider offering up prayers for my brother Albert, his wife and family now, please. I honestly don't know if they know the Lord, but it's not for lack of me trying to talk to them and set a proper example these last few years, and I even gave Albert's son, Steve 2 Bibles to take home and share/ examine, and talked about the Gospel and heaven many times. They have plowed and turned over my veggie garden and cut my lawn, etc., and Al and Steve are both skilled tradesmen and hard workers. We have not always agreed on everything, but that's beside the point-- they are still family.

My wife said that her painful head aches are better now-- as she is playing bingo at the nursing home today. My knee is aching-- but maybe some of that is due to our cold Wisconsin Winter this year.

Warm Regards,

Aaron Rodgers.

Tom's Journal.

Well, right about the time when you think that most athletes are just money driven 'hams' who 'do the boogie' in the end zone after they make the touch down--- here comes a class act-- a real hero, like Arron Rodgers! This is a good read for sure. That's my opinion any way. And a man who reads the Bible every day: "
His favorite book is The Bible and he tries to read it every day not just
when life's challenges and struggles surface." [--has got to be a good man of Faith!"]

This is written by a sports anchor from Fox 6 in Milwaukee . It doesn't get
any better than this.

"Save Me a Spot"

This job affords me some incredible opportunities. Being a member of the FOX
6 Sports team means I've been able to witness and report on events and
that many can only admire from a distance. I never take these situations for
granted and sincerely appreciate being involved in whatever capacity each

Monday marked just the most recent case as I had the unparalleled privilege
to be a part of Aaron Rodgers charity event to benefit the MACC Fund, a
charity towards eradicating childhood cancer and blood disorders.

Scattered throughout the crowd of rabid Packers aficionados, were the people
who I consider the event's real MVPs. They are the families who've been
forced to deal with one of life's toughest sentences - the loss of a child.

Those who sprung for the tickets were not disappointed. In a world where
athletes regurgitate canned and rehearsed responses, the Packers quarterback
was refreshingly candid. Aaron addressed a number of topics with in-depth,
honest reaction - even some that if reprinted and mass distributed might
raise some eyebrows.

Aaron stressed the importance of availability and accountability. In his
opinion, it is a player's responsibility to attend all of the team
as they are all intended to better the team as a whole. And then, similarly,
he addressed the importance of taking the heat/criticism when one falls
of expectations and duties.

He is never nervous to take the field. Aaron is supremely confident in the
preparation he's put in during the week leading up to Sunday's match up. The
way the 2009 season ended was disappointing but his self-confidence was not
affected by the outcome. One of the toughest realizations was that that
combination of players would never take the field together again. He likened
the team to a family and admitted that conflict can and does occasionally
exist but they try to handle such situations with maturity and civility.

He talked music and his love for tunes at a young age revealing that his mom
used to sing and play lullabies and country music when he was a child.
Aaron's record label Suspended Sunrise is a product of this passion but also
a contingency plan for life after football. His favorite song is Ben
'Forever' and he's envious of John Mayer's guitar skills though not his
tabloid reputation. He appreciated my affinity for Keith Urban but gave the
audience a thumbs-down when I mentioned fellow country crooner Kenny

His favorite book is The Bible and he tries to read it every day not just
when life's challenges and struggles surface.

His favorite movie is The Princess Bride which he admits he's caught flack
for but says he and his childhood friends can recite every line from the
and it is simply a great story.

Rodgers' answers to questions on this night were certainly admirable. And I
honestly didn't think I could respect Aaron more. But I was wrong.

My friend, the father of that young girl who passed, was there that night.
was one of several attendees brought up on stage where he caught a football
thrown by the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers.

He asked Aaron to sign the football he'd caught. He wondered if he'd make it
out to his daughter. It isn't shocking that Rodgers obliged. What caught me
off guard was the dedication he made. It wasn't until after Aaron left that
first saw the autograph... and the simple yet sweet message that brought
tears to this father's eyes:
"To Cheri the angel. Save me a spot. - Aaron Rodgers"

I hope that Packers fans realize how lucky they are to have such an
upstanding young man leading their team on the field every weekend. I hope
they appreciate the challenges that were thrust upon him and acknowledge the
maturity with which he handled them. I hope they stand behind the kid and
respect him not only for his incredible talent but for his intelligence and
honesty, poise and compassion.

My job has afforded me the chance to watch Aaron Rodgers play football for
the last few seasons. But I am truly thankful for the opportunity to see the
other side of this impressive young man. And pass on some of what I
to you.

"What the hell is going on out there?" - Vince Lombardi

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Packers Win.

Tom's Journal.

I don't know how the Packers pulled it off-- but they won! I found myself yelling at the Packer defense to tackle the Bear receivers, and now days I am not that big of a football fan! I guess I needed some diversion today.
I had to get a new anti-virus software installed TODAY, as my old one ran out today. The hound dog and I enjoyed some more Popeye's chicken and biscuits, red beans and rice, etc. My whole body is sore and stiff from getting in and out of my truck, carrying things. I went to bed last night at 6PM trying to make up for lost sleep. I will get an eye exam this week to find out why my eyes get so tired from every day life-- but I do read a lot. And it's hard to walk in the snow when I am using two canes for support.

Ha! I planned and dreamed that 'retirement' would be a restful, relaxing time for me where I could pursue all the things I wanted to --but never had the time. And then living at home alone [even though I sometimes get some hired help--cleaning lady--is harder when you are also on the mend from knee surgery. But the PT guy, Erwin Lim, first thought that I would NEVER progress to where I am walking and moving now! He said he was proud of me and was impressed. But I certainly didn't do the exercise for him-- but I knew that I had to comply and work hard if I was ever to get back my mobility and quality of life. Rehab is hard, IMHO. And one or two bad accidents can surely take the "wind out of our sails" and cause us to slow down in life-- as it did in my case/ life. Even my dear Mom says that I am very lucky to be alive! Vietnam was indeed dangerous-- but the next 35 years for me were deadly! The wise ones learn from their mistakes [and others mistakes too], but the foolish ones get killed and sometimes take other innocent one with them... And I am certainly against drunk/ drugged driving-- and TEXT-ING while driving!!

Having 2 different Bibles is good to compare-- as is mentioned by a smart guy who posted this from FB. I know some folks believe that their 'translations' of the Bible, like the NIV, NASB, ESV, etc., are 'good' for them because they can "UNDERSTAND IT"-- and I used to think the same! I say, if that's all you have--OK. But there are inexpensive King James bibles all around, and my wife and I buy them out of our own pockets and GIVE THEM AWAY to honest, sincere people who really want to study and read them.... and I believe that the Lord will bless us in heaven for this humble service. PTL! I have posted the research on comparisons and things perverted and left out on the so-called "modern Bible translations" many times on my Blog. Who will help me in this ministry??

From what I read these days by other smart, Spirit inspired Christians-- is that there will NOT be some holy Revival in the USA, but things will get steadily worse, perverse, twisted, and confused as far as 'churches' go. After the Rapture all those churches will be apostate-- and many are there now already! This means that new Christians will find it hard to find a Bible teaching/ preaching church [CONGREGATION] now days. The "ring of truth" can be heard only by those who know the truth about the Gospel of Jesus Christ-- those who have the Holy Spirit in them! The 'Gathering Time' is growing to completion-- but only God knows when to tie it off.

Personally, I have figured out that the world of mankind, Governments, this world of Satan is collapsing right now, and materialism is king, with self gratification, greed, lust and perversion. I think that the younger ones are under severe
worldly, demonic attack and stress to live on the wild side. Abortions, murders and crime are on the rise, and the Congress won't do the correct thing of protecting the people from foreign and domestic attack, and America is being destroyed. 2 and 2 = 4, and just what can really protect us?? God the Father, and Jesus Christ! hey! This is kind of like college and learning an important skill to earn a living.... the more you learn and know about God and Christ-- the better off you will be. Just sitting in some 'church' [building] won't get it. As I listen to: Pastor J. Vernon MeGee on the Christian radio, I learn so much!! WVCY Milwaukee 107.7 FM, and you can listen also on your PC.

Warm Regards,

:-PGreen Bay Packers won the game against the Bears!:-)
Try finding the following verses in the NIV:

Matthew 17:21; 18:11; 23:14.Mark 7:16; 9:44; 9:46; 11:26; 15:28. Luke 17:36; 23:17; John 5:4.Acts 8:37; 15:34; 24:7; 28:29.Romans 16:24 and 1 John 5:7.

What does your bible have? Are two different things the same? Can you explain why they are deleted?

Thomas G. Schuckman
Jesus is my Lord and Savior.
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.
Great Song: Rock of Ages

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Biblical Futurism.

Tom's Journal.

The following is a good outline to spot light the last days of the "Church" before the Rapture and Trib. Just more proof of our main purpose of sharing the Gospel and staying within the confines of Holy Scripture and doctrine. I like the reference of the 'birds' --agents of Satan taking up residence in the 'tree of Christendom.' I would think that most of the Church in the Last Days will become very confusing to many people UNLESS THEY KNOW THEIR BIBLE! This seems to screen out so many who are sitting on the fence bragging that they will join the 'body of Christ' just under the wire-- at the last minute... lol.

This doesn't mean that we biblical Christians should stand back and thump our breasts like a large ape-- that we 'made it.' We must stay alert that we don't get deceived by Satan's many devices and schemes. Choosing the 'correct church' might also be harder since so many of them are corrupt and misled. Rick Warren and his 'Purpose Driven Life' has done so much damage already! Beware.

Tom S

Consistent Biblical Futurism (Part 4)

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 07:51 AM PST

By Dr. Thomas Ice Pre-Trib Research Center When one looks at the New Testament Epistles for specific prophecy relating to the current church age, there is virtually nothing to be found. The church age is not a time of specific prophetic fulfillment and does not have a specific prophetic countdown or timetable, as does Israel and her 70 weeks of years prophecy (Dan. 9:24-27). The only specific

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Saved but not born again?

Tom's Journal.

If our very lives depended on doing a certain regimen-- would we not get with the program to get things straight and in order?? Let it be known to all--- the BIBLE is my ONLY guide! Not any church or organization nor group, clique, body of men or current breeze of consensus! I don't know of any better way to understand the Bible than to pick it up and READ it. Period. Spiritually mature men who have the HOLY SPIRIT do take the lead in helping us understand what the Bible says, and I am thankful for that-- but once we get to a certain plateau of learning-- we actually 'feed ourselves!' And why can't any mature human being with a good heart who accepts Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior become a master in learning the Bible after years of reading and study??

After some 40 years of serious bible study I know a lot, but I still don't know everything--- and we suppose that it will be many years in heaven when we know most of the Bible, IMO. But if this is the code that we live by-- why not steep ourselves in the Word of God so we can become closer to the Lord-- especially in these precarious hard times right before the Rapture and Tribulation time? And remember, please, Proverbs 27:17: "Iron sharpenth iron; so a man sharpenth the countenance of his friend." True Christian friends can, do and should sharpen us and encourage us.

Please check out my friend, Carolyn's latest Blog post:

Tom Schuckman

Saved But Not Born Again?

Q. I was reading one of your articles and you indicated that Christians who believe they will be saved have to be Born Again. I was under the impression that all Christians who call upon the name of Jesus will be saved. But it seems the article indicated that Christians can be Christian in name only. Does this mean that they will not have eternal life.? My understanding, in the article, they will be left behind at the Rapture.
I am a Catholic, from a child on and believe the Lord Jesus died for our sins. I have since been Born Again, but would I have been saved without coming to the Born Again status?

A. If you believe Jesus died for your sins, saving you from the death penalty that was due you, and have asked Him for salvation, you are by definition born again. John 1:12 says belief in Jesus gives us the authority to become a child of God. This makes us children born not of natural descent or human decision, or a husband’s will (physical or first birth) but born of God (Spiritual or second birth).

In John 3:3 Jesus said no one can see the Kingdom of God unless he or she is born again. In John 3:6 He explained what this meant, saying, “Flesh gives birth to flesh but spirit gives birth to Spirit.” Everyone is born of the flesh (physical birth) but only those who believe that Jesus died for their sins and rose again are born of the Spirit. In 2 Cor. 5:17 Paul wrote, Therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation. The old has gone the new has come. From God’s perspective the old person we once were has died and we have been born again as a new creation.

Some liberal Christian groups deny this teaching. They believe that membership in a church or living a good life will save them so they never ask the Lord to be their Savior. But His words are clear. Unless we are born again we cannot see the Kingdom of God.


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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Huge Financial Changes.

Tom's Journal.

For all Big Birds with long necks-- this article and subject matter may be too scary for you and you may wish to bury your head in the sand. I would feel the same except that I have something special and precious in my life that gives me hope in the darkest of times... even as a "news junky." Despite being very imperfect and still sinful [although trying hard to improve myself with the help of the Holy Spirit, and serious Bible study and reading...] --I love the Lord Jesus Christ, and He is my Savior forever-- therefore giving me the promise of everlasting life in heaven! Only by merit of Jesus' ransom blood sacrifice on the cross can we have life in heaven, but the vast majority of folks on earth will CHOOSE NOT to believe in Christ and follow His way. Accepting the Lord and relying on Him makes me feel truly blessed and grateful-- even as bad news appears on the Internet and TV every day-- like the stuff below-- cold hard facts.

Hey folks! I too have tried every trick in the book to learn how to survive in times of lean and economic discord/ melt down, working hard and putting my faith in the power of mortal men and organizations, even false religion. It's all a bag of holes and few get rich or truly happy. "Happiness is a by-product of serving the Lord Jesus!" And allowing the Holy Spirit to work in our lives while studying the Word of God. All else is a fleeting illusion from which strife and sadness come. This system is RIGGED so that most of us can't get to that golden plateau in life / and retirement where we hope to be debt free, happy and free from the fears of illness, old age and pain!

On the other hand, using this temporal life on earth as a mission of serving God and praising His name-- stores up our treasures in heaven where moth and rust cannot consume. "Life is a vapor." And the 'god of this system of things' has got most of us running in a circle--chasing our proverbial tails!

When my physical therapy guy, Erwin Lim, was over today at about 4PM, he noticed that my blood pressure was very high-- not the usual norm-- but that was because of my Milwaukee VA appointment and the confrontation there, carrying/ spilling over into my own personal life even after I got home! Even being a Christian will not always protect us from the great stresses of every day life, but prayer does wonders! And we would do well to understand that the Rapture could come at any time-- and then all these stresses will be 'Left Behind' with the folks that didn't make/ take time for Christ! Friends, what we are seeing and experiencing now is just a prelude/ preview of what the Tribulation will be like-- but a million times worse!! With this mindset perhaps we could all breathe a bit easier-- and I know that many of my friends have serious problems too-- but we have realistic HOPE--because God cannot lie [Titus 1:2]. I think that it's up to us to call, email, visit and help our fellow Christians in need-- but remember that we are all sinful, erring humans who fail each other often, get old and die. That is why we MUST form a closer bond to the Lord Jesus Christ.. and now! I need this info and support as much as any of my friends and readers, and so your prayers, emails and communications to me are so welcome and sought after.
Please tell me what you think about the following article that is well documented.

Tom Schuckman

2011 Could Usher in Huge Financial Changes

Posted: 18 Jan 2011 12:56 PM PST

By Bill Perkins As events continue to unfold on God's perfectly timed prophetic calendar, Believers will have more and more opportunities to point to the Bible as the only answer to the world's problems.As non-Believers look more and more to the government for help, instead of God, their problems will only worsen. We must be ready to give Biblical answers as God provides us

VAMC trip today.

Tom's Journal.

I suppose you guys get tired of my bemoaning all the bum trips and crude service that we Vets get from the VA. I guess I am very out spoken and VERBAL-- than my other brothers and sisters in arms, but it comes from the early 70's when we were totally disenfranchised by the Gov't with all manner of insults to our dedication, hard work, lack of benefits and many lies concerning PTSD and Agent Orange, etc. I pray ever night before and during my visits to the VA and actually practising biting my lip and tongue and choosing my words carefully! But I will not be lied about and pushed around/ abused! That's a fact.

My visit today was with Orthopedics Dept. and one young doctor shot up my Left knee with out any pain at all! I praised him big time for his skill and professionalism. The other older chief of Ortho had a few choice comments to make about my POST-OP time after the Dec. 6th total knee replacement surgery. We both admitted that all the strong medicines made me a bit wacky, but I stuck to my guns when telling him all about the verbal abuse the staff dished out to me, ganging up and refusing to help me even to get out of the bed so I could relieve my self. The entire VA hospital only had 2- extra wide wheel chairs in the whole complex-- and I KNOW that there are other hefty Vets there! They NEVER BATHED NOR ASSISTED ME ONCE so that I felt like a stinky PIG for the 5 days I was there-- so for personal/ and health reasons I decided to FAST from all foods so I would not have a bowel movement for fear that those mean spirited baffoons would refuse to clean me after any defecation! They refused to do most everything else. In the long run-- I can and will forgive-- but I would have to be mentally challenged to say that I will FORGET-- and I tell all my friends and reader exactly what went down those 5 days in hell! I also respectfully told the older Doctor that I would rather be DEAD rather than ever letting the VA operate on my other [Left] knee-- or any other serious operation, for that matter! i also offered to take a polygraph test to swear what I said was true. The Doctor advised me to get my records and go before the Administrator to bear witness to what I clam happened. On the other other hand, KMH- Kenosha Memorial Hospital-- WI., was completely, totally different, kinder, gentle, professional, and well attended, with SMART staff and doctors. They treated me like a prince-- so that I almost broke down and cried. Not kidding. I even sent the 7th floor at KMH- Palmer building a large bouquet of flowers and high praises for all their kindness to me during my week stay-- after which I went home to convalese with further Rehab from the Kenosha visiting nurses-- who are also very professional and satisfied with my progess. The older ortho Doctor at the VA was satisfied and impressed with my progress after 6 weeks too... I haev good mobility and length of motion. I am blessed that I have two modes of Insurance-- Chrysler Humana, and the VA, but there difference is DAY AND NIGHT.

I will do these correct things in bringing this business to light of the VA Administration in due time, but they are not my main thrust right now or priority. bigger things are coming down the pike right now that are more serious. I am far from the first or only Vet to get messed around by the infamous VA system-- but it's not that all important to me as God will recompense and 'repay.' But I am still stressed out from today's visit as my PT guy came over later for my Rehab here in my home, and my BP was very high... Ha! I will chill out in the morning and reading the Bible always helps me come down to earth-- but the VA knows that they hold many Vets by the short hairs and CONTROL many lives-- to their detriment and early demise-- as so many spouses have told me concerning their dead Vet husbands. If Obama-care does go through-- we will soon have the same high mortality rate as Merry Old England.

I love to look at the big picture using the Bible as my guide and tape measure. I am into History and Bible study/ prophecy in a large way-- and can't help but look at my personal diary/ Journal to see what my mind set was a year ago. We all wish as Christians that the Rapture would bring an end to the intense suffering and persecution to our brother and sisters in Christ in 60 countries around the world-- MUCH WORSE THAN HERE IN THE USA. Still it's all in God's hands and 'Let His will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.' ~Matthew 6:9. Hey! We Christians, sinful as we still are-- need to be in the game for the long haul! You may say that why does poor old Tom seem to have more troubles than others...? That's because I use what legal instruments that are available to me for 'redress' to protect myself from slander and abuse. If there is a set of laws in the land--we ought to learn and abide by them, right? And that means that Christians don't 'turn the other cheek' when the VA plants a 'hay maker' on our jaws or tries to cheat us! We are NOT slaves or 2nd class citizens in this country although the VA and GOV'T usually hit the Vets FIRST with decreases in benefits and services, and 3rd rate care!! MOST folks will just take the crap and roll over without a whimper. But all the combat Vets that I know will protect themselves legally-- or just walk away from the corrupt VA system!

Unfortunately, too many of my friends just walked away from the VA after being insulted and abused-- like about 30 years ago, but that is what the VA and Gov't WANT! Then they can save that money and lavish it on illegal aliens and other pet lefty-loose-y , bone-headed projects, bail outs and hand outs to folks that never
How is it that America is about broke-- yet the GOV'T still keeps spending on pork barrel spending?? The the working man did that he would be thrown in jail.

But for me-- today is a happy day, and I find myself praying and thanking the Lord for EVERYTHING I have-- even the safe trips and journeys on the road, especially in this freaky weather of 2011. And ain't that an 'understatement?' The world is getting clobbered with freaky weather that might in fact cause ANOTHER global food shortage! But just like the Katrina disaster, most folks will just take a 'wait and see' attitude until it's too late. Praise my good parents who raised me right and put a diverse diet on the dinner table, and I am educated and knowledgeable about planting a veggie garden and knowing what and how to eat. Praise God for providing for me and keeping me relatively safe. Let us count our many blessings.

Tom Schuckman

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Food Bubble.

Tom's Journal.

I can only say that I have Fasted without food a few times in my life-- and for personal/ health reasons. But the last time I went for 13 days without food and felt pretty weak and shaky at the end of it after I finally got home from the hospital -KMH- Rehab. I know how to live on less and also know how to cook. I doubt if my wife will ever come home to cook for me again... because of her health problems. Lately it's been very hard for me to stand long enough to prepare a full rounded, balanced meal for myself, but I do eat lots of fruit.

Let me tell you that most people make fun of me including 'church members' for storing up some food in my house. I feel that they are ignorant-- sorry. Of course ALL Christians must put their trust in the Lord for every good thing, including our daily bread.

I hate getting up so early in the morning for another trip to the Milwaukee VAMC hosp., so they can check and x-ray my bionic knee... especially in the cold Winter time.


The Food Bubble

Posted: 17 Jan 2011 07:49 AM PST

By Todd Strandberg Rapture Ready The world is steadily moving towards a full-on food crisis. During the past year, global crop yields have suddenly declined. I've been watching grain production for decades, and I've never seen a time when bad luck seemed to be the only bumper crop.In my October NM update, I listed seven events that have occurred in 2010. Those reports dated from last summer.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Four Horsemen.

Tom's Journal.

It's good to understand that all the troubles we face on earth right now-- TODAY-- are but a small fraction of what's in store for the world AFTER THE RAPTURE!!

Are The Four Horsemen Already Here?


Q. I have always agreed with your interpretation of the Seal Judgments in Revelation, but lately I’m wondering if we may be seeing them opened, with what’s going on in the world as we read this. The rider on the white horse could be the rise of radical Islam, as it has all but taken [...]

Friday, January 14, 2011

30 Crashes in Milwaukee.

Tom's Journal.

I can't believe all those accidents were in WISCONSIN, of all places!! Our people ought to know better about Winter road conditions. Pity.

I actually drove to Milwaukee VAMC- Dental today about 12 noon, and the roads were good, but I drove the speed limit [my New Year's commitment/ promise]. When I got to the 8th flood ahead of time and waited-- finally I went back to the front desk/ nurse's island and reminded them about my appointment. They soon took a bunch of x-rays of my teeth. Then the "doctor/ dentist" lady was too consumed with others to help my nurse who had a question-- so after being abandoned I made another appointment a few months from now--- because the staff there didn't have all their ducks in a row... lol. Point: After knee replacement surgery it is S.O.P. [standard operating procedure] to give anti-biotics to that patient one hour BEFORE they work on him-- even if it's 'just a cleaning.' I told the staff that I 'should have called them up prior, to hold their hands and remind them of my medicine protocol before dental work.....Ha! They didn't take offense... because I said it in a nice way. But the world knows that they couldn't find their 'glutious maximus' if they used both hands!! Oh well, it's just hard to get good hired help these days... Perish the thought that the Ortho / Joint clinic couldn't even communicate to the dental clinic after more than a MONTH about my surgery status! So I just left and collected my $18.90 travel pay and went home and take care of my dog--- who seems to have more intelligence that many folks I know at the VA.... sorry. At least I gassed up my truck, but it was a wasted trip, IMHO.

Friends, I have to tell you that this sort of non-sense happens more often than NOT at the VA! But they expect the Veterans to have everything in order and be on time, of course, and I have seen Veterans turned away when they were ONE MINUTE LATE, in the old days! And when they always tell me that they are running behind--- it's like a sick joke-- because that is ALWAYS the case! It seems like they have developed a sick, complicated system with lots of paper work to confuse the Vet, but we learn their process.

Before I went to Milwaukee, my PT guy, Erwin Lim, came over to run me around and exercise and stretch my leg. Next week will be his last week--- and I was reading the Bible to him again today to prove a few points... as he likes to take scriptures out of context. I like and enjoy his visits-- but I honestly think that he doesn't have the Holy Spirit, or he would "see the light of the Bible." When some one misapplies the scriptures, it's best to read the surrounding text to get the complete flavor of what the
Bible writer is saying.... and then knowing the Greek would be nice too. I keep telling him that IF he can prove and show me something in the Bible-- I will buy it! But I think he mixes up "traditions of the Catholic church" with the scriptures, and that's no good. But these little meetings with Erwin 'sharpen me up' like a file does a good knife. And who knows that Erwin might "click" down the road. He has taught me a lot about medicine and where/ how he grew up in the Philippines, and we both love history. He is always on me for eating the "wrong foods," as he found some hamburger wrappers on the floor of my truck-- when I asked him to bring some left groceries inside this morning. He is very observant and nothing slips by his eyes. Relationships like this sure do enrich my life... and praise the Lord.

Drive Safe!


Friday, January 14, 2011

At Least 30 Crashes on Freeways During Morning Commute

Drivers taking I-43, I-94 and 894 in Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties have encountered at least 30 crashes over a two-hour period early Friday morning. More

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Fall of Lebanon.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends!
With this news below-- "The Fall of Lebanon" --we can see how goofy and uncertain our own [including mine] prognostications and speculation can be concerning just what 'lynch pin' will trip the trigger of the next Bible-predicted war in the Middle East and Jerusalem, and our Rapture! In my opinion, this new wrinkle about the 'Fall of Lebanon' could/ might be the trigger that starts the prophesied war. But like I have said so many times-- we Christians are to serve the Lord forever-- no matter what comes down the pike-- or however long this system lasts. You see-- that puts to rest all the squabbles and arguments of 'who is right about this and that' -- foolish questionings. How are WE all furthering the Lord's work and His Kingdom? That ought to be the REAL question.

My friend, and PT guys, Erwin, told me today that next week will be the end of our working together to help me Rehab and get on my feet-- because he says that I am making that good progress. Awww... and we are such good friends and talk about the bible quite a bit. I gave him a short DVD today about what the day of the Rapture might look like. He is an educated Phillipino Catholic man who made his first pilgrimage to Bosnia and Croatia, to where the Virgin Mary is 'said to have appeared' to some people. He is smart, and I like him with his great sense of humor, but I tell him that the bible must be our ONLY guild no matter what, and he agrees. but still he likes to mis-apply some scriptures. I have learned not to discuss things with him when he is taking my BP... lol, as some of his words drive up my blood pressure. He and Deuce get along well too, but then Deuce thinks that he wants to play, when indeed we have to settle down and do the PT-- Physical Therapy. He also tells me where the best Chinese place to eat is and other good info. We hit it off right from the start... and too bad he has to go now. I would be glad to give him a great letter of accommodation.

I went to a few stores today and saw my wife too. Strawberries are $5/ package-- but Sharon just LOVED them today! Right now I am very beat and aching from all that activity, but have to drive to the Milwaukee VAMC tomorrow after PT-- dental appointment on the 8th floor. I hate to go, but it's "free" and I get travel pay to help pay for my gas. My dear old Mom tells me to take it EZ.

Well, have you had enough BS from all the politicians trying to 'high jack' the tragedy in AZ to make political hay-- and try to jam down more 'gun control' ?? It all stinks on ice, I know, but the Dims [and many Republicans are also dirty] never want to let a serious happening get away with out trying to pump something up with a twist and a turn. Washington D.C. has the most restrictive gun laws in the country but some of the highest shooting/ murder rate! Vermont has the slackest gun laws-- but the least amount of murders! Go figure. It reminds me of Satan and his earthly agents who always try to pervert something into a grotesque misrepresentation-- but that's the norm for the devil and his punky pals. He knows that his time on earth is short and there fore wants to cause as many down falls as possible-- especially the Saints.

One more thing... My wife has put together a small group at the nursing home that is going to start studying the Bible as a group next week, and I hope I can get as many DEFINED KJV Bible to them on time, as possible. Right now, the main thing that is keeping Sharon from coming home is her fractured lower spine-- and we both know that will never heal on it's own. I think she ought to ask the nursing home for a "trial period" so if things go bad for her and don't work out at home-- she will have some place to return to if we can't take care of her here at home. I don't know how she figures that I can somehow take care of her-- as I can barely do for myself right now... and don't forget that my Left knee is just as bad as the right! And I am not planning on getting the Left knee butchered any time soon... lol! Not after the treatment I just went through at the Milwaukee VA. That was a nightmare... sorry. And I still don't see any guarantee written in stone that my Right knee will be 100% perfect after it supposedly heals. I have too many honest friends who had the same procedure and they wish they never had it in the first place. But to be fair-- some folks are helped in a big way. I sure can't trust the 'doctors and staff' after those 'big whoppers' they told me before the surgery....Ha!

Best Regards,
Tom Schuckman

The Fall of Lebanon

Posted: 12 Jan 2011 01:52 PM PST

By John McTernan Defend and Proclaim the Faith 'Lebanon's Government Falls as Hezbollah Pulls Out'This has been coming like a slow moving train wreck. It appears that the day has now arrived. Hezbollah assassinated the previous prime minister and has threaten war if they are held responsible. They act just like the gangsters/terrorists they are. The collapse of the government leaves a huge

Chilling Almost Beyond Belief

Posted: 13 Jan 2011 08:53 AM PST

By Dr. Albert Mohler Americans generally know that abortions happen, but the reality of abortion is kept out of sight and, for most, largely out of mind. To acknowledge that abortions do occur does not require any actual knowledge of the numbers of abortions performed and the scale of the catastrophe. News reports that emerged in recent days will make that evasion harder to

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Technology turns against us.

Tom's Journal.

I tried to post another story about how the Gov't/ and Pentagon are trying to push for a hike/ co-pay for Veterans in the TRICARE area-- just what disenfranchised combat Veterans need, right? I must have stroked the wrong key and whack-- I lost the whole article that I worked hard on. Oh well....maybe it will return.

I love Jan Markell, and she is 'back in the saddle again' [that's an old Gene Autry song...] after her serious surgery thing. Seems like ALL my friends are going under the knife, lately.

I am thinking, that we Christians are walking a tight rope, or 'walking POINT in RVN in the jungle/ bush', and we have got to be ready at any time to change and react! Scripture tells the Christian to 'STAY ALERT' and survive until the Lord comes to snatch us up in the Rapture! The Internet is a powerful and great tool to spread the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ, far and wide! Yet, anything that was made for a good purpose WILL be twisted, corrupted, changed into an instrument of wickedness and evil. With corrupt Gov't leaders in control [aided and abetted by unclean, wicked spirit forces of the 'father of the lie'- Satan], it's only a matter of time before our great Internet will be turned against us. Then we shall have to move into some other medium of mass communication, or return to snail mail, or what ever. Sad...

Remember, You prob heard it here first on: TOM'S JOURNAL. I would love to see my readership expand-- but I know in the end that the Gov't will shut me down or ban me because I speak the truth of the Gospel [and the entire Bible].

Pray for our brothers and sisters in the South and East Coast who are not used to this cold, icy weather-- and drive safe. My good buddy, Mark Eisenhower, in AZ says that the weather is in the 60's, sunny and great. Maybe I ought to rent a Winter home there... lol.
I just received 2 more copies of Randy Alcorn's: SAFELY HOME, book, that tells about the severe, harsh persecution of our brothers and sisters in China-- and some experts say that there may be over 100 MILLION biblical, Saved Christians there underground! It seems like those who have the least on earth may have the most in heaven. I try to help them a little bit by contributing to 2 fine orgs: OPEN DOORS, and VOM-- VOICE OF THE MARTYRS. I think and pray about those brothers often. I encourage all my readers and friends to at least check out these two orgs, please.

Tom Schuckman

When Technology Turns Against Us

by Jan Markell

January 12, 2011

We all know we are heading into a full-blown surveillance society. The U.K. probably heads the world in this effort, but the U.S. is nipping at its heels. The Obama administration is assuring that.

Newsmax online is reporting the fact that Obama is eyeing the Internet to ID all Americans. This was preceded by the Net Neutrality Act which was the first phase of the government monitoring the Internet. White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt says, "This is the perfect spot in the U.S. government to centralize efforts toward creating an 'identity ecosystem' for the Internet." Privacy groups are alerting that this is an absolute infringement on Americans' rights. The Department of Homeland Security will also help implement this.

Keep in mind the power of the Internet and computer technology. The Stuxnet computer worm was reportedly more effective in setting back Iran's nuclear plans a couple years than anything else, including an air strike. Stuxnet's complexity has stunned the computer security industry. It was certainly affiliated with a government -- likely Israel, possibly with U.S. help. The worm had Iran's name on it and specifically their nuclear computers. Why have we not heard more about this? It may be the technological story of 2010. But is Stuxnet an argument for a supra-national government body to regulate cyberspace?

The Obama administration has back-up support from a U.N. office in Geneva where officials from 18 countries voted to staff a working group on the future of something called Internet Governance Forum. Since it's the U.N., there is already reason to be concerned. The plan was supported by China and, not without surprise, Iran. So, it has global impact, not just Obama impact.

For good or bad, technology is taking center stage. It has for 25 years or more. Time magazine's man of the year is Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook. This communication tool has taken the world by storm. Zuckerberg is worth about $50 billion as a result of a device that helps people communicate with one another. People are eager to make friends even if some of them could be suspect. It helps them feel connected and not isolated, something essential in our 21st century impersonal world.

Enter Antichrist. Is he waiting in the wings? Perhaps. Technology will drive the final generation. In a sense, it already is. Everything in Revelation 13 depends on technology: The electronic money system, electronic control of the media, electronic control of commerce and even electronic control of the one-world religion. When "Mr. Fix-it" enters the scene, the technology infrastructure must be in place. His empire is limited -- seven years.

The equally-popular Twitter could also be abused. The Iranian youth revolution of a couple years ago was coordinated heavily by the young people tweeting one another. If untrained youth can run a revolution -- admittedly unsuccessful due to Iran's president and her mullahs -- how could Antichrist use it against the world?

Whether it's net neutrality, an effort to use the Internet to ID all Americans, Facebook, Twitter, or an all-new scheme to come down the pike to use the magic of modern-day technology to limit freedoms, stay on guard. We may not be able to stem the tide of intrusiveness and even an ID effort. The Bible talks too much about such themes as privacy loss under the rule of Antichrist, but please don't fall under the spell of "it's predicted, we can't fight it, let's surrender." As Edmund Burke said, "All that is necessary for evil to prosper is for good people to do nothing."

But the end-time technological infrastructure is being put in place as I write this. It could take weeks or it could take years for complete implementation. This is a reminder to stay tuned and to spot the efforts as they are introduced by snoopy governments and the U.N. Please speak up when you can and let it be known that some freedom-loving people will protest until the end, even if, in the end, evil triumphs. Remember to read the last chapter. Evil triumphs only temporarily. The King of kings will return to right all these wrongs and abominations!

Jack Kinsella and I talk about this issue, including expanding on the Stuxnet worm affecting Iran's computers, in a current radio program now posted to "Radio Archives."

To better understand this, visit our Web category of The New World Order found here. This is not strange conspiracy talk. This is reality. There are forces trying to monitor and regulate everything, leaving world citizens with little privacy. Suggesting there is a "shadow government" is no longer a "fringe" issue.

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Awaiting His return,

Jan Markell

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Tom's Journal.

Thugs, robbers, and predators in the wild always look for the easiest prey-- the weaker ones, the disabled older ones, etc. It's no different now days with the Gov't looking to "save" money by trying to 'butcher the sacred cow', the Veterans-- the Ones who gave so much and have the least! Yes, Robert Gates, Sec of Defense, who pushed for Gays to enter the Military is pushing the new TRICARE Fee Increases agenda. Tricare is the entity that insures our precious Veterans and their health care.

It would be smart and advantageous for 'civilians' to learn about TRICARE... because Obama-care -- another Gov't controlled health care insurance entity will soon be knocking at our national door! My many Veteran friends and I KNOW what it's like in TRICARE... long lines, indifferent care givers, many who are only there for the paycheck. Anyone who has followed my humble Blog/ Journal knows how things run at the VA. Sometimes it's almost like a 'crap- shoot'. you never know what you will get when you get there! And there are many decorated, honorable Combat Veterans who refuse to even go to a VA hospital-- for the shabby way they were treated the FIRST time they were jerked around, back in the early 1970's! The true stories never seem to diminish... lol. Sorry, Read 'em and weep.
Hungry lions always go after the weak and infirm in the wild--- and I see many similarities every time I go to the VA hospital. That is one reason I support and stay current with the VVA-- the Vietnam Veterans Association, who look after the Veteran homeless and support Pro-Veteran legislation, etc. Still, in times of harsh economic stress--- the Libby-Left Congress will always try to tap the Vets FIRST! I can't wait for the Rapture! Come, Lord Jesus.

Two other good orgs I try to support are: VOM- Voice of the Martyrs, and Open Doors -- support of persecuted, starving Christians in other lands who continue to hold on to the Faith of true biblical Christianity.

That's just my personal opinion.

Tom Schuckman

Pentagon Pushes for TRICARE Fee Increases

Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen brief the press on budget issues at the Pentagon on Jan. 6.

WASHINGTON -- End strength cuts and the demise of the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle program dominated the headlines of the this week's defense budget conversations, but the financial projections also call for another controversial cost-saving measure: increases in TRICARE fees for military retirees.

On Thursday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates called the military's future health care costs "unaffordable" and said the department could save up to $7 billion over the next five years with modest increases in TRICARE fees for working-age retirees. Active-duty troops and their families would not be affected by the plan.

Let your legislator know how you feel about the proposed TRICARE increases.

"The current TRICARE enrollment fee was set in 1995 at $460 a year for the basic family plan and has not been raised since," Gates told reporters. "During this time, insurance premiums paid by the private sector and other government workers have risen dramatically. For example, the fees for a comparable health insurance program for federal workers cost roughly $5,000 per year."

As a result, he said, many of those retirees forgo their employer's health plan to remain with TRICARE, creating a heavy burden on the defense budget.

But lawmakers have rejected that idea multiple times in the past decade, including three straight years during President George W. Bush's tenure in office. And in 2009, veterans groups lashed out at the White House when officials there resurrected the idea.

That year, as part of the fiscal 2010 defense budget, lawmakers passed nonbinding language warning Pentagon officials not to punish military veterans through health care hikes in order to balance the budget.

But Gates insisted that the changes will "better align the department with the rest of the country," and strengthen the military health care system in the long run. The new TRICARE fees are expected to be included in the fiscal 2012 defense budget proposal, to be unveiled next month.

Photo: DoD


This article is provided courtesy of Stars and Stripes, which got its start as a newspaper for Union troops during the Civil War, and has been published continuously since 1942 in Europe and 1945 in the Pacific. Stripes reporters have been in the field with American soldiers, sailors and airmen in World War II, Korea, the Cold War, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Bosnia and Kosovo, and are now on assignment in the Middle East.

Stars and Stripes has one of the widest distribution ranges of any newspaper in the world. Between the Pacific and European editions, Stars and Stripes services over 50 countries where there are bases, posts, service members, ships, or embassies.

Stars and Stripes Website

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Moon of Blood.

Tom's Journal.

Personally, I would NEVER put a date or even a year on when the Rapture of Trib will come. That would work just the opposite effect the heavenly Father wants of us--- to be ready ALL THE TIME, and not just at one specific time to put on a showy display. I talked about this many times before. But I feel that every day that goes by is just one step/ day closer to God's appointed time or reckoning, and He has His certain number of people He wants/ needs to fill His 'quota' before the Rapture.

If we keep in mind that we true Christians will be servants of the Most High FOREVER-- we need not be so conscience of some 'date' in time.

My friend, Bill Lee, had a complete battery of tests of his heart and they gave him a good bill of health, as I just called him up to check on him. We should all be concerned about our friends' health and welfare, IMO. Bill dropped off food and good cheer a few weeks back as I am still on the mend from knee surgery. Thank you, Bill.


'And the Moon into Blood'

Posted: 10 Jan 2011 01:38 PM PST

By Jack Kinsella The Omega Letter The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the LORD come.” (Joel 2:31)Throughout history, solar and lunar eclipses have been taken as a sign from Deity. In 585 BC, a solar eclipse darkened the battlefield during a pitched battle between the warring Medes and Lydians.At the sun’s disappearance, both sides

Making Amends.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
I couldn't help but apply this timely short sermon to myself-- and my own 'injuries' of my right knee replacement, etc. For what ever reason, we go through life hopefully learning and maturing as Christians do IF they read/ study the Bible and apply it. I am far from perfect, and sometimes take out my pain and frustration on those near and dear to me--- shame on me, but I'm human. I 'figured' that I worked hard all my life and now have a few coins to rub together with some decent health providers/ insurance, a roof and a few cans of sardines... lol, but I am still not happy. "Happiness is a by-product of serving God." Paul told us, 'Having food and clothing, we should be content.' But the devil and his earthly agents continue to bombard us with every goofy greedy commercial-- glittery things that we really don't need, especially in our present economic melt down!

Bottom line: WE SHOULD BE LEARNING FROM OUR MISTAKES, and ought to give thinks to our Father in Heaven for all the times we narrowly escaped death or permanent injury!
Can we not learn from the many Bible episodes and accounts of errant Israel being disciplined every time they fell away from pure worship-- but went after false gods??

I used to pray for a "balanced attitude", but now I pray for humility and a pure heart. I hope it's not in my 'gene pool' but it's hard for me to forgive and forget injuries done to me in the past. I have a few good old mentors who help me in this struggle of mine, but the proof is in the pudding. I need 'long suffering' when I get behind the wheel-- as the other folks will NEVER get past their selfish, "me first", crazy, dangerous way of driving. It's just some thing I will have to learn to live with and just LET IT GO-- LET IT ROLL OFF MY BACK... and move on! If I master this, I feel that I will have gained something good.

My wife, Sharon, MIGHT be coming home in March, if all goes well. I hope to see her today and bring her some fresh fruit, hugs and kisses. I could really use a hot [balanced] meal, but walking any distance is too hard for me-- and so I opt for the easier drive-in restaurants and 'fast food' -- but that gets old... lol. Maybe I will get back to cooking my own food soon as I progress in my Rehab. My PT guy, from Kenosha Visiting Nurses, Erwin Lim, and I get along OK, and we talk about the Bible often. He actually carries an electronic Bible in his service gear, KJV, that is also a NoteBook PC. I just ordered another batch of Defined KJV Bibles from: ---to continue my Gospel sharing ministry in public, and those 'products' cost me about $130, but many of the ones I wanted [large print-hard cover for $20 each] are on back order until July !?! People at Woodstock Rehab where Sharon stays want that type of Bible now! I am looking for inexpensive large print KJV Bibles-- please let me know if you know of any to be had.

Tom Schuckman

Pocket Devotions

Day 117: Making Amends

Daily Impact

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ReferenceActs 9:32-35

"As Peter traveled about the country, he went to visit the saints in Lydda. There he found a man named Aeneas, a paralytic who had been bedridden for eight years. 'Aeneas,' Peter said to him, 'Jesus Christ heals you. Get up and take care of your mat.' Immediately Aeneas got up. All those who lived in Lydda and Sharon saw him and turned to the Lord."

Thoughts for Today:

I think it is an interesting choice of words that Peter spoke following the healing of Aeneas, "....take care of your mat". Why take care of the mat? Why pay any attention to it at all? It was useless and pointless; after all he was now healed. What need did he have for a mat? Why not throw it away, ignore it and begin his new life without the burden of that old mat?

I think there are two points in the purpose of the mat. The first is revealed in verse 35, "All those who lived in Lydda and Sharon saw him and turned to the Lord." In other words, without the mat people can forget who you were before the Lord healed you -- the mat becomes evidence of your healing. All too often we accept the Lord's healing then over time forget the pain. The mat helps us to remember and continue to be a witness.

The second is a little more subtle, "take care of your mat" -- or in the King James Version: "make thy bed" -- meaning clean up the problems you caused or created before you were healed (while you were still sick).

Questions to Ponder:

Has the Lord healed (or is healing) you from a spirit of greed, anger, selfishness, intemperance, pride, etc? Have you experienced joy as a result of the freedom from bondage to sin (the mat)? What about the people who were affected by your sin? Have you made your bed, have you cleaned up after yourself, have you taken care of your mat? Have you made amends to the people who were affected the most?