Monday, January 3, 2011

Inch by Inch.

Tom's Journal.

After a tough but well needed PT session with Erwin Lim this morning, and a good written report about my progress, I decided to take the chance of driving my truck to my credit union, the store in Kenosha and Popeye's chicken, and finally got home about 2:30PM and also ate for the first time today. Getting into the cab of the truck was painful, but driving was OK and worked out fine. I used the used [new] power scooter but had to have some help in ripping off the top neck/ head brace so it went back into the back of the truck bed more easy. I noticed that my truck seat beat had 'more room' in it, but a month ago it fit too tightly around my big stomach.... That is wonderful news for me! Maybe I can "cheat" once a week and go off my diet, but I have to stay on it for LIFE!

I persuaded my way to have my new PCP 'new' VA doctor see me tomorrow early because I am all out of medicine that he will not prescribe without seeing me-- still much pain, especially after hard work outs, etc. I have no 'safety net', and my good nephew is in Wash. DC on a new job-- needs the paycheck! So I figured that I ought to disembark on my own and prayed a lot for protection. I also hope that the used power chair-- a "trike" with 3 wheels will support my lessor weight, and hope to scale up to see if I lost any more pounds... at the VA. I am going there on my BEST behavior, even though I feel slighted, shafted, and abused... lol. All you need to do is say the wrong coarse words [EVEN IF THEY ARE TRUE] and they will put you on a merry-go-round of the "good ole boys routine", and then you will be in hot water perhaps with a disorderly conduct charge. It's a huge, giant system there at the VA [VAMC] that will never change... a white elephant that prob uses our tax dollars for more that we want to know about. Hey! We ought to understand how the GOV'T operates by now...Ha!

Oh my, I am so tired and uncomfortable right now, and I intend to get to bed early. Sharon's "Mother Superior"-- the lady head honcho, named Sue, she wanted to see all day hide and just 'would not be found.' there will be a State agency investigating a harassment charge soon, and I am helping my wife-- but my mom fears revenge and reprisals. So Sharon and I agreed to go to a higher level and contact the 'heavy guns' -- State agencies, after waiting too long. I just want to wait for the new WI senator to get sworn in so we can harness him too. But as for me and the VA-- I would rather go through the system FIRST and reason with the people, as I know their system by now. But you've got to get up pretty early in the morning to play and win their 'game !' People lied to me at the VA Pharmacy all last week [of course] just to get me off their backs, and I should never have trusted them. They told me that they had sent out my meds on Jan. 1st... lol, yeah right-- nothing goes out on that day!! And then today, the head man of the Pharmacy called me up to smooth things out and give me my candy. But to make absolutely sure I do get it in good order, I will have to go in,and pick it up in person... drive some 30 miles, and because that is unscheduled, I won't get my travel pay either.

I say that it's just too bad that a Veteran has to be a well trained speaker and slick to get the needed meds and services he needs to survive at the VA !! An older brother at church, Joe vander Mollen, is mentoring me and helping me to not talk about some of my problems and just LET THEM GO! He has a few fav scriptures that he would like me to carve for him, and maybe in a week or two I will be able to walk the down stairs in my basement/ wood shop to work on that hobby. Hundreds of years ago, the Northern Europeans did their fine cabinet/ carpentry/ wood carving work/ skills in the Winter time, as they could not work the farm land, etc.

Well, maybe God sent my son and nephew to help me during my worst, most pained time after surgery, and now I can barely get around a bit better, even as some of my friends are not able to help me so much. It's just hard for me to swallow lies and mischief, and now the 'engine light' in my truck won't shut off-- so it's back to the dealer to figure that out. I am very careful with my bread and butter truck! It's only when some one else borrows it-- that something goes a rye. But then, my Dad complained about someone messing up his stuff too....

We are so blessed to put all our burdens on the Lord who will take care of all things in His due time. Will this be the year that we get Raptured up, Oh Lord?

Tom Schuckman

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Heli gunner Tom said...

Staley said:

How true! How true Bro. Tom,
Thank GOD for every person who has put their lives on the line or given their lives to preserve and protect our freedoms and NATION. However while preaching many funerals of fallen soldiers and veterans during my 53 years of ministry I have made many enemies because I always reminded those who gathered that giving their lives for their country could not get them into Heaven. The only way into Heaven was and is to heed The Holy Spirit's reproving of sin, righteousness and judgment to come and repent of your sin and ask JESUS to save you. It was and is so surprising to find how many people disagree with this truth. By saying this I do not and did not wish to demean how great a sacrifice one has made to all of us to have served in the armed forces.
My Father in Heaven I ask YOU to bless all of these who have served in this manor and please precious Holy Spirit continue to draw those who do not have YOU dwelling in their hearts. I also ask that YOU bless this noble servant of his NATION and YOU as well as his wife Sharron. Thank YOU my JESUS for being mindful of us as unworthy as some of us are. In YOUR name JESUS I pray. Amen