Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Better Eye Protection.

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Hi Friends,
I just called my Mom and told her about a 'new' eye protection product that my eye doctor gave me to relieve my blurry, fuzzy- wuzzy, tired eyes. I love to read and do about 3-4 hours of intense reading and research almost every day, and I like to touch base on Face Book, but my eyes get tired, dry and blurry. One eye doc years ago told me to use Visine-- as he did too, but my 'new' eye doc lady said NOT TO USE THAT PRODUCT -- as it was making my eye symptoms worse. The 'new' product is called: Soothe xp, and you cal buy it OTC at most drug stores/ pharmacies. She gave me a small sample, and another product called: Systane ultra... which I have not tried yet.

I just love to share the good things in my life with other good people I met, hoping that "cast your bread upon the water-- and it will return to you" verse will come true to me-- and of course it does. One way or another God's sees all our life and it is recorded. "Store up your treasures in heaven where moth and rust cannot consume." True-- we cannot 'buy' or work our way into heaven, but Christians ought to try hard to be "Christ-like" after they receive the Holy Spirit which will guide you with power and discernment.

I have so much going on in February, and my way of keeping track of appointments, etc., is my calendar, but many people now days use their Blackberry. I just read an article about the threat of major cyber attack by China, etc., and that could prove to be devastating! Better to get back to SOME
"low tech"/ survival ways of living.. 'Plan B and C' stuff. Just my opinion.

I had to wait at home for the 'Oxygen man' to come to my humble home and take away the used/ empty Oxygen bottles and replace them-- and he took away Sharon's Oxygen extractor because she is not expected to come home any more, as her health is too ragged with her lumbar spine crumbling, bad heart and lungs, etc. It kind of made me feel sorry and down-hearted when Mario took away Sharon's stuff to help her breath at home... But if i do bring her home sometimes for a whole day-- she can use my stuff/ oxygen bottles, etc., to breathe, and I always carry some in the truck too. Seems like there is always something to foul up my good, sunny, bright days [nasty old Satan too], and that is when we 'cling to our Bibles and faith in God Almighty [Jehovah] and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We may be dust in the wind-- but Jesus has made mansions for all BELIEVERS in heaven, and the Rapture is near! PTL.

So now my day is pretty much shot. I had hoped to travel to see Sharon again today and bring her what she requested... but then I would hit rush hour in the big city and it gets dark around 4:30PM these days. I found out that I have a low dose of cataracts of the eyes-- and on a scale of 1-10, the eye doc said I have number ONE. Shoot! The days of retirement and leisure are bunk for many of us, and some of my good friends are in bad financial straits right now too. But this is JUST THE BEGINNING, friends, and I would never brag if I had a little more than the neighbor or friends. Bible students KNOW about the future and much worse times while the Congress and the 'Chief' just goof around pretending that everything will somehow be alright....Ha! They are blinded by the devil, and waste time while 'Rome is burning'... some things just never change. "But you can be happy if you've a mind to.." "You can't roller skate in a buffalo herd."

Tom Schuckman

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Helen said:

Tom, My eye doc said never use water based products and gave me some samples of Systane. I liked them. Said they were oil based. I have now had both eyes done with Cataract removal.
I pray that Sharon will be able to come back home at least to spend the day sometimes.