Monday, February 28, 2011

Blury Eyes.

Tom's Journal.

It is time to start living as Christ demands! We all need to spread the
gospel and memorize the scriptures because a time is coming when we will
not be allowed to own a bible and most likely we will be on the street. --Mark Saitta,
one of my Christian friends.

Mark is a good writer and Christian friend of mine. Thank you, Mark!

Today... I am not crying or complaining-- just stating a few facts: It snowed
again last night and then the
sun came out and melted some-- turning it into slippery ice on the walks, etc.
I asked a good friend of mine, Joe vander Mullen, to come with me this
as my eye doctor [Debbie] dilated my pupils to examine the eyes better,
and everything
turned fuzzy and distorted. But |Joe is about 84 and his eyes are
not so good
either, so I ended up driving home, and we didn't visit Sharon like
I planned.
It just would not do any good for big Tom to fall down and brake
something else.
At least I had some good company to visit and talk to while driving,
but I am sorry that
I wasted his day. I am STILL fuzzy-eyed from 10:15AM appointment
so cut me some
slack if I made typos, please.

Well, at least it gives me more time to locate my old chess board, and BANG! --
I just found it not more than 5 feet away from my PC! I am trying to get
mind off her own troubles and stimulate her mind with chess and Bible

Unfortunate, but true, America COULD experience scary legislation
or 'executive order'
stripping us of our Bibles, etc., in the future-- and I KNOW that many
will say I am just
a crazy old man still re-living the war in Vietnam. But have we not
seen too much
already in America, kicking God out of schools, courts, and public
squares, etc??
I keep yelling at everyone: "The President could not do anything
except for the
Congress OK-ing it !! I suppose that violence and immorality are
the norm for our kids
now days, and just take a look at what is happening South of the border
-- many
killed, more than in actual war zones over seas! Some of us may be growing
blind physically, but MOST of America is 'spiritually blind' now. I have cited the
scriptures that prove this fact many times in this Blog... and there will
soon come a time
when Almighty God calls this message to a halt as the Great Tribulation begins.

I can trust very few people not to repeat certain things I tell them, and one
of them is
Brother Joe V, and Joe Belinger. As I said before, the term, "Christian" now
days, nothing but a 'Buzz Word.' Most so-called 'Christians' don't even know
Bible or care to do the reading/ study! When the real 'separating work'
comes to America
WHO WILL STAND ?? It's the same in the Army-- we are prepared for
battle, but

the real test is combat itself! Those of us who have experienced it
are a "Special

Class" of warriors. Even so, there will be more tests in the future.

Tom Schuckman


Heli gunner Tom said...

Mark H said:

Don't want to see this happen Tom , but at the same looking forward to the return of Christ
I count you as a good friend soldier and brother in Christ. Some people you know have should the test and I'm sure that you are among them.

(Col 3:2) Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

Heli gunner Tom said...

Staley said:

Thank you JESUS for giving my Brother and YOUR servant a worshipful day. I pray that Sharon was likewise blessed. I also thank YOU that today I am in much less pain and I do pray I can be the doorkeeper at the house were I worship Wednesday night. In YOUR name JESUS I pray. Amen

--- On Sun, 2/27/11, Thomas G. Schuckman wrote:

Heli gunner Tom said...

Bro. Wild Bill said:

Hello Tom;
What will I do if thay come to get my collection. My first reaction is to give them the ammo first and then try to talk to them. But , you know and I know what that ends up in , so I'm not sure what to say and you are probley right about it . Its probley more like when and not if....
Very difficult question and with my collection wo, I was planing on a bonus when I sold them. Its not going to be pretty when it happens , but I'm not sure that I wont to be a marter for the cause or not. I do think it is one of our most important rights. But, What would the Lord Say about this cause? If he say do not let them take them and defend the homestead I Will!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I will probley end up defending my ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Brother Bill