Thursday, March 31, 2011

Waiting in the Wings.

Tom's Journal.

I am very busy today with another 'doctor' appointment at the VA- Orthopedics, but not TOO busy to post this stuff!!  I like the bottom line where Heidi says that the 'Bride groom' has got to be near too, with all these 'events' coming to play.  You got to wonder HOW people can't 'SEE' these things happening in broad day light....' the new "U.S Dept of Peace", being set up in our country.... Ha!  OK, I know that most of us are not detectives-- but just connect the dots... lol!  Seems like the "World is a Chess game" and the king is cornered.  Bless all my friends today.

Tom Schuckman

Waiting in the Wings
by Heidi Swander
March 31, 2011

"According to the New Age/New Gospel, Christ is not a person.  It is an office. This New Age Gospel teaches that while Jesus of Nazareth occupied the office during His active ministry, He no longer holds that same position.  Today, the office of 'Christ' is occupied by someone else.  And this 'someone else' is presently in the process of establishing contact with humanity.  This 'Christ' intimates that he is already in the world awaiting mankind's call."  So says former New Ager Warren Smith in his new book, False Christ Coming, Does Anybody Care? 

The alleged immanency of this so-called "Christ" is another sign of our [end] times -- one that not many Christians know much about because it's being announced in circles that we don't frequent.  Warren goes on:  "This 'Christ' explains that his New Age/New Spirituality will unify the world's major religions and bring peace to the world."  This grandiose statement sounds an awful lot like Daniel's description of the "king of fierce countenance" (aka, the antichrist) that he refers to in Dan. 8:25: ". . . he shall magnify himself in his heart and by peace shall destroy many. . . "

Warren continues, "This 'reinvented' Christ teaches that all humanity is the body of Christ.  He, as the 'Christ,' is the head.  This 'Christ' states humanity's dilemma is that we have forgotten who we are.  We are not 'sinners' separate from God.  We are all part of the one body of Christ and the one body of God.  Salvation does not come by grace from accepting Jesus Christ as the Son of God.  Rather it is achieved -- when we accept ourselves as Christ and when we accept ourselves as God."

Where is Warren getting this information?  From the writings of people like Helen Schucman who transcribed A Course in Miracles for a demonic entity calling himself "Jesus" (lauded by Oprah Winfrey and her frequent guest Marianne Williamson); from the book, Conversations with God, written by Neale Donald Walsch, who allegedly wrote down actual conversations with an entity calling himself "God," but who contradicted pretty much everything God has already written in His Word; and from The Revelation, dictated to Barbara Marx Hubbard by an "inner voice" that came to her in 1966.  For decades the message has been sent that a time of renewal is "at hand."  And the world-at-large -- and even many who call themselves Christians -- are being drawn into the net of a false message, as if from Jesus Christ.  I believe we were warned about this.

Now Williamson, Walsch, Hubbard and other New Age devotees have joined forces to create The Peace Alliance (formerly called The Global Renaissance Alliance), an organization that describes itself as "a citizen-based network of spiritual activists."  Warren explains that this "Alliance was spearheaded by a high-level group of New Age/New Gospel advocates who appeared to be operating from a general blueprint channeled from the spirit world years ago by esotericist and occultist, Alice Bailey.  It is this organization that is campaigning for a new chair on the president's cabinet: a U.S. Department of Peace.  Can you even imagine what such a chair on the cabinet would represent?  Very probably a liaison with the false prophet and the man of sin, himself!

Interestingly, it was after 9/11 that these New Age/New Spirituality representatives found a wide and public platform for their message.  Several key New Age leaders from the former Global Renaissance Alliance "suddenly appeared on network shows that were directly related to the tragic events . . . All of them gave their spiritual perspective on September 11th and introduced their New Age/New Gospel ideas for creating peace" to the world.  The organization even created a handbook that included a guided meditation for world peace. 
In explaining how the New Age Peace Plan will be enacted, Warren explains that each person will be required to ". . . correct any 'misperception' that reinforces the idea that God, self, humanity, and the world are separate from one another.  All fear-based notions of separateness must be eliminated from their thoughts and actions.  No more separatist thoughts about sin, Satan, or Armageddon being real.  Only thoughts of God, love, and peace."

As I examined Warren's short and readable littleFalse Christ Coming book, I was overwhelmed with the fact that the enemy's plan is well-advanced.  Scripture verses on a one-world religion and the man who will believe he is God came rushing to mind.  As I said at the outset, this is a piece of the end-times puzzle that the average Bible-believing Christian knows little about.  But we really need to know.It encourages me -- really.  th week of Daniel so prevalent, then the appearance of our bridegroom must be near at hand!

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