Friday, April 29, 2011

Pray for Tornado Victims.

Tom's Journal.

One of my best friends, Steve and Barb B., had to high tail it back to Alabama [from WI] to help his mother-in-law, as the electricity was out and the freezer food was rotting back there from power outage/ storms.  They were supposed to come over to  my house to visit this aft, etc., but I totally understand their priorities back in Alabama, the most hardest hit State by twisters lately.  As I have safely predicted [I read my bible almost every day, and connect with smart Bible folks], this year of 2011 should be a ripping good year for all sorts of violent storms, fires, droughts, earthquakes, floods, etc., and perhaps riots, in the good old USA.  I suppose you all are growing pretty tired of me repeating myself-- so after this I just might keep things to myself about this subject matter.  

Years ago I would have smirked and called a person loony who said that natural disasters were 'linked' to harsh treatment of Israel by our national leaders, but I didn't study or know Bible prophecy either.  Now days, when some great storm passes though, I am looking for the "Who done it"-- smoking gun.  Translation:  What did that bum in the WH do or say now ??  And Congress and Secretaries of State also bare responsibility too.  After all, who is really running the show?  Who is the 'puppet master?'  Actually Bush, 1 and 2 started the ball rolling pushing Israel into 'land for peace' programs/ efforts, "Road Maps", so there's enough blame to go around...  just do your home work.

Hey guys, I pumped gas into my super Ram pick up truck a few hours ago for just $88., and that was only 3/4's of a tank needed to fill old Betsy u!!  Woo Woo!  Is that a bargain or what?!  Price: $4.09/ gallon in S.E. Wisconsin.  I took the hound dog with me to go shopping in Kenosha, WI., and he went ape in the back seat, licking my ears, sucking up to me so I would share what ever food I bought with him.... but I was so hungry that I ate both sandwiches, one hot beef, and the other a deli-type submarine, after we got home, and he had some dry dog food.   I am not a diabetic, but eating  lunch at noon, skipping breakfast, gives me a glucose/ carb  'high' shot, then makes me relaxed and sleepy.  I feel full, happy, content.  Old King Solomon had some good things to say about being well fed, enjoying good drink and being HAPPY -- for all our hard work!!  I can see myself serving in his grand Army... lol.  

It almost seems like good Christian - Veteran soldiers WAIT for disaster to happen so they can jump right in and help those in dire need.  "OK, Joe, I will be right over with my  4 by 4 Dodge pick up truck, gas, chain saw, generator, some hot food and cold soda pop on ice!"   Sounds like the "Good Old Days!"  Hey!  What are good friends for?

Please pray for a safe and gentle journey for my friends, Steve and Barb B.,  traveling home and for all others caught in the storms-- especially my Christian brothers and sisters, hundreds of them!

Tom Schuckman-- by the Vietnam Wall in D.C. -- about 1997.

We were Victorious.

Tom's Journal.

ATTENTION:  ALL VIETNAM VETERANS.  Watch this video so we can all learn the truth, and then share it with everyone else.  It's not just one man's word-- but the understanding and admission of the North Vietnamese Generals!   Let us set the record straight, and then 'move on' to God's Army.  Our main Tech Manual [TM] is the KJV Old Scofield Study Bible, and/ or the DEFINED KJV Bible.  

Pray for those who lost loved ones in the recent tornadoes in Alabama and five other states... and many lost everything they owned!   But every time the US Prez in the WH opens his mouth to attack/ hurt God's chosen race, Israel, I personally believe that we in America will experience more deadly storms and 'natural' disasters.  Read:  Genesis 12:3.  And the Congress is guilty too-- same old corrupt, greedy, lust for power, politics, IMHO.  

God Bless all my Christian brothers and sisters in the Lord!

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman    --Old Soldier Tom--  CuChi, RVN, age 19. 1968>>>

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Read, Study and Share.

Tom's Journal.

Folks,  Never begin with the word, "Sorry."  Be not apologetic for preaching, teaching, sharing the Word and the Gospel.  We are NOT peddlers of the Word-- we are Soldiers of Christ!  When a soldier goes into battle, he cannot be timid or cowardly, but he must be ready, physically, mentally, and emotionally, to engage the enemy.  I always relied on my Basic Training [Boot Camp] for courage,  at Fort Campbell, KY, and my knowledge from Fort Rucker [Aviation school--AIT], Alabama, in early 1968.  Please pray for those poor folks in Alabama who lost their family, homes and everything else with the violent storms/ tornadoes that touched ground yesterday and today April 27th.  Christians must rely on the Holy Spirit, but how are we to draw on knowledge unless we put 'something' correct and true into our brain box??  How can you draw money out of the bank unless you put something in before hand -- unless you are the US Gov't, or the Federal Reserve $$$.... lol !   And yes, it is much easier for me [and we] to watch TV or surf the Net, rather than crack open that fine Book of God, the Old Scofield KJV Bible, or the DEFINED KJV Bible!   See: 
~I feel those 2 fine Bibles are worth their weight in gold!

Friends,  I strongly feel that all pastors and Bible teachers [every Christian] ought to read, study and teach this following article about 'Left-leaning "Christian" ' infiltrating our churches right now.   They are spreading lies and dirt about Israel [and Bible loving Christians] and their God-given right to inherit the Promised Land that God gave them.   And I know that I have been posting many articles and subjects lately-- but these subjects are so timely and the hour is near.  Arm yourself with the SWORD... the Bible, even if you have to force yourself!  I have two literal swords at home, and both are very sharp weapons.  I respect them more than fire arms because they are so dangerous and lethal;  just one swing and off comes an arm or a head!  

Naming the full  proper names of the false teachers/ pastors is bold and lethal too, but it must be done to alert other Christians-- the same as if the Viet Cong or NVA were 'storming the wire' of our outer perimeter.  I was very alert and nervous when I had to pull night guard at Cu Chi, Vietnam in late '68, when I first got "in-country',  in total darkness, and I carried my M-16 on my hip with my right thumb on the selector switch.  Cu Chi was right on the border with Cambodia, and had been over run twice before I got there.  I stayed there for about 3 1/2 months before they sent me and 1/3 of the 20th Trans Co, to Bien Hoa Air Base, to reinforce a new  "ER" company of 'rustic' unlearned folks from Hagerstown, MD-- Army helicopters, Direct Support, where we got 'rocketed' regularly, and lost 3 buddies there on my first tour, living in tents for eight months.  A lot of us enjoyed our beer at the time, as I remember.  What a crazy time to be age  
Great, informative article and very BOLD!

Posted: 28 Apr 2011 12:48 PM PDT
By Jim Fletcher Prophecy Matters For some time, I have been raising the alarm that evangelical Christianity has been infiltrated by theological leftists. Among other things, this impacts our nation’s view of Israel.Recently, I was made aware of a movement of young evangelicals who are embracing what the British lecturer Paul Wilkinson calls “Christian Palestinianism.” Loosely, this means a

Who should we pray for?

Tom's Journal.

Folks,  I am not promoting the above video, but just throwing it out for discussion, and since I want to nail this puppy down for it's importance, it may take a few blog posts to get it all done.

The subject is:  "Should we pray for our Government, heads of State, Nation, America ?"   First off, we are told in the Bible to 'pray for the king' so that his laws will be favorable for us to practice our Christian Faith without threat of persecution, harassment, or malice, publicly or privately.  This is good and proper.  But recently, more false prophets, teachers, pastors with their own agendas have crept into the Christian congregations [the Church] with twisted schedules, thoughts, apostate agendas, paganism, One World Government mindsets, Dominion Theology, "Heaven on Earth", New Age baloney,  etc., so we ought to define these terms and EDUCATE the flock, although the Bible is quite clear that these things WILL come to be in the 'Last Days', thus all the warnings, but many are still trapped and duped.

For starters, there will be no 'Heaven on Earth' -- the two are separate, although one day the Earth will be transformed into a Paradise-- but thru God's hands only.  This pagan 'Earth Day' is a good example of the wrong thing getting injected into our minds and hearts-- and this year, Easter being not even mentioned, and squeezed out of the picture by an agent of the dark side, IMHO... who lives in the WH, who also took that holy time to further bash Israel, the 'apple of God's eye !'  And we wonder why we are having such horrific tornadoes down South with 250 already dead so far as of April 28th....  [Read the book:  AS AMERICA HAS DONE TO ISRAEL.]  I am convinced that Genesis 12:3 is still a very valid 'point' that is 'sticking' us [America] right now.  And Dominion Theology has to do with the incorrect, erroneous idea that somehow the Great Tribulation is already over, and Israel is is a non-starter, and irrelevant now days, so we must [supposedly] re-condition and clean up the world by ourselves, as our primary function and reason for living.  Fat chance, huh?  Glenn Beck makes that same mistake:  'that humans CAN govern and rule themselves.'  NO!  Humans CANNOT rule themselves!  For the last 6000 years God has made this issue crystal clear [read the book of Job] in His trial/ test with Satan-- that every form of human Gov't / Rule has fallen flat on it's face-- and the average longevity/ age for a civilization is about 200 years, and then they fall to another form of gov't.  God desires our rightful worship and reliance on Him to guild us, like a Father and son relationship, as  in the original Garden of Eden.  Satan disagreed with God, and here we are proving what happens when we act independently of God's Will-- just as Eve ate the forbidden fruit.   Folks, that's basically it, in a nut shell!  But few people on earth know or understand that one simple fact, and that's WHY it's so important for Christians to learn and share the GOSPEL!   To praise our holy God in heaven, magnify His holy name, and prove Satan a liar.   The devil claimed that humans are in the game solely for their own selfish desires-- their own skin, and indeed the scriptures tell that relatively few will go to heaven, or inherit the earth-- as we are all 'free moral agents' and not robots.  'GOD IS LOVE' -- but He is not one to be mocked, and there is a limit to His mercy and long suffering.

As Dirty Harry would say, "Do you feel lucky today, punk?"  Most people on earth would say, 'yes', and they refuse to bend knee to Jesus, and so they will perish.  Millions will enter heaven, we believe-- out of Billions 'Left Behind.'  We can and should pray that many more will accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, but God has His time piece and things will go down according to His Will... 'Let your kingdom come, let your will be done, on earth, also as it is in heaven.'  MOST folks don't yet understand that prayer... pity, and too few pastors either.  

I bet that there are hundreds of other fine Christian blogs that are mirroring the truth of the Bible-- but to know if they are or are not, we must at least know the basics of what is IN the Bible.  Satan is a brilliant general who is doing a great job of distracting the whole world with various means and wiles  so we don't "have time" to study the bible.  The rat race of just earning a living, entertainment, the poor world economy, hunger, disasters, immorality, drugs and drunkenness, famines, political strife and lies, you name it!   Satan is such a great liar and salesman that he peeled away one third of the angels of heaven to leave and rebel against  the Father, Jehovah.  Who will we stand for-- who's side will we line up on??  Prove it!  Words are cheap.    Share this post with others.
I love to get email and blog comments too.
Have a good day.

Tom Schuckman
Union Grove, WI   

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Divine Warning -- for Obama.

Tom's Journal.

Ever since I read that great book, 'AS AMERICA HAS DONE TO ISRAEL,' I've been subconsciously 'adding up' unusual weather patterns in the USA, like tornadoes, fires in TX, earthquakes that I believe will surely come this year, flooding, so the farmers can't plant their Spring crops, etc.  It may even snow a little tonight in Wisconsin where I live.  Let's just call it a hobby of mine-- but it all will add up if we have another poor harvest in America, and Russia has had poor wheat harvests too a few years in a row... plus the price of gas and diesel are about to drive food up thru the ceiling, mark my word!   Silver today was $46.8 / troy oz!!  

Yet, I love God all the more and consider myself a very blessed man, in spite of my usual complaining of body pain, etc... LOL.  I have everything a man could want, except better health-- but we should praise the Lord for what we have:  Life, and our Savior, Jesus Christ, with rewards in heaven!  Losing a loved one recently has made me want to visit all the other fellow Christians at church who are hospitalized or sick and needy.  Come to think of it-- Mother's Day is coming up soon!

I am now thinking about getting the left knee "fixed" -- complete, radical knee replacement, but NOT AT THE MILWAUKEE VA!  I would like to have the best surgeons at Milwaukee St. Luke's hosp. do me, if the pain and damage get unbearable.  But there is probably a long waiting line to get in. Pray for my good judgment and making the right move, please.  Now, I love where I attend church, but many of my friends there are older than me and cannot assist me physically, so I would be all on my own again after coming home from surgery and  Rehab.. and that's kind of scary, fear of falling and breaking my head... lol.  

If it ever stops raining here I would love to have someone till my veggie garden and help me plant it.  I know that I will end up giving most of it away, but I love watching it grow!  

I drove all the way to Kenosha in the rain today to buy some extra wide, comfortable socks, belt and black sweat pants, at Casual Male, and then got some more Popeye's chicken, rice, cole slaw, and biscuits, etc.  I gave a little bit to my peaceful hound dog, Deuce, the Rotty.  He loves his master and provider... Old Soldier Tom.

Warm Regards,

Posted: 27 Apr 2011 11:51 AM PDT
By Douglas J. Hagmann Northeast Intelligence Network Undoubtedly, you’ve already heard and read about the snubbing of Christians by Obama at Easter. We suspect, however, that others who have reported on this have not looked at the larger picture that is represented by this particular administration.Last Sunday was Easter, the most sacred holiday on the Christian calendar. Yet, you would never

TOM'S JOURNAL.---"The Man in the Door“.: Kingdom Now/ Dominion Theology - False Religion.

TOM'S JOURNAL.---"The Man in the Door“.: Kingdom Now/ Dominion Theology - False Religion.

Tom's Journal.

Kingdom Now/ Dominion Theology - False Religion.

Tom's Journal.

Here I am showing off about 12 years ago-- power lifter for most of my adult life.   Tommy Schuckman.

Let us set the record straight and clear the air-- DON'T GET SUCKERED IN, especially now!!  Kingdom Now [Baloney], and Dominion 'Theology', are straight out false religion, and all studied Bible loving Christian should know this-- yet many are being deceived and hooked like a big tuna [fish]!  I was just as surprised and dumb founded when some of my very best friends' church had banners over the church doors with "Purpose Driven Church" manure!  This is what happens when a church or pastor strays from the Word, the Bible, even for a second.  You can't drive your auto down I-94 in Wisconsin at 65 MPH and close your eyes either...  

To make yourself appear/ look better-- would you let you best friend walk around with a bug in his/ her hair or their clothes undone?  If not, why don't you try to FIX the problem, or fallacy , but if you feel too dumb or inexperienced-- why not study and bone up so you can??  There are plenty of good Links in the article, and I personally support this fine Christian web site. When our time comes to stand before the Lord, what lame excuse will we give for NOT doing the right thing at the right time?  And I truly wonder about how many "right times" we have left in this old Satanic system of things...   The article below is one subject I want to master, so I can teach the Truth to all who hunger and thirst for the real truth from the Scriptures.

Tom Schuckman
Heaven is my Home.    

Mixing Paganism with the Passion
                                         By Jan Markell
                                         April 27, 2011

A very special week was hijacked by the environmental movement last week. What is known as Earth Day landed on the same day as Good Friday, so our crucified Lord had to share the spotlight that day. And if you think this was only the typical antics of the religious Left, think again. Evangelicals have now jumped into this arena. The cause of caring for God's creation is our responsibility, although we cannot "save the planet" as many herald. Should conservative Christians really be making the theological leap that it was significant that both observances were placed on the calendar on the same day?

The Episcopal Church issued a statement last week saying that the two events on the same day had "profound significance." Additionally, the statement read, "On the day we mark the crucifixion of Christ, let us remember that when Earth is degraded and species go extinct, a part of God's body experiences a different type of crucifixion and another way of seeing and experiencing God is diminished."

Dr. Mark Tooley of the Institute for Religion and Democracy weighed in stating what many evangelical leaders should have been saying. He states, "Shouldn't churches instead focus on explaining the Good News made possible on Good Friday to a broken world in need of redemption? These church agencies seem only to echo secular environmentalists. Shouldn't churches have a more powerful message during Christianity's most momentous week of the year?"

I agree, and thus I am troubled that one evangelical organization has a blog entry stating that "Earth Day and Good Friday Go Together." The writer states, "It is especially fitting that Earth Day happens to coincide with Good Friday this year. As we contemplate both the crucifixion of Jesus and the current state of the creation He died to save, an appropriate call to action has come out of the Cape Town Commitments." The writer then lifts a quote from that recent event which says, "Love for God's creation demands that we repent for our part in the destruction, waste, and pollution of the earth's resources and our collusion in the toxic idolatry of consumerism."

Wait a minute! Repent for our part in the waste and pollution of earth's resources? What about repenting just from blatant sin?

I, however, do applaud the Evangelical Environmental Network for their statement, saying that, "Since sin is the root cause of our environmental and social crises, there is ultimately no answer to these problems apart from Christ and what He did on the cross."  I am not in agreement with their belief that Earth Day and Good Friday go together as Good Friday should cause us to only reflect on the suffering Savior who died that man might have eternal life. The nails in His hands had nothing to do with healing the planet, as more liberal outfits stated last week.

While true believers who are on the environmental bandwagon may not buy into the principles outlined in the environmental bible called The Environmental Handbook, you still need to know what this publication pushes. I suspect the religious Left has no problem with this prayer found in the book, "Mother, Father, God, Universal Power -- remind us daily of the sanctity of all life. Touch our hearts with the glorious oneness of all creation as we strive to respect all the living beings on this planet. Penetrate our souls with the beauty of the Earth as we attune ourselves to the rhythm and flow of the seasons. Awaken our minds with the knowledge to achieve a world in perfect harmony and grant us the wisdom to realize that we can have Heaven on Earth."

No, we cannot have Heaven on Earth unless you believe in Kingdom Now/Dominion Theology which teaches that. Dominionism is a false teaching. The world is too corrupted by the Fall in the Garden to have even a ounce of perfection.

A Lutheran Pastor in Abilene, Texas says, "Good Friday was Earth's greatest day, and try as we may to inspire awareness and appreciation for this earth, this promise about Earth's renewal is awesome."

The Bible says nothing about "Earth's renewal." It says a lot about Earth's ultimate judgment.

But the good folks at Blessed Earth: Serving God and Saving the Planet, had hoped we would wake up on Earth Day with a whole new spirit of serving God and saving the planet. They state, "I found God's Holy Spirit is convicting and calling Christians from all over the world to repent for the damage we have done, and to care for God's Earth."  

Again, we repent from sin, not from what we might have done to the planet. There is no more appropriate week during the year to get right with God than Easter week. Repenting from the damage we have done to the environment on Good Friday is misplaced passion. Statements like that above just further reveals how the world has entered the church.

Here is a liturgical service from an Earth Day/Good Friday service. While evangelicals would never go to this extreme, you need to know what is out there.

Make no mistake that Earth Day does represent a "religion." It is the religion of "Mother Earth." This is not the kind of a belief system that evangelicals have paid much attention to until the last 15 years. The Green Bible boasts that there are far more references to Earth than to Heaven. That fact, even if accurate, shouldn't bestow sacredness and providence that Earth Day and Good Friday were on the same day in 2011.  

As I write this, millions are perishing and headed to the wrong place for eternity. All the "signs of the times" tell us that the hour is very late. The passion of the cross is to remind us that our Lord's literal passion was souls. No Christian  finds recklessness with the creation acceptable. All of our hearts broke at the sight of pelicans saturated in oil in the Gulf last year. But there are some, heavily on the religious Left, who need to understand that we can only redeem the planet from the Fall with the Lord's return.

For balanced information on the environment, we highly recommend The Cornwall Alliance. Director Cal Beisner is my frequent radio guest.  

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Awaiting His return,

Jan Markell

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wh Enters.

Tom's Journal.

First rain-- then sun and wind today, but we'll take it!  'This is the day that the Lord has made, and we shall be glad in it !' I wish I could reflect that joy and happiness/ good spirit EVERY day like some of my fellow Christian bloggers and FB friends.  Hey-- I'm working on it... lol.

I usually make a list of things 'to-do' and what I need to buy to keep up with normal life, but have been getting outside less and traveling less too-- as I have changed.  I guess a lot changes when a guy is in mourning  for a loved one.  And now I have to worry about my dear old Mom in her mid-80's who suffers from things common to humans, like arthritis, BP, etc. It would be very hard for me to tolerate another loss right now, and I call her every single day.  She is not a Believer, but real Christians are charged with taking care of their parents, no matter what -- it is our DUTY!  Mom is afraid of death -- I am NOT [and we all know why, don't we].  

It took too long for me to really look in the mirror and understand that my best efforts and accomplishments are but filthy rags to the Lord-- sinner that I am.  The only thing that we can brag about IS how holy and merciful God is by sending us His Son, Jesus, so that we are now redeemed  by His ransom blood.  Jesus said, 'what good is it to gain the world but then lose  eternal life in heaven..?'  

The 'sharp point'-- article below got my attention when the man explained that so many people still have many questions about the Millennium, because few pulpits teach the truth of the Bible about that subject!  I figure that either the preachers/ teachers lack courage, knowledge, or the Holy Spirit-- take your pick.  Sad...because they bare much responsibility for the welfare of their flocks.  I pretty much know these things, but it's good for me to review and catch the little pearls that lie within.   

As for begging the VA to check out the trouble in my back, again, it's a toss up whether I want to undergo more surgery, or hope that the Rapture comes soon... Ha!  I know that my 'quality of life' is gone, and I am just a broken down war horse-- and so much for our "golden retirement years".. lol.  Old folks used to die in their 50's and 60's, but now days we run the risk of out living our money and retirement $$.  That is also  partially why our Social Security is in trouble now, besides pure theft by Congress-- so called "lock box."  Better living through chemistry and drugs--- not really.  I really wouldn't call nursing homes, quality of life, after having seen what poor Sharon had to put up with, fear and abuse from staff, etc., and lousy food.  That is why it's so important for a 'patient advocate' to check in on your loved ones as often as possible.  At least we got one bum [male supervisor of a  nursing wing] fired!  He won't be hurting, abusing, intimidating any other poor, old, defenseless patients. I guess it takes a combat Veteran to fight for the defenseless patients, and I took enough abuse myself from people even from my own church concerning that battle.   The Holy Spirit helped me.


Posted: 26 Apr 2011 07:28 AM PDT
By Dr. Tony Garland Q. I am listening to your audio teaching on Revelation. There are a few things I do not understand with respect to your views.According to Revelation, at the second coming, all unbelievers will be killed (Rev. 19:17-21). This will be a massive slaughter. The blood will flow all over the world (Rev. 14:20).At the same time all sleeping saints will be raised

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dwelling on Past Mistakes.

Tom's Journal.

The below short article was a 'biggie' for me, and the reason I am posting it is because I know that many others lose sight of the biblical reality of this truth that bears repeating.  

I just read the Milwaukee morning News on-line to see all the violence and shootings last night, etc.  I expect this to happen when Springtime and Summer are here and all the cockroaches come out of the wood work.  And there will be plenty of house fires now too as the Energy Companies shut off the heat for those bums who don't pay their bills all Winter, so they start fires in the kitchen sink or use the oven to heat the house....duh.  What I am getting at is that we can EXPECT to see more violence and it WON'T get better!  This is depressing, but we must keep our "eyes on the prize!"  So much for 'Easter Sunday'...

For this reason,  it's so important to help others of like Faith/ Believers, besides sharing the Gospel of salvation to others in the world.  But we must also stand next to Jesus Christ and study the Word daily to remain strong.  A constant supply of good 'food' --Scripture is the best cure for the blues and depression, IMHO.  
   Well, my daughter, Barb, is here now to help and visit with me.  Got to go


Q. Like you, I believe in my heart that the rapture is very near.  While I know that the best of this life cannot begin to compare with what the Lord has prepared for us, and am excited about His soon return, I find myself at the same time depressed over the wasted time, misplaced [...]

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Resurrection Day.

Tom's Journal.

Can you believe that I have 1015 Blog posts already??  I should have learned a lot from just researching, looking up facts and data, Scriptures, etc., and studying writing techniques in college books, etc., and comments/ corrections from friends and readers!  

Human nature is something that always intrigued me since I was young.   Why do people do and say the things they do, including me.  I get tired of peoples' l am tired of lame  excuses and bail outs for not admitting that they just frail humans and sin like every other imperfect man or woman alive!  What the heck is wrong with telling the simple, unadulterated TRUTH?  People are scared of the term SIN!  Too many pastors and teachers just scratch that word out of their dictionary and verbal usage!  Obama, and most every other President usually shift the blame so they don't look so human... lol.  But those of us with an IQ of over 70 can see their lies.  If we REALLY claim to be biblical Christians and actually READ THAT BOOK, why in the world are we clinging to human leaders??  Yes, we hope and pray that what ever leader is in power [that we elected.. Ha!] will govern with wisdom and Constitutional reason, but we ought to know better, just like King Saul, they will pretty much do what they [and the "Kings makers" dictate] want after they get in office.  If you can understand this basic principle-- why not totally put your trust in JESUS??  After all, we claim to be CHRISTIANS, right?  Read the Book!  If you want, I can quote scripture all day and night, but will that give you faith and reason?  Did Jesus' miracles bring all the people into God's fold?  

God, PTL, gave me the perception to read other peoples' 'mannerisms' and body language, and when my mom and sister Linda were over there yesterday at my modest home, I could sue sense intense electricity in the air, and if I wasn't talking there was dead silence.  I won't go into the details, etc., but IF everyone really had the Holy Spirit, it would not have been that way!  Period.  Well, what do you expect from un-believers.  

Please tell me and comment:  Am I expecting too much to accept others' "yes mean yes, and their no mean no?"  People promise to do one thing, but now days with cell phones and email, they don't even bother to call if they are not coming over to visit at a certain time, or day.  Oh... but they know that we Christian MUST forgive them,what ever they do wrong, don't they?  Or am I just too "Old School ?"  Unfortunately, many unbelievers are keepers of their word than so-called 'Christians.'

But my Resurrection Day [Easter] was a good one and church was very good with the brotherhood and friendship.  PTL.  I may just sleep late tomorrow.  I am feeling better today.
Got to let the dog out now.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday and Sunny.

Tom's Journal.

I am trying to catch my breath and rest up before putting the groceries away and making lunch.   Happy to have a fine, brave Rottweiler here to entertain me, Deuce.

I went to the Credit Union this morn to close Sharon's account-- had her death certificate on hand, but the bimbo seemed to be too lazy to help me, and I was irritated.  She then messed up by NOT putting some transferred funds in my checking account  as I asked, but gave me cash instead.  What part of King's English didn't she understand while I was sitting in a very uncomfortable chair made for 'skinny people' - LOL?  I was in such pain that I just went in my truck and drove around the drive-thru to take care of the rest of my business.  I have had plenty of ill mannered, goofy people there in the past, but been banking there for some 30 years.  Oh well... just venting for a minute, and writing is a stress reliever and therapeutic for me.

I heard that the holidays are the worst time for people who are alone.  I can't and won't expect much from the local church because I am old and smart enough to understand human nature and the unlikelihood of folks "leaving their comfort zone."  That's just the way it is on earth-- and we all know from the Bible reading that things WILL/ MUST GET WORSE.  All the Christian radio folks tell this profound truth every day!  "The love of the greater number will wax [grow] cold."  I am very, very casually looking for older Christian ladies to talk and visit, perhaps, but certainly don't plan to jump into another relationship-- and our time on earth is short--think: RAPTURE.   I would probably be lost with out my PC, but I have been a good letter writer/ snail mailer in the past before I discovered PC's.  If I have trouble walking-- I am limited in how much I can get out-- besides church and shopping.  I will see the VA Ortho clinic in a week about my feet and legs.  The knee replacement surgery in Dec. didn't seem to help too much..Ha!  And they promised that I would be skipping thru the park with out any pain... what a sad joke... what a bungled plan... what a lie! 

I been praying a lot lately and plan to settle down in my EZ chair and devour my new Scofield Study Bible that my close friend, 'RobinHood', from  SC, sent me in the mail a few weeks ago-- fellow soldier and door gunner in 'Nam.  If I had the money and health I would climb in the truck and visit him and a few other Vet buddies. Most of us have those old nick names from when we were in Vietnam, and they just stick with you as an ID/ respected badge of honor.  I don't want to live in the past but those WERE the 'good old days.'  But now, where would we be without Jesus, our Lord and Savior, now that our eyes and hearts are opened?!  ... On the 'highway to hell' like most of the earth's inhabitants, sorry to say.  And to think that the 'Great Tribulation' will be a million times worse than it is right now in April 2011 !  Hello!  I am not just blowing my own horn or opinion-- every born again, Saved, Bible loving Christian that I see or hear is telling the same TRUTH!  I am not the only "Chicken Little" anymore.   I am so thankful that I 'made it' and now have to watch my walk.

I made lots of friends on FaceBook from all over the world, PTL.  Sharon had a long time friend from the Netherlands, named Fred, who was into fancy show cats too, which Sharon bred, raised and showed, and he just heard the sad news about her a few days ago.  So sorry, dear Fred and mom.  Sharon was into so many Orgs and activities, like the ADA- American Disabilities Act, Rottweilers Rescue Sites on-line, etc, etc., and I let her have her way in this regard.  I also gave her the entire upstairs of my house as her own sewing room where she made most of her clothes.   She was a great cook and had a good sense of humor, and found me very entertaining with my jokes and capers.  I scratched her back and she scratched mine.  I certainly miss that.

Time to get crackin'!  Time to relax now.  I wish all my sincere hopes that we all cherish the real meaning of:  'HAPPY RESURRECTION  DAY!'   Easter is really a pagan term [the Teutonic goddess of Spring or fertility?], and what do rabbits and eggs have to do with Christ's torture and death on a cross?  
Have a great day.

Warm Regards,


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Veterans Must Help Each Other.

Tom's Journal.

Even as we Christians already KNOW and UNDERSTAND the Truth of the Bible, it's nice to 'bounce' our feelings off other Believers, and this is what I do sometimes, plus I like to visit and encourage others too.  I am very blessed [ we don't like to use the term 'lucky' too much because of the pagan and occult implications] to have a double fistful of mature friends who will give me their wise, advice and  opinions, mostly shaped by God's Word, and also their military/ combat background.  We are a 'Band of Brothers.'

Many of us have family members/ relation, who have some serious problems and challenges that go beyond our Adamic sinful nature, like alcoholism, DUI's, drugs, over spending, lack of financial and asset management skills, recklessness, stiff- necked, stubborn, bad attitudes, short tempers, etc., and indeed many of US had those same problems when we were young and just a little bit crazy.  Patriotic combat Veterans are very special people, but we paid a huge price in contracting/ acquiring  PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder], Agent Orange, certain dysfunctions, nightmares, flash backs, hyper vigilance, nervousness, depression, problems with relationships, etc., and that also lowers our life expectancy.  The high Gov't  "leaders' and  bought off VA officials [IMHO] who never had enough below their belts to serve like we did, are the same bums who keep trying to cut our Veteran's/ VA Benefits and awards!  To them I say, BACK OFF and go jump in the Lake, bums!  We are dying too young anyway, so let us live our short lives in dignity!  And our own gov't is also trying to strip us of our 2nd Amendment Rights!  Shame on them!

I believe that most of us Veterans tried hard to live a good life, train our kids to respect what is good and sacred-- many of us found the Lord God of the Bible, and have that heavenly hope by the merits of the ransom blood of Jesus Christ, PTL!  People love to condemn us for our wild past, but God doesn't see us that way.  When we truly accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior, ALL is forgiven, and we work hard to share the Gospel all over the earth!  

We share our stories and lives with others we can trust, or failures and challenges that took a life time to correct, and the trouble our errant children get into.  Please let me take the time now to ask my friends to pray and set a good example to my own 3 kids so that they will also 'see the light of heaven,' repent and mature as Christian soldiers in these terrible times of fear, hostility, economic stress and corruption in America.  Both political parties are guilty, corrupt, greedy and on the highway to hell, IMO.  The ONLY One we can trust is the God of the Bible, and we can't remain neutral much longer!  It might be a good idea to pass this blog post along to our respective children.  If not now-- then when??

I feel that I am making some head way in my continuing emotional healing and adjustment to Sharon's passing away, but combat Vets know how important it is to grieve.  Not that I am looking already, but down the road, I might need some advice in seeking closer friends, ladies, just to talk to and visit... if God allows it.  But I am NOT looking to jump into something in the future, as I have been burned many times in the past.  I don't want to complicate my life too much right now, and I am disabled-- hard to walk far.  Your comments are very welcome.

Warm Regards,
Union Grove, WI  -- land of cheese and over taxed. 

Q. In a recent answer you quoted Amos 3:7, “Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.”  The question that came to mind is- does the principle in Amos 3:7 apply to warnings from the Lord, by means of his servants, that the rapture is very near or [...]

Israel will Prevail.

Tom's Journal.

Actually,  I like to watch Charles Krauthammer every week day night at 5PM-- Fox News, but here is one time when that wise old gentleman is WRONG.  You know what, friends?  A seasoned, mature, well- read Christian can usually tell an 'UN-believer' a mile away-- just by what he says!  Christian have their own, "Bible-Speak"/ language, and our brains are sort of 'hard wired' so that a red flag goes up when ever someone speaks lies/ falsehoods or deception or even mistakes.  So... when some poor ignorant 'wanna-be', or unbeliever says something like:  'Oh, I will just jump on over to Jesus' side quickly when the Rapture comes...'  --we all know that he is full of himself and gravely in danger of being left behind!  But Mr. Krauthammer is a good man, IMO;  He is just wrong on this subject.  If it takes TIME to get to know another human being-- it surely takes time to digest the Bible- to know God and Jesus Christ!  People with a true heart who love God will MAKE the time to STUDY the Bible on a daily basis! I freely admit that I am NO BETTER than any other human being-- and a sinner.  The ONLY thing I have going for me is my relationship with Jesus Christ, my personal Lord and Savior.  It's as simple as that!  True, only God knows our heart and intentions, and we can and should repent of our sins daily, but we use the term "SAVED" to mean that we have taken that all important step to ACCEPT the Lord Jesus in the fullest sense of the word, and try hard to change our life for the better.  Without reading/ studying the Word-- the Bible, how can we know what God expects of us?? Since there are many false prophets, teachers and pastors in the world-- in the churches-- knowing the Word is so important, especially in these 'Last Days.'

I am getting more work done today-- another cold, rainy day that is perfect for calling Chrysler to report a deceased spouse and get info changed to reflect that.  My bones and joints are like a barometer-- in that they let me know what the weather is like outside when any moisture comes our way... lol.  Actually, many doctors say that Wisconsin is the worst state for folks with arthritis!  But most of my family and friends live here, and so I will tough it out and remain here.  I think that I am too old and crippled to move and start over, as most of the time I can barely walk.  One of these days in S.E. WI., the air temps will jump from chilly 30's up to the 80's, and Summer will be here!

Time to eat some oranges-- and I love fresh fruit!  I want to thank Walt Weber's family for sending me some fresh pears a week ago, and I have been eating them every day-- so juicy that I need a bib.  Please continue to pray for Walter Weber-- the door gunner-- with my old Army aviation company [240th AHC- BearCat, RVN] over in Vietnam: 69-70, for a steady recovery after emergency surgery for a bleeding heart, and high BP problems a week ago.

Warm Regards,

Posted: 18 Apr 2011 11:53 AM PDT
By Jim Fletcher Prophecy Matters An extremely interesting interview with political pundit Charles Krauthammer has shed light on the implications of a potential Palestinian state — a possible reality that Christian Zionists, among others, find repulsive.Krauthammer, a perceptive political observer, essentially said that by signing the Oslo Accords, Israeli accepted the Palestinian narrative and

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday-- Tax Day.

Tom's Journal.

I feel like I got some things done today, finally... my accountant mailed out my taxes TODAY!  What a royal pain, and I get a tight stomach every tax season, but this year getting a little bit back.... YES!  I spent most of the day trying hard to cancel, delete Sharon's FaceBook accounts, cell phone, Chrysler Humana medical acct's, doctors, Car Insurance, etc., to clear up and inform them of my dear wife's passing away.   Still, I need more savvy friends to come over to my house and correct/ fix things since Sharon took care of  so many delegated jobs, filing, sorting and business.  It's like a competent legal secretary getting up and leaving without any prior notice... but we all believe that Sharon is in much greener pastures now!

Not crying in my beer, just stating a few facts;  Most of my good friends are either still working on their respective jobs- with families, or retired and somewhat disabled to help me in a physical way, or they live hundreds of miles away.  Our church/ congregation is mostly of the 'older set' -- like me, age 62, and most are advanced in age and disabled.  They are very friendly and cordial, but un-able to do heavy lifting, etc.  I am only playing/ entertaining the thought of selling my 100 year old house in the boon docks and moving back NEAR Kenosha, where I have more old friends that I have known during the past 30 some years or so, co-workers at Chrysler and other places, military/ Veteran orgs and chapters, etc.  But at this stage of the game, the Rapture might come soon, the economy is kaput, and selling houses is at an all time low, so I really don't know if I want to take the chance/ take the gamble of "jumping out of the pan-- and into the fire."  I HATE moving!  Since I am crippled/ disabled, I would have to depend on, trust every moving detail to other people who might not care whether they bust up my stuff or not.  I would have to give up my back yard, garage, small wood shop, and garden, and maybe my noble hound dog, "Deuce" who watches over me, and is my good friend.

I just put a $40 piece of lamb in the slow cooker with some garlic, etc. and need to add a cut up onion and carrots, and might have to eat some tomorrow as it's too late in the day.  I should have put the animal in the MORNING, but couldn't get my legs and back to work.  The will and spirit are there, but the 'flesh is weak.'  I am NOT giving up, but I realize that the surgery was some how botched, in my humble opinion, and I have to live with it without complaining!  I realize that the Milwaukee VA has saved many lives and helped thousands of Vets, but not everyone heals as they should-- although I AM a fast healer,  I just can't bounce back like I usually do.

We got a few inches of heavy, wet snow in S.E. Wisconsin, and that surprised me, and my back yard is turning into a quagmire.  Typical Wisconsin Spring, but  we thank the Lord for EVERY day of life He gives us.  He didn't promise us a rose garden with servants and drinking vessels made of pure gold.

My mind and heart [emotions, and out look] have indeed changed in the past week, and I see the world differently now.  Seems like an empty, rat race world filled with selfishness, greed, immorality and FEAR!   I am afraid to get into another relationship-- but I should move around and make more friends so that I don't feel so isolated and alone.   it's hard to find REAL Christians who are not thinking about how much and what they can get out of  a relationship, or how to rip you off, and then split out the back door.   I have had people move out in the middle of the night while I was welding on the job in another city close by on 2nd shift!  I know a few others who were 'cleaned out' and left 'high and dry.'  And we should all KNOW by now that the term "Christian" is only a buzz word to be thrown around casually and mis-used.    

My old mantra:  "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." ~Philippians 1:21.  We need the Holy Spirit to help us stay the course -- with this 'church age' being in the eleventh hour, when Israel could erupt in a huge war [with "major WMD's"]  that will decimate her malicious Muslim neighbors... so the Bible tells me.  Heck!  America won't protect Israel and they know it!!  Listen!  Bible prophecy always comes true-- and "God cannot lie." ~Titus 1:2.   I fear missing that "Freedom Bird"[all Vietnam know what 'freedom bird']   going to heaven and being "Left Behind" because I didn't stay the course and got side tracked, falling into temptation.  I honestly think that God is 'handicapping me' right now to 'keep me out of trouble'... lol.  The Lord knows our hearts better than we do.  Tommy Schuckman-- on the Left with dark brown hair.  My good buddy, Walter E. Weber, took this picture and sent it to me about 25 years latter, out of the blue!  This pic is at the 240th AHC BearCat EM Club-- watering hole,and we were always thirsty in that hot tropical climate.  Ha!  The Army told us that we were going to a "Tropical Paradise,"  Those were the good old days-- with the 'good ole boys.'  Real friendship never dies.

Warm Regards, dear Friends and Readers,
Tom Schuckman
Great New Song:

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Say :NO" to any Veterans' Care Cuts.

Tom's Journal.

This news really 'trips my trigger...'  Please share this post with every Veteran that you know, plus your State Reps.  Thank you.

Tom Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70. 

VA Care End Eyed for 1.3 Million Vets
Tom Philpott | April 07, 2011
Budget Panel Eyes End to VA Care for 1.3 Million Vets
The House Budget Committee, chaired by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), has told a veterans' group it is studying a plan to save $6 billion annually in VA health care costs by canceling enrollment of any veteran who doesn't have a service-related medical condition and is not poor.
Committee Republicans, searching for ways to curb federal deficits and rein in galloping VA costs, are targeting 1.3 million veterans who claim priority group 7 or 8 status and have access to VA care.
Priority group 8 veterans have no service-connected disabilities and annual incomes, or net worth, that exceed VA means-test thresholds and VA "geographic income" thresholds, which are set by family size.
Priority Group 7 veterans also have no service-connected disabilities and their incomes are above the means-test thresholds. But their incomes or net worth fall below the geographic index. In other words, because of where they live, in high cost areas, they likely struggle financially.
Joseph Violante, national legislative director for Disabled American Veterans, said he first learned of the committee's interest in possibly narrowing access to VA clinics and hospitals from a DAV member from Wisconsin, chairman Ryan's home state.
Violante and other DAV officials arranged their own meeting with a staff member for the committee. He confirmed growing interest in a cost-saving initiative to push priority 7 and 8 veterans out of VA health care.
As this budget committee staffer reminded Violante, proponents for opening VA health care to all veterans had argued it would be cost neutral to VA. That's because VA would charge these vets modest co-payments for their care. Also VA would bill these veterans' private health insurance plans for the cost of their VA care.
That argument from 1996 turned out to be wrong. Co-payments collected from low-priority veterans and private insurance plan billings today cover only 18 percent of the cost of care for group 7 and 8 veterans. By 2009, the annual net cost to VA to treat these veterans totaled $4.4 billion or 11 percent of VA's annual medical appropriation.
The figures come from the Congressional Budget Office's annual report to Congress, "Reducing the Deficit: Spending and Revenue Options." Among options it presented this year to the new Congress for reducing VA spending is one to close enrollment in VA care for all veterans in groups 7 and 8 and to cancel the enrollment of veterans currently in two low priority groups.
CBO said this would save VA $62 billion in the first 10 years, from 2012 to 2021. But the net savings to the government over the same period, CBO said, would be about half that amount. That's because many of the veterans bumped from VA are old enough or poor enough to use Medicare or Medicaid, which would drive up the cost of those programs.
We asked a committee spokesman for comment, both by e-mail and voice mail, but none came in time for this column's deadline.
Until the mid-1990s, VA had denied health care to priority 7 and 8 veterans. Congress changed that during the Clinton administration, enacting the Veterans' Health Care Eligibility Act of 1996. The law directed VA to build many more clinics across the country. To ensure enough patients to fill these clinics, the VA secretary was given authority to expand care eligibility.
The ban on group 7 and 8 veterans was ended by 1999. Over the next three years their enrollment climbed to 30 percent of total enrollees. By 2003, then-VA Secretary Anthony Principi stopped allowing any more group 8 enrollments, saying their numbers strained the system for higher priority veterans, including wounded returning from Afghanistan and Iraq.
It's possible that, in sharing what the budget committee eyed do to lower VA health costs, the professional staffer assumed DAV would embrace cancellation of 7 and 8 enrollments because few DAV members would be impacted. But Violante said DAV is concerned, for two reasons.
One, some DAV members separated from service with disabilities rated at 0 percent do have access to VA health care as group 7 or 8 veterans.
A bigger concern for his members, Violante said, is that tossing 1.3 million veterans from VA care would leave the system without the "critical mass" of patients needed to provide "a full continuum of care."
DAV officials worried that an initiative to narrow VA enrollment would be included in the House Republican budget plan unveiled this week. Ryan titled it "Path to Prosperity" and the full committee endorsed it on a straight party line vote April 6. The budget package, however, doesn't mention any change to enrollment eligibility nor call for significant cuts to VA budgets. Violante said DAV wants to talk House committees out of taking any action to reduce VA enrollment.
CBO presented pros and cons for cancelling 7 and 8 enrollments. An advantage is VA could refocus services on "its traditional group of patients -- those with the greatest needs or fewest financial resources."
It noted 90 percent of group 7 and 8 enrollees had other health care coverage, either Medicare or private insurance. So the "vast majority" cut loose would have ready access to other coverage. Those who don't could be eligible for health insurance exchanges to be set up in the future said CBO.
One disadvantage is that many veterans who have come to rely on VA for at least part of their medical care would see that care interrupted.
The Obama administration and Congress actually had been moving in the opposite direction, to expand VA enrollment, until Republicans won the House. As Obama took office in 2009, VA announced that up to 266,000 veterans with no service-connected health conditions would be allowed to enroll in VA health care. Rep. Chet Edwards (D-Texas) had fought successfully to add $350 million to the 2009 VA budget so income thresholds controlling priority 8 enrollments could be raised 10 percent.
Edwards lost his reelection bid last year. And new priority 8 enrollees haven't rushed to join the system as VA officials had expected.
Group 8 and 7 veterans using VA care pay $15 per outpatient visit and a little more for specialty care. Inpatient fees also are modest. The most popular benefit for many enrollees is discounted prescription drugs. The co-pay usually is $8 for a 30-day supply.
 Tim Tetz with American Legion said his organization and many veterans groups would strongly oppose tossing out group 7 and 8 veterans. He credits their enrollment since 1999 as helping to improve VA care.
"If as great of a health care system as we have, shouldn't we let all of our veterans have access to it, in some manner," Tetz asked.
While deficit hawks weigh this issue, VA still is enrolling new group 8 veterans who fall below its income thresholds. Those without dependents and living outside high-cost areas, for example, must have income below a means test threshold of $32,342. More information on group 8 enrollment is online at or call (877) 222-VETS (8387).
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