Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Resurrection Day.

Tom's Journal.

Can you believe that I have 1015 Blog posts already??  I should have learned a lot from just researching, looking up facts and data, Scriptures, etc., and studying writing techniques in college books, etc., and comments/ corrections from friends and readers!  

Human nature is something that always intrigued me since I was young.   Why do people do and say the things they do, including me.  I get tired of peoples' l am tired of lame  excuses and bail outs for not admitting that they just frail humans and sin like every other imperfect man or woman alive!  What the heck is wrong with telling the simple, unadulterated TRUTH?  People are scared of the term SIN!  Too many pastors and teachers just scratch that word out of their dictionary and verbal usage!  Obama, and most every other President usually shift the blame so they don't look so human... lol.  But those of us with an IQ of over 70 can see their lies.  If we REALLY claim to be biblical Christians and actually READ THAT BOOK, why in the world are we clinging to human leaders??  Yes, we hope and pray that what ever leader is in power [that we elected.. Ha!] will govern with wisdom and Constitutional reason, but we ought to know better, just like King Saul, they will pretty much do what they [and the "Kings makers" dictate] want after they get in office.  If you can understand this basic principle-- why not totally put your trust in JESUS??  After all, we claim to be CHRISTIANS, right?  Read the Book!  If you want, I can quote scripture all day and night, but will that give you faith and reason?  Did Jesus' miracles bring all the people into God's fold?  

God, PTL, gave me the perception to read other peoples' 'mannerisms' and body language, and when my mom and sister Linda were over there yesterday at my modest home, I could sue sense intense electricity in the air, and if I wasn't talking there was dead silence.  I won't go into the details, etc., but IF everyone really had the Holy Spirit, it would not have been that way!  Period.  Well, what do you expect from un-believers.  

Please tell me and comment:  Am I expecting too much to accept others' "yes mean yes, and their no mean no?"  People promise to do one thing, but now days with cell phones and email, they don't even bother to call if they are not coming over to visit at a certain time, or day.  Oh... but they know that we Christian MUST forgive them,what ever they do wrong, don't they?  Or am I just too "Old School ?"  Unfortunately, many unbelievers are keepers of their word than so-called 'Christians.'

But my Resurrection Day [Easter] was a good one and church was very good with the brotherhood and friendship.  PTL.  I may just sleep late tomorrow.  I am feeling better today.
Got to let the dog out now.


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