Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Israel will Prevail.

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Actually,  I like to watch Charles Krauthammer every week day night at 5PM-- Fox News, but here is one time when that wise old gentleman is WRONG.  You know what, friends?  A seasoned, mature, well- read Christian can usually tell an 'UN-believer' a mile away-- just by what he says!  Christian have their own, "Bible-Speak"/ language, and our brains are sort of 'hard wired' so that a red flag goes up when ever someone speaks lies/ falsehoods or deception or even mistakes.  So... when some poor ignorant 'wanna-be', or unbeliever says something like:  'Oh, I will just jump on over to Jesus' side quickly when the Rapture comes...'  --we all know that he is full of himself and gravely in danger of being left behind!  But Mr. Krauthammer is a good man, IMO;  He is just wrong on this subject.  If it takes TIME to get to know another human being-- it surely takes time to digest the Bible- to know God and Jesus Christ!  People with a true heart who love God will MAKE the time to STUDY the Bible on a daily basis! I freely admit that I am NO BETTER than any other human being-- and a sinner.  The ONLY thing I have going for me is my relationship with Jesus Christ, my personal Lord and Savior.  It's as simple as that!  True, only God knows our heart and intentions, and we can and should repent of our sins daily, but we use the term "SAVED" to mean that we have taken that all important step to ACCEPT the Lord Jesus in the fullest sense of the word, and try hard to change our life for the better.  Without reading/ studying the Word-- the Bible, how can we know what God expects of us?? Since there are many false prophets, teachers and pastors in the world-- in the churches-- knowing the Word is so important, especially in these 'Last Days.'

I am getting more work done today-- another cold, rainy day that is perfect for calling Chrysler to report a deceased spouse and get info changed to reflect that.  My bones and joints are like a barometer-- in that they let me know what the weather is like outside when any moisture comes our way... lol.  Actually, many doctors say that Wisconsin is the worst state for folks with arthritis!  But most of my family and friends live here, and so I will tough it out and remain here.  I think that I am too old and crippled to move and start over, as most of the time I can barely walk.  One of these days in S.E. WI., the air temps will jump from chilly 30's up to the 80's, and Summer will be here!

Time to eat some oranges-- and I love fresh fruit!  I want to thank Walt Weber's family for sending me some fresh pears a week ago, and I have been eating them every day-- so juicy that I need a bib.  Please continue to pray for Walter Weber-- the door gunner-- with my old Army aviation company [240th AHC- BearCat, RVN] over in Vietnam: 69-70, for a steady recovery after emergency surgery for a bleeding heart, and high BP problems a week ago.

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Posted: 18 Apr 2011 11:53 AM PDT
By Jim Fletcher Prophecy Matters An extremely interesting interview with political pundit Charles Krauthammer has shed light on the implications of a potential Palestinian state — a possible reality that Christian Zionists, among others, find repulsive.Krauthammer, a perceptive political observer, essentially said that by signing the Oslo Accords, Israeli accepted the Palestinian narrative and

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