Friday, April 29, 2011

Pray for Tornado Victims.

Tom's Journal.

One of my best friends, Steve and Barb B., had to high tail it back to Alabama [from WI] to help his mother-in-law, as the electricity was out and the freezer food was rotting back there from power outage/ storms.  They were supposed to come over to  my house to visit this aft, etc., but I totally understand their priorities back in Alabama, the most hardest hit State by twisters lately.  As I have safely predicted [I read my bible almost every day, and connect with smart Bible folks], this year of 2011 should be a ripping good year for all sorts of violent storms, fires, droughts, earthquakes, floods, etc., and perhaps riots, in the good old USA.  I suppose you all are growing pretty tired of me repeating myself-- so after this I just might keep things to myself about this subject matter.  

Years ago I would have smirked and called a person loony who said that natural disasters were 'linked' to harsh treatment of Israel by our national leaders, but I didn't study or know Bible prophecy either.  Now days, when some great storm passes though, I am looking for the "Who done it"-- smoking gun.  Translation:  What did that bum in the WH do or say now ??  And Congress and Secretaries of State also bare responsibility too.  After all, who is really running the show?  Who is the 'puppet master?'  Actually Bush, 1 and 2 started the ball rolling pushing Israel into 'land for peace' programs/ efforts, "Road Maps", so there's enough blame to go around...  just do your home work.

Hey guys, I pumped gas into my super Ram pick up truck a few hours ago for just $88., and that was only 3/4's of a tank needed to fill old Betsy u!!  Woo Woo!  Is that a bargain or what?!  Price: $4.09/ gallon in S.E. Wisconsin.  I took the hound dog with me to go shopping in Kenosha, WI., and he went ape in the back seat, licking my ears, sucking up to me so I would share what ever food I bought with him.... but I was so hungry that I ate both sandwiches, one hot beef, and the other a deli-type submarine, after we got home, and he had some dry dog food.   I am not a diabetic, but eating  lunch at noon, skipping breakfast, gives me a glucose/ carb  'high' shot, then makes me relaxed and sleepy.  I feel full, happy, content.  Old King Solomon had some good things to say about being well fed, enjoying good drink and being HAPPY -- for all our hard work!!  I can see myself serving in his grand Army... lol.  

It almost seems like good Christian - Veteran soldiers WAIT for disaster to happen so they can jump right in and help those in dire need.  "OK, Joe, I will be right over with my  4 by 4 Dodge pick up truck, gas, chain saw, generator, some hot food and cold soda pop on ice!"   Sounds like the "Good Old Days!"  Hey!  What are good friends for?

Please pray for a safe and gentle journey for my friends, Steve and Barb B.,  traveling home and for all others caught in the storms-- especially my Christian brothers and sisters, hundreds of them!

Tom Schuckman-- by the Vietnam Wall in D.C. -- about 1997.

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