Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Veterans Must Help Each Other.

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Even as we Christians already KNOW and UNDERSTAND the Truth of the Bible, it's nice to 'bounce' our feelings off other Believers, and this is what I do sometimes, plus I like to visit and encourage others too.  I am very blessed [ we don't like to use the term 'lucky' too much because of the pagan and occult implications] to have a double fistful of mature friends who will give me their wise, advice and  opinions, mostly shaped by God's Word, and also their military/ combat background.  We are a 'Band of Brothers.'

Many of us have family members/ relation, who have some serious problems and challenges that go beyond our Adamic sinful nature, like alcoholism, DUI's, drugs, over spending, lack of financial and asset management skills, recklessness, stiff- necked, stubborn, bad attitudes, short tempers, etc., and indeed many of US had those same problems when we were young and just a little bit crazy.  Patriotic combat Veterans are very special people, but we paid a huge price in contracting/ acquiring  PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder], Agent Orange, certain dysfunctions, nightmares, flash backs, hyper vigilance, nervousness, depression, problems with relationships, etc., and that also lowers our life expectancy.  The high Gov't  "leaders' and  bought off VA officials [IMHO] who never had enough below their belts to serve like we did, are the same bums who keep trying to cut our Veteran's/ VA Benefits and awards!  To them I say, BACK OFF and go jump in the Lake, bums!  We are dying too young anyway, so let us live our short lives in dignity!  And our own gov't is also trying to strip us of our 2nd Amendment Rights!  Shame on them!

I believe that most of us Veterans tried hard to live a good life, train our kids to respect what is good and sacred-- many of us found the Lord God of the Bible, and have that heavenly hope by the merits of the ransom blood of Jesus Christ, PTL!  People love to condemn us for our wild past, but God doesn't see us that way.  When we truly accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior, ALL is forgiven, and we work hard to share the Gospel all over the earth!  

We share our stories and lives with others we can trust, or failures and challenges that took a life time to correct, and the trouble our errant children get into.  Please let me take the time now to ask my friends to pray and set a good example to my own 3 kids so that they will also 'see the light of heaven,' repent and mature as Christian soldiers in these terrible times of fear, hostility, economic stress and corruption in America.  Both political parties are guilty, corrupt, greedy and on the highway to hell, IMO.  The ONLY One we can trust is the God of the Bible, and we can't remain neutral much longer!  It might be a good idea to pass this blog post along to our respective children.  If not now-- then when??

I feel that I am making some head way in my continuing emotional healing and adjustment to Sharon's passing away, but combat Vets know how important it is to grieve.  Not that I am looking already, but down the road, I might need some advice in seeking closer friends, ladies, just to talk to and visit... if God allows it.  But I am NOT looking to jump into something in the future, as I have been burned many times in the past.  I don't want to complicate my life too much right now, and I am disabled-- hard to walk far.  Your comments are very welcome.

Warm Regards,
Union Grove, WI  -- land of cheese and over taxed.

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