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Are Homosexuals Saved?

Tom's Journal.

I found this short article timely and balanced, since I know a few people who still have this challenge/ lifestyle. Having a godly, biblical view on this subject is very important to me-- but in the past, 1960's-- my culture was taught to abhor/ hate people who were 'Gay' and Lesbian.  With serious Bible study and prayer, all of us can understand and deal with this subject matter to gain the 'balance' we need to be good, correct Christians.  The old Army adage/ comparison of:  'Does it matter how you get killed, by rifle, bayonet, hand grenade or whatever-- you're still dead!'  So it is with sin before God.  All sin makes us deserving of hell forever--BUT we have the ransom sacrifice at the Cross of Christ for true forgiveness, redemption, and salvation!  PTL.   However, that doesn't give us license to run wild and commit every gross sin imaginable AFTER we are Saved!!  
"God is not one to be mocked" ~ Galatians 6:7.  Lest we forget.

But now the willfully ignorant ones we have to work with or bump into THINK that they can get away with their perverted life style without impunity or punishment.  Actually, most of them don't fear God, but really love to FLAUNT their perversions in our face-- and in God's face too!  'That trips my trigger...' but I have to hold my personal anger inside, and wait on the Lord to 'correct things' in due time.  I am a sinner too, and need God's forgiveness... not that I am PRACTICING any gross sins, but I still have plenty of personality flaws to work on, with the power of the Holy Spirit.

It would be nice to get a few comments.
Thanks you all for your many prayers and well wishes in my time of deep sorrow and need for companionship-- all alone and fending for myself in small town, Wisconsin.


Are Any Homosexuals Saved?

Do you believe that a person can truly be born again and be active in the homosexual lifestyle? I know several who believe they are born again and are very active.

Q. Do you believe that a person can truly be born again and be active in the homosexual lifestyle? I know several who believe they are born again and are very active.
A. The Bible classifies homosexuality as a sin, just like stealing, adultery, murder, etc.(Lev. 18:22 & Rom. 1:26-27)) People don’t have to stop sinning before they can be saved, but the regenerative work of the Holy Spirit is intended to draw us into a life pleasing to God. Most people, while still being sinners, experience a diminished enjoyment of their sins as the Holy Spirit convicts them of a need to change. And yet Christians commit adultery, kill people and steal from others just like non- believers. And they engage in homosexual behavior. The question isn’t whether we still sin, but whether we recognize our sinful behavior as such and seek forgiveness.
A believer who denies that homosexuality is a sin is like one who denies that adultery is a sin. They’re kidding them selves and rebelling against the Holy Spirit’s convictions. Eventually one would question whether they were really saved. But a sinner who admits he or she is a sinner and sincerely asks for forgiveness deserves to get it “even 70 times 7 times” (Matt 18:22.) They deserve our prayers and support as well. We have no idea what demons they’re fighting, jut like they have no idea of ours. Remember, if we could stop sinning we wouldn’t need a Savior.
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Heli gunner Tom said...

Mark Hoppe, said:

All sin needs to have the sinner be repent and believe to be saved. Can they sin again= yes. But if they have no guilt about it there is something wrong and possible that they never had true repentance in the first place. For we are all sinners saved by grace. But sin should look ugly to us not to be flaunted around like a trophy. Its so shameful that we still sin after what Christ has done for us it should put a knot in our gut and hang our head in shame. The arrogant; haughty high-mined wicked will have there place in due time.

(Col 3:2) Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

JT said...

I believe it is all tied together. Prayer - forgiveness - repentance. Good Post. God Bless You.

Heli gunner Tom said...

Sandy P, said:

It is my humble opinion that a homosexual could not stand the pressure. I try to make a conscious effort and not judge others because I have enough to do to keep my own doorstep swept. I do believe that the pressure would be far too much for a true born-again believer to endure. God's puts so much pressure on me when I screw-up and I can't imagine the load I would be carrying if I chose that lifestyle and claimed to be born again. I just don't think it's possible. This is only my opinion though, God has all authority.