Sunday, May 8, 2011

Off the Grid.

Tom's Journal.

I thought I would share some more 'off the grid' -- how to it yourself, stuff [Great Links]... below.

I only stayed for the Christian Sunday school for adults that starts at 0900, and then I felt some strange 'bubbling' in my lower extremities and decided it might be smart to go home before I passed something...  sorry.   I already took one shower this morning...   But the pastor, George Schlegel, brought the congregation up to speed on the young boy, Torrey ['s] progress, and he is doing well, eating, etc, but we must remember what he's been through!  Poor kid.  Seems like the "News Media" is praising the school "back pack" and giving "IT" all the credit and glory...Ha!  What idiot UNBELIEVERS!  Don't you think that God had SOMETHING to do with protecting Cory ??? Duh...  'Ignorance can be cured-- but stupid is forever!'

We were studying Genesis 22, where Abraham was tested in a big way-- having the will in his heart to sacrifice his only son, Isaac, as a burnt offering to the Lord-- but was held back at the last second when God read his heart of obedience.  When the chips are down with nobody to help you-- you have got to put all of your trust in God's hands, and OBEY!  I ALWAYS have to put in the disclaimer, that Tom Schuckman loved college and learning!  But too many people put their trust in their OWN higher learning, with their sheep skins and degrees-- instead of heeding Proverbs 3:5:  "Trust the Lord with all your heart;  and do not lean upon your own understanding."  I USED to be that way until the Lord 'broke' my back, neck and ribs... lol.  Yes, I used to be a stiff necked man, too prideful, and full of myself.  But now I trust in God, and I have more peace in my heart.  Some/ most folks will NEVER understand this simple  concept, because they won't surrender their personal pride, will, acceptance to Jesus Christ.  They may know the correct words, and talk the talk, but they are still unbelievers and have not the Holy Spirit.  If they can't beat you or talk straight Bible doctrine-- trust me-- they will attack your character, your past, and spout off this world of Satan's "politically correct" trash, trying to pull you down,  promote the 'New Age' trash, cleaning up the world and giving all our money to poor people-- unbelievers, Islamic folks/ countries who hate us, but demand more money and food/ guns!   Because they cannot fully understand the Scriptures [they lack the Holy Spirit] unbelievers love to force THEIR perverted, truncated brand of 'Christianity' on all others that they can manipulate and control.  Beware.  I thought I had a few friends, but they turned out to be in this category.  Hey!  They were never real friends to start with.   "Do not become unequally yoked with UNBELIEVERS!"  And also watch out and beware how unbelievers will take a scripture out of context, pervert it to "prove" their own theory or agenda.

I hope I am not plowing the same piece of land, but, not all real, biblical Christian are, will, can, be rich! In fact the first Century Christians were mostly POOR!  Anyone spreading a "different Gospel" is wrong.  If God has blessed some of us-- great!  That means we can pay our bills and help others in the Christian community/ world.  Jesus fed the crowds-- but He knew that feeding their hearts and minds with godly things was much better.  So don't let any tin horn, wanna be, lay a guilt trip on you, dear brothers and sisters, that you are obligated to give all your money to feed the poor [who usually have enough money somehow, someway to buy smokes, drugs and booze!].   God will take care of His humble servants.

Tom Schuckman -- if I could get back into shape again....

Dear Tom,
How we view the earth, and our place in it, determines to a great extent how effective we are in the stewardship of not just the earth and its resources, but how effective we are in our personal lives as well. In that same vein, the worldview of those we place in government also determines how effective they are in the stewardship of the resources entrusted to them, namely the welfare of the citizenry and the economic stability of the country.
When we displace God as the creator of life and arbiter of law in our world, we are left not with godlessness but with tin gods. Within that displacement, you see the breakdown of society and the destruction of the means and ability to be economically productive.
We are fully accountable to God for how we utilize the resources and intellectual capital that have been entrusted to us. When we see the bankruptcy of our government and our economy, we must accept that we are responsible for that bankruptcy. How we respond will determine the course of our future.
Please join Bill Heid and Mark Rushdoony on Off the Grid Radio today as they discuss the theology of the land and our place on this Earth that God has created. Mark Rushdoony is the president of Chalcedon, a non-profit Christian ministry and educational organization devoted to research, publishing, and promoting Christian reconstruction in all areas of life. To see more of this ministry's offering, please go to


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