Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Churches are Failing Us.

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YouTube - End Times - The Rapture

I hoped and figured that someone who post an article that went along with my own speculations and mind sets!  And doesn't the book of Acts mirror some of these ideas?  Guess I will read that book again.  But we can guess that some churches will question the need to hold  smaller study groups and  steal their thunder.. lol, but if they are not doing the Bible job right, circumvent them and cut off their money!!  That should fire them up even more!  I figure that God will bless anyone who is sincere in seeking out His Word for info and edification.  PTL.  We ought to all be doing that on our own.

Well, maybe war will be put off for a while in the case of Israel and her Muslim/ Islamic neighbors who really want to erase Israel from the earth.  Remember, the USA is giving plenty of money to Israel's enemies all the time and even training those nasty folks who to fight.. along with other nations who hate the "apple of God's eye."  I can't wait for the Lord to 'flex His muscles and bare His swift sword !'  Then I am going to celebrate and dance in the street.  

Tom Schuckman 

Help! Our Churches Are Failing Us!

Q. What does a person do that lives in a small town that doesn’t have a church that teaches the truth?  I have a group of 5 friends that all go to different churches and we all are all experiencing the same thing.  The Bible is either watered down, false doctrine is preached, or busy things are done that completely leave out the Word.  The Bible says that we are not to forsake the assembling together.  We meet and study God’s Word in our homes and still go to church but leave empty, mad, and confused. We long to hear God’s Word but it is not to be found.  Have you any suggestions to our situation?

A. I suggest you and your friends stop attending church and structure your  Bible Study group so it can function as a home church.  A number of really good preachers/teachers have audio and video studies that you can use to meet your need for hearing God’s word.   You can augment them with group discussions and prayer.  This would be a lot more fulfilling for you and would be consistent with the Bible’s advice that we not forsake the assembling together.

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