Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back Again, from the Hospital.

Tom's Journal.

Happy to be back home again for the 2nd time after knee surgery infection complications!!  The range of intense anti-biotics to drive away the common knee infection was murder on my gut, but I will survive.  And again, for the record, most of the doctors and staff were very nice and professional-- but there will ALWAYS be a few jerks who don't have a life and love to push their limited so-called "power" around in their tiny 'kingdoms.'  I am not going to comment about those circumstances because they are only small fish in the creek, and the Lord will take care of them in the long run.   I also found out that reporting any incidences to the hospital social worker wonk just goes through the 'good old boys' routine and goes no where.  If I wanted to make trouble-- I certainly could, but I have bigger 'fish to fry' and am moving too fast to let Satan slow me down now.

I would still say that with all the baloney-- picking this hospital and top surgeon was the smartest thing I ever did-- and far reveals the huge gaps of consideration and professionalism of a GOOD civilian hospital like KMH-- and the messed up Milwaukee VA who botched up my Right knee on Dec. 6th!!  But right now with the fast deteriorating US and world economies and oncoming war between Israel and her waring Islamic neighbors-- one has to weigh these more important matters before consideration of a 'redress' of the botched Milwaukee VA surgery on my Right knee.   The better done Left knee done at KMH- Kenosha Hospital is so fast healing to where there is already LESS PAIN than the other messed up Right knee!!  I feel better for 'listening to the Holy Spirit' and just moving on.  I am also still somewhat happy with my modest weight loss so far, and will continue the strict diet that my daughter, Sarah, has given me.  Many thanks to my mom who was there for me in spirit-- and on the phone for encouragement.  Other than Mom, and Bill Tippett as my POA and Patient Advocate, I just had my small KJV Bible [sword] and constant prayers to the Father to sustain me.  

Now I have a dirty messed up house to contend with, but deep sleep is the best medicine for me now, along with my special healing herbs and Colloidal Silver.  

Please pray for my special friends:  Robby Bohnen,carrying a heavy load right now,  Marvin Ellis, who is near death with COPD, IMO,  my Mom, Colleen Schuckman, my sister in law who is losing her sight after her stroke and diabetes, etc. Bill Tippett, who has done a good job even with his own infirmaries and difficulties, etc.  Infection is nothing you mess with and could potentially take the limb or joint that the docs worked so hard to give me quality of motion and less pain in replacement.  Radical conditions call for radical procedures, and I honestly tried my best to comply with every command and wish of Dr. James Shapiro this past week back in the 'joint'-- KMH.  I can see great improvement every single day, just getting good rest and exercise... but they want me to eat more protein and vitamin C to heal my wounds.   I will have some pix to down load soon.  At least I had a private, comfortable room with A/C, and the institutional food was almost as good as our food in Vietnam...  I got home to more great DEFINED KJV Bibles that I ordered, with some more 'hardware' -investments.   Busy tomorrow with much business and phone calls.  Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.  This has been the "Year of Tests."  And yes, Christ will get us though it too.

However I did notice some hostility and resentment/ prejudice against the simple sight of my small Bible in the room, if not overt-- but co-vert, subtle under current of animosity and aggression!  Just a pre-cursor of 'things to come' here in Socialist Amerika. And just for my OWN peace of mind-- I WAS RIGHT AND CORRECT for sticking to my guns again, this time around, in the hospital-- and the doctors and staff are NOT so almighty and correct all the time, as they would love everyone to think!  Ha!  I feel empowered-- and you can never go wrong with the absolute TRUTH of the Bible!  Remember that one thing, please.  It's not about ME being right-- it's about God who cannot lie!  ~Titus 1:2.
Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman   

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Did Jesus Drink Wine?

Tom's Journal.

It's no secret that many 'Christian' preachers love to push their own private agenda/ beliefs by 'making their own rules' into "Laws" just like the ancient Pharisees in Jesus' time.  I have know a few nice Baptist pastors whom I liked --but insisted in keeping this hang up-- total prohibition of wine/ spirits in their 'ministry.'  Yes!  it's true that alcohol has claimed and broken so many marriages /lives, etc., -- been abused by many and perhaps led many to hell.   But then, so do cars, trucks, motorcycles, mules and horses, boats and jet skis,snowmobiles, etc., kill thousands on our American roads/ fields and water ways every year!  Since I can't buy a team of horses to carry me to and from my doctors' appointments and shopping when I need to, I will continue to own and drive my spacious, comfortable 2007 Dodge Ram 4 by 4, until I can afford something better that doesn't get stuck in the Wisconsin snow.  And the rest of you green meanies can buy your gas efficient obama- hy-breds and such that get such great mileage... lol.  

Anyway, as for me, I choose to put my trust and faith in the DEFINED KJV Bible, and the Old Scofield KJV Bible [planted in my hand by a close friend in South Carolina, Jimmy Hood, another crew chief/ gunner from my old 240th AHC outfit--  of Vietnam vintage]  which I believe is the most pure, accurate Textus Receptus, rendition of God's Word.   I hardly drink any alcohol AT ALL these days, and that suits me just fine, because I want to be in control of all my senses-- in my old age of 62... lol. However, if a Christian cares to have a glass or two of good wine [or beer] with his Lasagna or Prime Rib, he has that biblical RIGHT!! 

We don't want to be Pharisees now, do we?  Why don't we all stick to what is written in God's Word. 
OK, Back to bed-- with a sore, swollen ankle and knee.  Business in the morning... more PT- TIGER!   
Serious Comments ?? 
This is just ONE reason/ objective [ picture down below-- "The Archer"- 1989] why I 'punish myself' on the 'limited fruit diet-- and water' that I have been on for the last 10 days.  I lost about 30 pounds, feel better, and have another 100 pounds or more--to go.  Some other reasons are:  'I don't want my new 'bionic knees' to burn out too fast...'    I request your prayers, please.  PTL.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman  
Q. I had a discussion about Jesus and wine drinking with a fellow sister-in-Christ today.  She said that Jesus did not actually drink alcoholic wine, but only ‘fruit of the vine’.  And that since wine is alcoholic and therefore is inebriating, Jesus would not drink that and neither should we.   So, my question is, Did [...]

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Tom's Journal.

The following info is interesting, and it seems fair and balanced... but Christians should/ MUST add another dimension to this equation if they haven't already been corrupted by New Age/ false prophet, Dominionism, baloney which has infiltrated the "church."  Exacerbating fiscal/ money, currency, inflationary tsunamis are about to crush most of the world, including the USA [IMO], and I have been tooting my horn about this the past few years!  I have personally been forced to endure verbal abuse, laughter, and ridicule, concerning my mindset of storing up a few extra cans of food, and silver, etc., from many, including a few local preachers!  
    I hold with Jan Markel's Christian philosophy which I just post yesterday:  We know that the Rapture WILL come to save all REAL Christians on earth, but we may very well suffer some of the 'pre-trib' economic 'fall out' in the mean time.  Better to Be PREPARED, than be sorry.

And, sorry to say, too many 'Christians' are already 'left behind' with the world of Satan as they try to straddle the fence.  And if those kind of people figure that they might be able to promote- support some political agenda [even as some candidates like the TX Gov. Rick Perry looks good..and conservative, or who ever.], the KJV Bible says other wise.  Period.  Just my hot, humid thoughts sitting in Wisconsin.  The air temp. is about 86 degrees F. and very HUMID!!  But I am not complaining one bit.  Thank you, Lord.

I miss my noble hound dog, 'Deuce' the Rotty, but I asked my brother, Albert, and his son, Billy Schuckman, to please take care of him another 2-3 weeks, to make sure I am healed enough to care for Deuce properly.  I miss my doggie boy.....

WARM Regards,
Tom Schuckman
Jesus is my Lord and Savior.    

Monday, June 20, 2011

Melt Down?

Tom's Journal.

Financial Meltdown??  Well.. the truth is the truth is the truth!  I am not waiting in Saigon until the last 'chopper' flies away... Ha!  I won't be standing in the desert with my 'head in the sand' either, nor listening to false prophets, teachers of sin, the corrupt 'News-Media', the turkey in the WH, Congress-- Nope-- There is only ONE SOURCE I GET MY 'NEWS FROM' every day  -- The Bible.  Good night.

Note from Jan: I am using an article by Todd Strandberg from our sister ministry, Rapture Ready. I have retitled it so that it asks a question. I don't think we should assume that believers will escape all of what lies ahead in the economic tsunami. It is setting the stage for the official "time of sorrows" known as the Tribulation. At that time, the world will be reduced to global everything, including currency. Read the book of Revelation, particularly chapter 13. 

I have talked frequently on air, Web site, newsletters and more about the event known as the Rapture. Todd references that at the close of his commentary. While  this draws criticism, I cannot remain silent about such a happening that is perhaps on the immediate horizon. Most, however, agree with me: If we are going to look around, we will be depressed. If we can look up, we will find hope.

The world is in violent death throws. While all of this is heartbreaking to watch, these things must happen.  If the church must go through more global chaos and financial meltdown before the great catching away known as the Rapture, may we be a light to the world.

Also note our new office phone number: 763-559-4444. Our post office box remains the same. 

Where Is the Church in the Meltdown?
  By Todd Strandberg
June 15, 2011 
There are growing indications that the U.S. economy is headed back towards negative growth. The recovery that economists claim we've been having over the past several months has been mild at best. The unemployment rate went from a high of over 10 percent to just under 9 percent. We still have 16 million Americans out of work, and nearly 25 percent of the workforce is underemployed.
Several key financial indicators are pointing to a slowdown. Here are a few:  

*  In April, the economy created only 54,000 new jobs. The unemployment rate climbed to 9.1 percent. Factory orders fell 1.2% in April, the  most since May 2010. GDP growth has declined to 1.8 percent.  

You can't have a recovery in the general economy without the participation of the housing market. Real estate saw modest improvement, thanks to a tax credit program that has now expired. In the last few months, home prices have collapsed. The average selling price of a home is now below the levels seen during the 2008 subprime meltdown. The decline has even surpassed the decline seen during the Great Depression.  

* President Obama tried to put a positive spin on the latest woes, telling auto workers at an Ohio plant that it would take a while for the economy to mend. "There are still some headwinds that are coming at us. Lately it's been high gas prices, then you have the economic disruptions following the tragedy in Japan," Obama said. "There are always going to be bumps on the road to recovery. We are going to pass though some rough terrain."  

* The problem with the American economy is driven by longer-term issues. The national debt is now over $14.4 trillion, and is within a couple of percentage points of equaling our Gross National Product. We already have a $1.5 deficit projected for fiscal year 2011. If the economy stalls, the deficit will soar over the $2 trillion mark.  

* The rating agencies that track the creditworthiness of our debt are starting to see the reality behind the numbers. Last week, Moody's warned that it might have to cut the United States' coveted top-notch credit rating if the White House and Congress do not make progress by mid-July in talks to raise the debt limit.  

* Another huge danger is the solvency of banks. As the value of real estate drops, so does the value of the balance sheets of banks that hold those mortgages. The big money center banks were already insolvent when we went into this mess. Congress changed the accounting rules to allow banks to keep the original loan value on their books.  

* At some point, the drop in housing prices will trigger a meltdown. The Bank of America has $2.4 trillion in mortgages. If the market value drops by 5 percent, the potential loss for the Bank of America is $120 billion. The firm only has a stock value of $114 billion. If millions of people start to walk away from their mortgages, the too-big-to-fail banks will need trillions of dollars to stay afloat.
* At the end of this month, the Federal Reserve will conclude its program to buy $600 billion in bonds from the U.S. Treasury. Since the Fed has been buying 70 percent of our debt at the weekly auctions, it's not clear who will step up to take its place.  

* The Chinese have already said they are not interested in raising their holdings of U.S. debt. China has just sold 97 percent of its holdings in our Treasury bills--which are securities that mature in one year or less. All their holdings are now in longer-rate bonds that demand a higher interest rate.  

* There is no way we can survive a return to recession. The Federal Reserve has already printed $3 trillion to keep us afloat, and we simply don't have enough credit to fund round two. We're now at the point where the dollar and the bond market could collapse at any moment.  

I am amazed at how long our financial system has held together. There are so many fuses all leading to the same pile of dynamite, you would think that one of them would have been triggered by now. I think the guiding hand of God is the only explanation for why the system has survived.  

This whole scenario reminds me of a documentary I saw about the bombing of Hiroshima. Months before the deployment of the "little boy" device, the city was excluded from any bombing campaigns. The residents of Hiroshima thought it was odd that Allied bombers never targeted their city, which had major industrial and military operations. After August 6, 1945, it was instantly obvious that the city had been spared to measure the damage caused by the first military use of an atomic bomb.  

The fact that we've managed to avoid a depression for three years now seems to indicate that God may be planning to drop a financial bomb on this sinful world. The Rapture may be what triggers the financial meltdown. We will soon find out. "I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work" (John 9:4).  

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Awaiting His return,

Jan Markell

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More Good Vibrations and Progress.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Folks,
I am so full of good vibrations and thoughts to where I have to calm myself down this morning!  Every single day and night I make incredible 'quantum leaps' in healing, personal rehab, abilities, attitude, getting closer to the Lord, etc.  I am home alone, where I should be [but a Kenosha Visiting Nurse will come here tomorrow], with less pain in the "new knee" post-op recovery-- having taken a major defecation and SHOWER all by myself!! [sorry about the base, common description, friends... but this is a major 'achievement' for me... lol].  My dear old Mom even laughs at my 'colorful speech.'  I love her dearly-- she has been there with me in spirit all the way-- all the time, even as she is LEGALLY BLIND!  Pray that she accepts the Lord and Salvation before He does come...please.  Thanks.

I contorted [painfully] my Left leg after the shower on the bed to rub some much needed skin cream to my dry feet, ankles and calves-- but I bet that I probably did better than  that 'Ghetto Rehab'  place I almost got suckered into in Kenosha-- Sheridan Medical Complex, 8400 Sheridan Rod.  262-658-4141.  And yes, I do feel  confident enough to put that name and address in print after me and my good friend and Christian, Bill Tippett saw yesterday!!  They MAY get a visit from a 'State agency' depending on what mood I am in tomorrow... lol.  Dear  wife, Sharon was an expert in sharing and posting those sharp, meaningful 'contacts' to "clean up" a small part of that horrible Rehab and 'Nursing Home' Industry mess!  That is truly a well hidden horror story that needs to be addressed in good time.  Except that this is NOT that much time in June 2011.  But then again-- the Lord will clean everything up, in His own good time.

While I am NOT saying that I DON'T  have a 'long row to hoe', I am mildly ecstatic at my fast progress today on Monday, 6-20-11, and I never forget who my Lord and Benefactor is, either!  I need to thank the wonderful surgical 'dream team' with Dr. James Shapiro, again, for working what I call, 'a minor miracle'--- and what must seem to him as  mere child's play... lol.   And if this isn't a super dark indictment against the blatant screw ups of the Milwaukee VA, [yes, our VA system--Gov't at work--you remember all the grand promises--  of OBAMA-CARE!  Ha!] --then I don't know what is !  The more Disabled Veterans I talk to, the more horror stories I hear that mirror my own... sorry. "I calls 'em like I sees 'em." (sic).   Hey... I wonder how many people even KNOW what (sic) means... lol ! 

I am walking more freely around the house with 2 canes, but I also use my sturdy 'walker' too.   The doctor and his staff should be calling me soon to set up a schedule for in-home Rehab therapy. 

OK, Folks,  here is my much sought after secret of losing the weight and fast healing [Disclaimer:  my own personal opinion, please!]:  Lots of clean water and fresh squeezed fruit and vegetable juices! Much prayer and personal Bible reading and study.  I am fast introducing the correct types of fruit for ME-- Tom Schuckman, but my daughter, Sarah, is coaching me, confidentially, for free, because she cares about poor old Dad so he can be there for his 2 beautiful grand children.  I believe her to be a well studied, super knowledgeable Nutritionist and expert in her field, and she manages this all with 2 darling kids pulling at  her aprons strings all day, and ready to have another 'little one.'  Please pray for her salvation too. 
    A new development:  I am now able to take large full- lung capacity breaths of air, because of the loss of weight and some belly fat!!  Woo-Woo!  But I need to lose another 99  pounds by Sept 1-- just my own personal goal [that needs to be set, realistically, IMHO].

I don't have the time right now to search out the scripture, but Jesus made the statement in one of the Gospels about the local Pharisees walking around pompously, 'heaping huge loads/ burdens  of rabbinical rules personal teachings upon the common people-- that THEY personally would not budge with their little finger!!  Of course we are all sinners and imperfect, but something significant happened [was said] the other day when I was in KMH.
Ponder on this:  Does it really matter WHO is caring for a wounded man on the side of a road who needs basic attention and physical needs-- even if it WERE a Samaritan, or even a  HEATHEN???? Duh...  As a fellow sinner and humble servant of the Lord, I am bound and required to forgive all my brothers, at least 77 times, right [Ha! Just kidding].  I just felt a huge inner embarrassment for one of my best friends having done 99% of all the 'heavy lifting' for me, even my Patient Advocate and POA [Power of Attorney] because there simply were no "church members" who could be trusted, nor had the where with all, and desire to help me with my bloody operation last Tuesday, June 14th, 2011-- and then comes along a pompous old 'brother' laying on such a PERSONAL question, wrong place, wrong time, and in the wrong setting, and way!  You be the judge.  Maybe I am a loose cannon lately or have it wrong, but I felt embarrassment for Bill.  And today I found out that Bill's son was upset about that kind of questioning of his wounded in action, well recognized, heroic, Disabled Vietnam Veteran Father!   If I do have it all wrong, I will apologize to the right people and delete this Blog post-- and think much harder before I write anything more.  I guess that much of it had to doing with 'timing' and the way it came out-- came across to everyone in that hospital room.  James 2:17 says, "Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone."  But read the whole short book to get the gist of this small, short Book of James, please.  What is really meant by that short scripture is:  All the right motives, kind words, preaching, teaching, will NOT help some poor sister or brother if there is no one who will physically care for their needs!!  Yes!  I have seen too many "Sayers of the Word-- rather than DO'ER's of the Word!"  Bill Tippett, was one of the very few who knew how to HELP me with the logistical, physical aspects of my painful, traumatic knee operation, being there for me-- when all the others only paid me LIP SERVICE!!  And I was loathe to see him examined to see if he was "fit" to be in my presents.  Now... how shall we explain this discourtesy to Bill's son?   Tell me, please, if you think that I am too defensive or thin-skinned.

I am doing very well, and now the OTHER VA goofed up knee I call my "bad knee !"   Boy!  Do I have ample proof and ammunition NOW that my "newly replaced Knee" by a top of the line, real expert, actually feels BETTER than the old "VA- Knee" done last Dec. 6th, at VAMC-Milwaukee!  I know--it sounds like I am trying to mix you up or tell a joke-- but it's the real TRUTH!  And we can be sure that this won't be the last of the issue.  Please forgive me if I break this one confidence, but the good Dr. JS told me yesterday morning that the general consensus in the operating room on June 14th, 2011, that my Left knee was the most "rotten"  knee-joint that they had ever seen !!  Soooo, that means that my pain level and much needed pain meds were a stark reality-- when the PCP- VA "doctor" said pretty much it was "all in my head' , and the preacher man echoed some of the same sentiments.  Conclusion:  If you have a real 'gut- feeling' that something is wrong with real, extra-ordinary PAIN-- you are probably RIGHT.  And doctors and preachers are fully capable of lying and making many mistakes !!  you may share this sensitive post if you like, or comment below.

Have a great day, dear friends.

Warm Regards,


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday, Resting Well in U.G.

Tom's Journal.

Good Morning, Vietnam!!
Good Morning, Dear Friends and Readers!

PTL!  I praise the Lord for giving me a truly wonderful night of sweet repose, quality 3rd stage REM [Rapid Eye Movement] sleep, and no getting up, not even once all night!  Wow!  Having read scads of enlightening books when younger on health, herbs, nutrition, fasting, and been a power lifter most of my adult life,  I always knew 'WHAT TO DO'... but when we have a choice in life and sufficient money, we mostly CHOOSE the "path of least resistance"  --LOL!  Bombarded by a constant rush of TV-Media, Hollywood, the rich and famous-- we CHOOSE the red T-bones and Prime Ribs over the better veggies and fruits!!  So what's new?

It's that super fine cleansing, cleaning, repairing [and even the 'growing process'-- as a child] that goes on mostly in quality  'REM --SLEEP!!'  That's why you will find people 'aging over night,' so to speak, in concentration camps, and in many 3rd world countries.  And in my personal life, I aged far too quickly because I had sleep apnea, and my dark  brown hair [captured in many photos] turned grey pre-maturely, etc, some of that inherent too--tragically the loss of quality SLEEP, that robs us of good looks and health.  My COPD/ Lung  specialist explained some of this to me about  The 'flower of youth' vanished so quickly during my 'working years' at  12 years ago, the good Dr. Alfred Habel, also out of KMH- Kenosha, WI.  AMC/ Chrysler from the hard rigors of the auto assembly line, welding for over 17.3 years, before that BIG lay-off in 1989 [when over 6000 workers hit the streets of Kenosha, WI.],  but I am not crying-- just illustrating/ explaining.  BTW, the smart, loving parents send their school age kids to bed at 8PM, instead of allowing them to stay up late with their video games, and social media baloney, IMHO [in my humble opinion]! 
Here is my picture in CuChi, RVN, at age 19., with USARV, the 20th Trans Co., early 1968.

Well, I promised the good Dr. James Shapiro, head orthopedic surgeon at KMH- Kenosha,WI., that I would  NOT  publish any names of the docs and staff, during my brief 4 days stay from complete [Left] knee replacement surgery on June 14th, about noon --  that was a super success!!  But all the doctors, staff, nurses, rehab department, etc., did a excellent job in making me feel special, comfortable, respected, well cared for, etc... everything positive, and I would highly recommend that place-- and those fine people to anyone!  Thank You, for the quality care-KMH- [Rm: 589, Palmer Wing] Kenosha Memorial Hospital!  

This was not the main battle plan, but a 'startling change' of events, going to that 'Rehab place' [Sheridan Medical Complex] in Kenosha, but that is an entire different story for another time and date, please... another major mess up--Ha!  Anyway,  I am back at home in Union Grove, WI, safe, sound and doing very well, taking one day at a time, and praising the Lord.    And why stain  a perfectly wonderful Sunday morning with any negativity, right?

In closing, friends, it is my belief that good Dr. James Shapiro, the Ortho surgeon, had exceedingly powerful skill in his hands and mind, but it was God in Heaven that put those skills and talents there.  BTW [by the way], I chose NOT to have ANY BLOOD or blood derivatives used in any way during or after my surgery-- for personal and medical reasons, and that may be another reason why the Lord has blessed me with a truly rapid recovery and healing.  I am NOT a mixed up JW-cult person, but a simple, lowly, [but educated and well read] servant and soldier of my Lord, Jesus Christ  Thank you all for the many prayers and well wishes!  

Have a great Sunday!   

Monday, June 13, 2011

Goodbye Vietnam.

Tom's Journal.

Great song/ message sent to me from Bob Gibson, Australian Vietnam Veteran!  Don't miss it!  PTSD  [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] IS a killer too, just like bullets, frags, rockets and mortars, bayonets, and 'entrenching tools.'  I personally present this memorial to our brothers in arms, who  survived that year, or years of combat in a hot, dirty, nasty place in S.E. Asia... 'and they told us it was a tropical paradise'... LOL !  We may be a bit cranky with a sharp tongue, because we choose NOT to be lied to, or BS'ed, by the corrupt Gov't, WH, and Media .  I'll bet that half of our [Combat Vet]  number have accepted the Lord, and that's a double treasure for me, as our bonds are that much stronger.  PTL.  I hope this reaches your ears too.

Tomorrow I am starting another 'Trek' into La La Land-- and under the knife again.  So these last precious minutes mean a lot to me [getting a few hours of sunshine on my back too], and just think how many more true Christian friends I have gained in the last 6 months!  I have also become closer to my Lord and Savior, Jesus, by praying, reading the Word, and trying to correct my faults and rough behavior, working on patience and self control. I lost 2 very special people in death, loved ones, these last 6 months too-- that broke my heart-- that I am still trying to deal with and heal.   My hope is that I may have more, better mobility, to serve the Lord, make the church meetings, worship services, etc.  Because right now I can barely walk-- even with 2 canes!!!  I love my Mom and 2 sisters and hope that my youngest daughter grabs hold of the Savior with a death grip and never lets go!!  Actually, we live in a Paradise right now in America-- compared to what the future will bring, perhaps  economic collapse, the next 6 months, IMHO [In My Humble Opinion]... but all MY faith, trust, worship, treasure, and allegience are with Father God in Heaven.  Amen.

Warm Regards,

 Bob "Bomber " Gibson
 Gold Coast "AUSTRALIA"
Vietnam vet "Firebase Coral" 12Th May 1968. (  Rifleman) D&E Platoon "Nui-Dat" 1967-Oct 1968.

Courtesy of Bill Taylor in MA and Truman Powell in TEXAS..

In War there is no substitute for victory.
              Goodbye Viet Nam

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 07:33 AM PDT
By Jim Fletcher Prophecy Matters Being in Israel for a week was a blessing in so many ways. Seeing friends, showing my son the sites for the first time, observing the political situation…For the first time, I spent some time looking at the physical dimensions of Jerusalem, that great city that is a focus of end-times prophecy.One morning, we drove to the Dead Sea, to see Masada. On the way,

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Protect the 2nd Amendment.

Tom's Journal.

One man's opinion below may SEEM a bit much-- and over the line, BUT... I know a bit about criminals, and that they prefer defenseless, unarmed PREY/ victims.  The Amish church-school children that was slaughtered a few years ago is a shining example, but ALL school and universities, etc., need to be protected!!  With all the extensive back ground checks [if done right] we can pretty much strain out/ ferret out the criminal element, and TRAIN responsible, mature, citizens to safely arm themselves, take the gun safety class, and watch over the flock.   That is MY opinion too.  

And please,  spare me all the twisted, manipulated data that crime has gone down in America!  What a sham!  When people get desperate, jobless, or just crazy on drugs-- crime takes off like 'Moony's goose.'  And with the cut back in critical services, fire, rescue and police, or disasters like Katrina, or any heavily Democrat-Lefty city, crime will rise, and in minutes, to overwhelm a major area's  law enforcement infra structure.  

When I lived in Milwaukee [in 1995, while attending MATC] around 35th and Wells area where girls sell themselves for $5., just enough to buy more Crack Cocaine, the criminal element/ gangs were better armed than the local Milwaukee police!!  They could bring up a 'home boy' from Chicago to make a hit [murder some one], and then bring him back to the Windy City where he would melt into the wood work again-- and NEVER be found.  Let's face it-- money buys anything, just like the drug gangs/ cartels  across the Southern border.  Even the Roman empire was brought down by drugs and strong drink-- and then over run by other countries who were hungry for riches and conquest.  It's a cycle, from slavery to the 'top dog' in the neighborhood-- and then back down again.   And the ONLY cure is God's Kingdom-- on heaven and earth.  Matt. 6:9.

In the meantime, Christian DO HAVE THAT RIGHT to bear arms [according to our wonderful U.S. Constitution], and the Bible, to protect ourselves against all foreign and DOMESTIC violence and wrongful action-- even the Federal illegal seizures and infringements of our civil rights.  

The biggest problem is that we Americans are too lazy to pick up and read our Constitution [and Bibles], also being functionally illiterate!!!  

Beautiful day in Wisconsin, and I expect 2 visitors in a few hours, to pick up my hound dog, and for my sister to keep some of my papers and new keys for the house-- I had to change the locks yesterday [actually, my 2 buddies did it for me] because 'SOME ONE' refused to return my keys...  but all is well now.  Could we please pray for some of my dear friends who have to deal with diabetes, severe arthritis, my Mom, Bill T, an Steve B., sister Linda, and me too.  Thank Billy T., Jr., for cutting and trimming my grass yesterday.  And remember that:     -- is the web site where you can buy a copy of the "DEFINED KJV Bible" for $20. so you can learn all the Old English terms that will allow you to UNDERSTAND the pure original text that shows us salvation from Jesus' blood sacrifice.  PTL.  Have a great day!
Beatles' song.. "Happiness is a warm gun"  ... lol.  The good old days at CuChi in early 1968--Republic of Vietnam [RVN].


Experts praise top-rated guide to using firearms for personal defense

Author: Christians have a duty to be armed
Man who fought off terrorists in his own church says believers need guns

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Tom's Journal.

I REPENT with Lyricsby Tower3Production
Hi Friends,
Things are working out good for me today with 2 very good buddies over at my humble hovel working for me-- getting last minute things in order!  I feel good! [James Brown].  We changed the locks in all exits/ entries, got the lawn cut and trimmed, etc., and packing my bag-- for the correct one in the truck, finally, along with my 2010's that I forgot about and had to get new ones from SSDI at the last minute to complete my taxes.  

But I find that some of my other friends [and they are ALL very smart/ educated, military men] also have negative experiences in life-- one right after another, but we are growing older.  Praise the Lord for giving me such loyal, smart, brave souls to help me right now!!  We may disagree on the small stuff-- but we know that we are Saved, and on the right course, as servants/ soldiers of the Lord Jesus Christ!  Some of my dear friends, like Steve B., has had MANY surgeries on his knee, so that now even as the other knee is bad and hurts, he will NOT HAVE ANY MORE SURGERY!

We got some more encouraging proof and scripture here below about the 'Any-Moment Rapture', etc., from my favorite Blog site-- Bible Prophecy, and I learned something new again-- and had to adjust my choice of terminology/ words.  I will not use the term "soon" anymore, and maybe it's just hair splitting, but I want to be correct when I speak, especially about the Bible. 

Posted: 10 Jun 2011 01:10 PM PDT
By Dr. Thomas Ice Pre-Trib Research Center We believe that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ could come in the clouds at any-moment and take His church to be with Him to His Father's house (John 14:1-3). What a great hope, that while you are reading this article, our Lord could return and rapture His church. We have come to call this any-moment hope of the rapture an imminent event.The English

Posted: 10 Jun 2011 09:46 AM PDT
By Bill Salus The prophet Zechariah informs us in chapter 12 that those peoples surrounding Israel, will someday be devoured by Israel. The key to understanding portions of his prophecy rests in recognizing the direct correlation between Zechariah 12:2 and Zechariah 12:6.“Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of drunkenness to all the surrounding peoples, when they lay siege

Friday, June 10, 2011

Always Report the VA's mess ups.

Tom's Journal.

No Problem by all means do [Jerry is here by giving me permission to re-print his first message/ email to me about the VA messing him up...and almost killing him!]  because they lied about the shipping and filling the order but I have it all dated and made all my notes of phone calls, I was talking to some Vets at the Manchester's VA the other day and it is happen to them also....  I spoke to my Podiatry Doc who is full time VA but in no way a company Doc if you know what I mean and he said it is worse now than before they supposedly got all the money  Obama is not the Military or Vets friend.
I am changing VA sites so I hope the White Rive Junction VA will be better so far they are they were the first ones to catch my heart damage and they respect us when I go there so I will find out soon, I hope so because this stuff is expensive.....  Jerry
The main point I [Tom Schuckman] want to make today-- right now, is the fact that I am not the only one who complains about the slow, disorganized, lazy, nonchalant way the the VA hospitals, staff and pharmacies  deal with our honorable, disabled Veterans in America!!!  In my friend, Jerry's case, there are life threatening circumstances involved as he is a diabetic, etc !  Personally, I tried keeping track of how many times the VA has messed up my medications  and I even caught them in lies-- but I've lost track!  And when some of us older Veterans THINK we have a lapse of memory-- the VA plays this up, and is also guilty of cover- ups, so that I called on my State Rep./ Congressman, to look into these problems and concerns.  And if we DON'T document these failings and mess ups-- the VA will just bury them and pretend that they never happened, so when a new Vet to the system DOES complain, the VA might try to make him out to be a freak, or complainer.   

It's so very important for the Veteran's spouse or loved one to understand, support and help the Vet, and be his/ her "Patient Advocate" to go with him to his doctor visits and sit right in the examination room with him as a 2nd set of eyes and ears.  My wife and I did that service for each other all the time, and we got a lot more respect, and things accomplished, including getting an abusive Nurse Practitioner fired in WI!  It also helps to dress a little better when we make our appointments... not for the doctor's sake, but we Vets show proper respect for OURSELVES.  

The majority of dead headed Americans remain quite ignorant of all this VA stuff-- and that is why it's OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES, GET THE WORD OUT AND EDUCATE THE PUBLIC!  Once the public gets  'obama-care' -- it will be tooooo late!  The public will get the same shabby care that WE do at the VA hospitals and clinics.  Not all of the VA places are bad-- but some of them are.

Next stop:  the Rapture...
Please pray for my Christian brother and combat Vet, Jerry, in VT.,  as he has a lot on his plate too with physical/ health concerns.  Thanks.

Warm Regards,

My folks  lived off the land, growing our own food canning, putting away food and and such but it was just a way of life the thing we did but my Mother had a green thumb and could make anything grow.  I learned somethings from my Grandpa but being a kid I never put it down and honesty my memories isn't what it once was.

I also had a friend, in fact my best friend who was a Mormon who's family always had tons of food put up buckets of cookies was my favorite....we would always sneak some....I think his mother put extra up for us.

Now that I'm older and living in NH which I love but I have such a hard time with gardening or getting stuff to grow, the green thumb wasn't passed on......

I learned allot in the Army even went threw a survival school and lived but mostly how to kill and wasn't till I went into the NG where I became a medic that I enjoyed it.  I also was a medic in the fire service so that I remember, the killing I won't ever forget and pray never have to use again.  Yes I see a doc and sometime it helps and the rest of the time is all up to the Lord.

Hey I think you are going to do great with the knee surgery, but Tom if you did happen to pass on its all gain so not to worry!  Also you have many praying for you!!

Hey are you a diabetic?  If so how do you stock up for that?  I'm on so many meds food wouldn't be the only thing I would need to store up on but no way will the VA give me a day over what they give me, in fact last order I had to wait a week in a half and with one med I went into withdraws with...boy did I give them a ear full but my wife was the one who got them working.

Well my Brother in Christ, Jerry

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Texual Criticism.

Tom's Journal.

For those who love to dig deep and get the whole meaning/ story, here is an excellent Link!! 

Well, folks, The heat outside is sub-tropical, IMHO, to day and will last all thru the night and into tomorrow.  No matter how you  cut it, the USA is really experiencing some violent, creepy weather patterns that I personally have not seen for most of my life-- and bang-bang-bang, one right after another!  Can't wait till the hurricane season!!  

I been having some problems with my so-called FAST [not eating] - just water, meds, vitamins and a few herbs.  I got so dizzy this morning at the hospital for tests, more x-rays, and I saw and heard my own heart beating with the 'echo-cardiogram.'  and met some nice gals there too.   Some staff there are so dead- headed and air-headed that they have to detach their simple mindedness of girly talk with their co-workers and come back down to earth and their JOB... lol!  So I have to play their silly over medicated girly games to get down to the business at hand--- Opps, now we have to get back to reality and WORK.. OH NO!!  But other gals are sharp as a tack and very pleasant and professional.  The men, doctors, and male staff are more business minded and alert... sorry.  I'd be very willing to take a polygraph test to prove my point-- I am telling the truth!   Well, anyway, I got very dizzy a few times and my knees wanted to buckle while the tech took pix of my heart/ chest... and I suppose part of it was the un-usually hot/ humid weather, in the 90's.  I had a hard time just walking and putting my power scooter back into the truck!   But not eating real food could also factor in the equation.  Shame on me-- I got some Popeye's chicken-- Lord forgive me....


This is a very interesting video on Textual Criticism.  If you like these videos, contact Jim Brown and he will send you for free the entire set of Dvd's on the subject.  Actually, he will send you any of the dvds for free.

P.O. Box 1109
TN, 37077


Telephone:     Local: (615) 824-8502
                        Toll Free: (800) 625-5409      

There are a total of six videos I believe and as we watch them here at Chronicle Watch, we will post them.  They are all packed with information and have a run time of about 1hr 40 min.  Grab a cup of coffee, a pen and paper and concordance and just get ready to learn.

Like we always tell you however, always test everything against the scriptures to see if what is said is true.   This man has a definite wealth of knowledge.

Textual Criticism: An Introduction

Textual Criticism #9001: An Introduction
Textual Criticism #9001: An Introduction to the Greek Alphabet – False Translation of Blood – Plural ( John 1:13 ) And Blood Singular (Rev. 15)
Read the rest of this entry »

Also, here are two other videos are two different topics that are worth watch.

The 70 Weeks: Revelation / Daniel

The 70 Weeks: Revelation / Daniel #2306
The First three decrees – Ezra Brings Back the third decree and finds Israel intermarrying with the Idolatrous worshipers of the land.
This is a very interesting study.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sun shine and warm.

Tom's Journal.

I am glad I forced myself to sit on the picnic table today after noon to get some sun rays, and now at 7:13 PM, the air temp is still 93 degrees, and tomorrow will be 90!!  My truck is showing the engine light's on, again, but I am too close to the surgery time to have it looked at right now.  

I woke up this morning with the most painful right arm and shoulder, and I attribute it to a crook in my back, but there are no chiropractors in the area that I trust anymore...  I could very well instruct someone to massage my back the correct way to push back the 'subluxation' [vertebrae out of alignment] to relieve my pain, but I need to go in for more Pre-Op tests at KMH in the morning.  I also try to cut down and eliminate most problems before something BIG coming down the pike by "thinking ahead" with fore sight and plans--keeping a list and checking it twice.  But we always have Murphy's Law, just like last time I had the right knee done/ replaced, my power scooter went dead on the last leg to the VA hospital.  Everything in the world went wrong on that disaster, but then-- I learned so much about my 'fellow human beings...' in that traumatic episode... LOL.  Old Tom, age 62, doesn't allow the same 'mistakes' to happen a 2nd time.  If you are not hitting your target, you might have to adjust your aim!  No dead beats, goof offs or losers this time around,  and if I don't wake up from the surgeon's table-- that's fine too.  "No Worries, Mate!"  

I get a lot out of my long conversations with my Army buddies, like Robin Hood, from SC.  He fills in many gaps that I forgot in the past--Vietnam.  But he is also my brother in Christ, and that's a two-edged sword for me!  We were talking about Agent Orange which our benevolent Gov't dropped near us in Vietnam-- thank you very much, and then tried to deny it for many years...Ha!  Jimmy wondered how come I didn't have diabetes-- when I was right where our Gov't dumped most of the Agent Orange chemical defoliant- in the 'Iron Triangle.'  All the long years we 'put up', swallowed, fought with, contended with, survived, developed an immunity with, and just plum accepted-- those who are left from our number all these years.  For those of us who have accepted Jesus, we believe He had a special plan for us-- to help spread the Gospel, win souls, and magnify God's holy name, among other things, still sinners that we all are.   

Reading the Bible and sharing it now days, means more than it ever has to me-- being alone now, and having brushed with death too much lately.  I am thinking that God may be saving me from myself [and others] for keeping me single right now, lonely as I am, because the sands of time are fleeting ever so fast-- rushing toward the very End-- time on earth for the Saved ones-- the Church in general.  So the Lord may be guarding us from greedy, godless people who are hungry for a good Chrysler pension or sugar daddy... even if he is disabled... lol.  I guess that is just one more stress I can do without.

Well, I committed a major sin today-- I ate a sandwich to soothe the pain in my tum tum-- as I was Fasting.  Trouble is:  I need to stay on this 'diet' - actually a life style.   

Warm Regards,

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bible Believers a Threat to our Security?

Tom's Journal.

Wow!  It's like my dear wife's death-- we knew it was coming, but it was still a shot to the heart shock when it did come!   I am talking about our Nat'l Security in America, Identifying Bible Believers as a Threat!  Duh... do you think that more Americans will finally wake up now and pull their heads out of the sand??

Now that obama and most of the Congress have by-passed our Constitution and common sense, along with George Soros and other big $$$ power players-- we Christian Believers, IMHO, are treading on thin ice.  And of course this also means that our SALVATION is near too!  Well, all I can say is that the Holy Spirit has been helping me, an old, poor, disabled, sinner man in Wisconsin, and I feel fairly good about myself right now-- right on track of where I want to/ need to be.  Philippians 1: 21, "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain."  There is still much pain that I have been holding back/ compartmentalizing in a special place in my mind regarding Sharon, and the loss of her close relationship-- but Sharon is in heaven and out of harm's way, in glory, peace and wonderment!  The rest of us are still in the heat of the battle on earth as it spins out of control with Satan at the helm.   Protect us, Oh Lord of the Bible!  

It's been a hard trick for me to achieve-- not relying on self-- but on the Holy Spirit, casting off all my stupid pride and arrogance.  I used to think about 40 years ago that all those hypocrites with their noses in the Bible 24/7, but now I understand that they were "feeding themselves" with the Word of God, putting on their armor, getting ready for battle.  The un-believers are attempting to wage war with only shower thongs and a light, green twig off a tree.   

Thank all my dear friends on FaceBook for all their incredible encouragement!  I 'borrow' stuff that I see on FB to use in my blog posts.
I had to see the new doctor today for 'Pre-Op' and blood draws, etc.  Seems like I meet many believers there too.
What if we told you that there exists right now a document, produced and approved by the US Military's School of Advanced Military Studies in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, that identifies people who believe that Jesus Christ will return to Jerusalem to rule the world, as one of the greatest threats to U

Sunday, June 5, 2011

America Muslims Buy Guns.

Tom's Journal.

DON'T EVER SAY THAT YOU WERE NOT WARNED!!  And our American Gov't has not only been watching these groups and people [a little bit] -- [Homeland Security is a joke!]  But the WH has probably winked at their progress...

It always pays to 'BE PREPARED', and have your Glock .45 next to your Scofield  KJV Study Bible, and a few extra clips of ammo near by.  Fill an old sauerkraut jar with quarters and dimes, and a fire proof safe with some silver and gold along with your important documents, etc., and a "Cold Steel" knife or two.  

And IF we get Raptured up before the 'Big Storm', sooner than later.... who cares???  I heard that the streets in heaven are paved with gold.

I got some sun on my back after church while reading the Book and munching on fresh Bing cherries today.  They have Manganese [the cherries] to help the arthritis flow away.  I went to my "old" church in Kenosha, Victory B.C., today, and decided that some of the old people I knew still have the 'fire' and Spirit.. but by in large, it seems kind of dead  [lack of Spirit and too few people] there...and someone don't know how to regulate the AC in that church...Ha! .. sorry, but if they are that 'cash strapped', they could shut it down after those 2 short hours or SS and Worship.  And it just so happened that the pastor was out on vacation when I visited there at VBC today.  Well, visiting thee today changed my mind in a heart beat of ever moving back there... sorry.  There are plenty of good churches in Kenosha, but that would NOT be my preference-- as I know I would not get any real support there as a disabled man.    Good thing I did a 'recon mission' there, however, and gave an old trusted Marine--Disabled Vietnam Vet., [who is dying from COPD, emphysema] who also worked with me on the line-- Chrysler, ---my old DEFINED KJV Bible, and a $50 bill to take his wife out for a good dinner.   I fear that he might die before me-- always in and out of the hospital.  Love, brother Marvin Ellis, POOR GUY-- he's just SKIN AND BONE!!  He was wounded in action over in RVN, and also has arthritis in his knees.  We are/ were both good welders and both play guitar-- used to 'jam together' -- having so much in common.

So, in that sense, the trip to VBC was worth it!  Hot and humid today in S.E. Wisconsin, but I am not complaining!  Lord, thank you for the warm sun and another day of life! 

Beware-- the American Muslims are buying more automatic guns lately!  Do you think for a moment that they care about the 'Law ?!?'

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman
In a new video message released on the internet Friday, American-born al Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn calls on Muslims living in America to carry out deadly one-man terrorist acts using fully automatic weapons purchased at gun shows, and to target major institutions and public figures. "What are you