Monday, June 20, 2011

More Good Vibrations and Progress.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Folks,
I am so full of good vibrations and thoughts to where I have to calm myself down this morning!  Every single day and night I make incredible 'quantum leaps' in healing, personal rehab, abilities, attitude, getting closer to the Lord, etc.  I am home alone, where I should be [but a Kenosha Visiting Nurse will come here tomorrow], with less pain in the "new knee" post-op recovery-- having taken a major defecation and SHOWER all by myself!! [sorry about the base, common description, friends... but this is a major 'achievement' for me... lol].  My dear old Mom even laughs at my 'colorful speech.'  I love her dearly-- she has been there with me in spirit all the way-- all the time, even as she is LEGALLY BLIND!  Pray that she accepts the Lord and Salvation before He does come...please.  Thanks.

I contorted [painfully] my Left leg after the shower on the bed to rub some much needed skin cream to my dry feet, ankles and calves-- but I bet that I probably did better than  that 'Ghetto Rehab'  place I almost got suckered into in Kenosha-- Sheridan Medical Complex, 8400 Sheridan Rod.  262-658-4141.  And yes, I do feel  confident enough to put that name and address in print after me and my good friend and Christian, Bill Tippett saw yesterday!!  They MAY get a visit from a 'State agency' depending on what mood I am in tomorrow... lol.  Dear  wife, Sharon was an expert in sharing and posting those sharp, meaningful 'contacts' to "clean up" a small part of that horrible Rehab and 'Nursing Home' Industry mess!  That is truly a well hidden horror story that needs to be addressed in good time.  Except that this is NOT that much time in June 2011.  But then again-- the Lord will clean everything up, in His own good time.

While I am NOT saying that I DON'T  have a 'long row to hoe', I am mildly ecstatic at my fast progress today on Monday, 6-20-11, and I never forget who my Lord and Benefactor is, either!  I need to thank the wonderful surgical 'dream team' with Dr. James Shapiro, again, for working what I call, 'a minor miracle'--- and what must seem to him as  mere child's play... lol.   And if this isn't a super dark indictment against the blatant screw ups of the Milwaukee VA, [yes, our VA system--Gov't at work--you remember all the grand promises--  of OBAMA-CARE!  Ha!] --then I don't know what is !  The more Disabled Veterans I talk to, the more horror stories I hear that mirror my own... sorry. "I calls 'em like I sees 'em." (sic).   Hey... I wonder how many people even KNOW what (sic) means... lol ! 

I am walking more freely around the house with 2 canes, but I also use my sturdy 'walker' too.   The doctor and his staff should be calling me soon to set up a schedule for in-home Rehab therapy. 

OK, Folks,  here is my much sought after secret of losing the weight and fast healing [Disclaimer:  my own personal opinion, please!]:  Lots of clean water and fresh squeezed fruit and vegetable juices! Much prayer and personal Bible reading and study.  I am fast introducing the correct types of fruit for ME-- Tom Schuckman, but my daughter, Sarah, is coaching me, confidentially, for free, because she cares about poor old Dad so he can be there for his 2 beautiful grand children.  I believe her to be a well studied, super knowledgeable Nutritionist and expert in her field, and she manages this all with 2 darling kids pulling at  her aprons strings all day, and ready to have another 'little one.'  Please pray for her salvation too. 
    A new development:  I am now able to take large full- lung capacity breaths of air, because of the loss of weight and some belly fat!!  Woo-Woo!  But I need to lose another 99  pounds by Sept 1-- just my own personal goal [that needs to be set, realistically, IMHO].

I don't have the time right now to search out the scripture, but Jesus made the statement in one of the Gospels about the local Pharisees walking around pompously, 'heaping huge loads/ burdens  of rabbinical rules personal teachings upon the common people-- that THEY personally would not budge with their little finger!!  Of course we are all sinners and imperfect, but something significant happened [was said] the other day when I was in KMH.
Ponder on this:  Does it really matter WHO is caring for a wounded man on the side of a road who needs basic attention and physical needs-- even if it WERE a Samaritan, or even a  HEATHEN???? Duh...  As a fellow sinner and humble servant of the Lord, I am bound and required to forgive all my brothers, at least 77 times, right [Ha! Just kidding].  I just felt a huge inner embarrassment for one of my best friends having done 99% of all the 'heavy lifting' for me, even my Patient Advocate and POA [Power of Attorney] because there simply were no "church members" who could be trusted, nor had the where with all, and desire to help me with my bloody operation last Tuesday, June 14th, 2011-- and then comes along a pompous old 'brother' laying on such a PERSONAL question, wrong place, wrong time, and in the wrong setting, and way!  You be the judge.  Maybe I am a loose cannon lately or have it wrong, but I felt embarrassment for Bill.  And today I found out that Bill's son was upset about that kind of questioning of his wounded in action, well recognized, heroic, Disabled Vietnam Veteran Father!   If I do have it all wrong, I will apologize to the right people and delete this Blog post-- and think much harder before I write anything more.  I guess that much of it had to doing with 'timing' and the way it came out-- came across to everyone in that hospital room.  James 2:17 says, "Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone."  But read the whole short book to get the gist of this small, short Book of James, please.  What is really meant by that short scripture is:  All the right motives, kind words, preaching, teaching, will NOT help some poor sister or brother if there is no one who will physically care for their needs!!  Yes!  I have seen too many "Sayers of the Word-- rather than DO'ER's of the Word!"  Bill Tippett, was one of the very few who knew how to HELP me with the logistical, physical aspects of my painful, traumatic knee operation, being there for me-- when all the others only paid me LIP SERVICE!!  And I was loathe to see him examined to see if he was "fit" to be in my presents.  Now... how shall we explain this discourtesy to Bill's son?   Tell me, please, if you think that I am too defensive or thin-skinned.

I am doing very well, and now the OTHER VA goofed up knee I call my "bad knee !"   Boy!  Do I have ample proof and ammunition NOW that my "newly replaced Knee" by a top of the line, real expert, actually feels BETTER than the old "VA- Knee" done last Dec. 6th, at VAMC-Milwaukee!  I know--it sounds like I am trying to mix you up or tell a joke-- but it's the real TRUTH!  And we can be sure that this won't be the last of the issue.  Please forgive me if I break this one confidence, but the good Dr. JS told me yesterday morning that the general consensus in the operating room on June 14th, 2011, that my Left knee was the most "rotten"  knee-joint that they had ever seen !!  Soooo, that means that my pain level and much needed pain meds were a stark reality-- when the PCP- VA "doctor" said pretty much it was "all in my head' , and the preacher man echoed some of the same sentiments.  Conclusion:  If you have a real 'gut- feeling' that something is wrong with real, extra-ordinary PAIN-- you are probably RIGHT.  And doctors and preachers are fully capable of lying and making many mistakes !!  you may share this sensitive post if you like, or comment below.

Have a great day, dear friends.

Warm Regards,


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