Friday, June 3, 2011

No Apologies-round 2.

Tom's Journal.

The following post is from my friend and Christian sister in FL, Carolyn Elkins.  She must do a lot of deep research because she is spot on all the time!  I love the finer points in her recent post, like:  the relationship/ ratio [of land mass, and  area] between all the Arab countries that surround Israel compared to Israel.  The land of the Jews is a mere postage stamp compared to the  great land masses of her violent neighbors, yet all the heathen nations have abandoned her and even curse Israel!  What a shame-- what a horrible danger the nations have put themselves in, according to Gen. 12:3.  We can pray for the People of Israel, although their future is sealed in the divine words of the Bible-- God's own Word.  We can also email/ phone our do-nothing Congress to do anything political that might help Israel...  but the 'die is cast already' and we know exactly what will/ must happen all the way into the new Mill ilium of Paradise on earth -- after God cleanses the earth of all wickedness.  We certainly want to be in heaven when that happens.. lol.  It won't be pretty.

As for me, another fine, sunny day in S.E. Wisconsin!  Per my Fast -- abstention from eating food, I know from before that it certainly changes my body and mind.  Remember, Fasting can be very dangerous IF you don't do your homework and research that subject BEFORE you attempt it.  Drinking lots of water is KEY to not damaging your kidneys, and you want to irrigate your organs to pass toxins.  Now my face is breaking out because the poisons are being flushed out, and I get dizzy and can't think straight sometimes... lol. I do take a few vitamins and minerals/ herbs.   You just need to slow down, rest and move nice and slow, with purpose and measure.    I will post something about Fasting soon to help folks know about it more-- But to protect myself from all liability, I have to say that one should never attempt this unless they talk to their doctor or health care professional FIRST!  [But in reality, I would bet that most doctors rarely know or care about fasting because they can't make any money from it.] 

I have tons of food at home, in the freezer, canned goods, etc., and I want to be 'balanced' -- and in this world balance is rare as we are buffeted from one extreme to the other-- too fat or too skinny with all the stupid Hollywood and Media hype--Baloney.  So, when in doubt--READ THE BOOK-- the Bible!  Having said that, I already FEEL the positive results of being able to walk a bit better, fit into some clothes better and fastening my truck seat belt better... Ha!  But both my knees are shot, and the VA did a very poor job with my Right knee, IMO!  They crippled me, thank you very much, and there is nothing I can do to them because they ARE the Gov't.  Hello, obama-care !!!  You people will have NO recourse when the Gov't botches up YOU-- in the future obama-care!  Think:  Russia and China!!  Yes!  I just pity the foolish, lazy, ignorant Americans who don't look to the real, proper news sources [and the Bible] who tell the real truth about the world and the lies the leadership tells us!  The Socialists already own us!  They have us so busy chasing our tails with the poor economy, barely making ends meet-- as they slip more Gov't rules and regs under the table--some that could regulate the very food that we can eat.  The ignorant masses always lose on earth-- but the Spirit -led class store up their treasures in Heaven!

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Tom  ---

Hi folks, I have an important new one- please read and pass along when you can. Thank you! Have a Blessed rest of the week!

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Jimmy Hood, said:

Tom, I had an experience, which gave me a message many years ago and I feel that one day I may have to give it. I had a friend in high school who was also a fellow Band member. He played trumpet and His sound was always different, better so much so that you could pick Him out as several people played the Trumpet at the same time. I am not saying that He was ever as good as Gabriel, but He was as good as Doc Sevenson of the tonight show. He went into the Marines and was placed in the Marine Corp Band. I mean THE MARINE CORP BAND in Washington DC. He traveled all over the world. When He got out, He played in groups all up and down the East Coast. He had this gift like nobody I ever saw. He was married and either divorced or close to it. He committed suicide. I went to the visitation. As usual first was the family then you passed by the body, and then there was a row of chairs leading out of the room. As I passed by these chairs I heard two guys talking. One said, suicide that's bad and the other one said man I know it you bust Hell wide open on that one. Catholics believe this, they won't allow a suicide to be buried with the saints in a church cemetery. These guys forgot, they forgot Sampson. In the book of Judges Samson was one of 13 judges. The 13th judge of Israel. 13 times Israel deserted God and 13 times when they would repent God delivered the whole nation with the simplest of common things like, one nail, one tent spike, an ox goad, the jaw bone of an ass. Sampson was a man of tremendous strength, tremendous faith and tremendous weakness. I am sure you know His story well. The enemy's of God had a big celebration to their false God and they brought Samson in to make sport of Him. Being blind he had a leash like a dog and was led around like a child. In Judges chapter 16:28 Sampson prayed this prayer:" O Lord God remember me, I pray thee and strengthen me, I pray thee, only this once, O God, that I may be at once avenged of the Philistines for my two eyes." Now, did Samson commit suicide? yes. Did God help him? yes. The point is that we cannot judge such things. Some things we must leave with God. ... jim

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