Sunday, July 31, 2011

Warm August.

Tom's Journal.

Here it is at 9PM and the air temp. is till 89 degrees F. !  But the corn in the field just loves this kind of weather to grow well in, and since we did get some much needed rain in WI., things will be OK, we think.   PTL.
   A lady friend from a different church came to visit me this morning at the place I attend, and then I took her out for a nice lunch, and we enjoyed each other's company.  I think that we are both in need of some good Christian company, and that made me feel good, to be "liked" and respected by another person.  Don't worry, I will take things slow--- and this will give the older people at church 'something to talk about' - LOL.  

I learned about something new on the radar today as an evangelist had the forum at our church and explained his Christian ministry, where he and his small company teaches children to 'Sing the Bible' as a means of showing them some wholesome Christian activity that will actually be on TV/ InterNet soon! I bought some of his CD's and literature, etc.... and Earl Martin is his name, from Watertown, WI.  Phone: 262-353-2332.
  I don't mind spending/ contributing some money for a good, worthy cause, so that our Christian youth have something else than rotten TV to watch.  This could develop into a BIG THING!!   Please check this out.

Well, I have to drive my old 2007 Ram truck to the shop to have new shocks and front end alignment tomorrow, and I hope it will be safer and smoother riding for the rest of the year.  I love my truck but it seems to 'nickle and dime' me lately.  I am fighting against the urge to buy a new vehicle, because I suspect that our economy will get MUCH worse in a few months, friends.  Now is NOT the time to get into more, deeper debt, IMHO, as interest rates might shoot up in every area of life and finance.  And that's the way I see it... and I 'calls 'em like I sees 'em, Charlie Brown.'   

I just hate fear mongering, and I don't want to post anything that I'm not sure about-- although I am still allowed my opinion, in the USA.  The Truth of the Bible is much more than my opinion -- it's never failed me and never been proven wrong.  It's the one sure thing that I can bet on, and win every time!  I get so much knowledge, wisdom and strength when I read/ study the Scriptures, and just gave away a brand new DEFINED KJV Bible TODAY, again. A $55 large print, nice one, to a new friend!  That makes me feel so good inside too!  The Lord has blessed me-- so I can and should bless others freely.  My knees have been hurting again because I am trying to wean myself from my power scooter, slowly, and then I pay for it the next few days....  Ha!  I plan to join a health club next month and lift weights to get my muscles back in shape again, and facilitate more weight loss.  I hope that I can 'walk to my vehicle' after I get down pumping iron... lol.  
      I am just plain tired now and will go to bed early to recharge my battery-- big day tomorrow.

Warm Regards,
--Power Lifter in 1989...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Read Closely.

Tom's Journal.

Nancy Pelosi, -- ding dong said, " We need to pass the bill [obama-care] to see what is in it !"  Oh, yeah, let us just read 'em and WEEP!  lol...  And any smart man with an IQ of say any,  above 70 can just GUESS what else is in obama-care...  Ha!  Good Grief, Charlie Brown!  
    Sorry folks,  I am betting all my marbles that the Kingdom of God-- and Jesus Christ will be coming shortly to save the 'SAVED' from this horrible nightmare, please.  

I stayed out in the hot Wisconsin sun for one and a half hours, this afternoon, reading the Good Book so I could get a nice tan, or burn, but Deuce, the Rottweiler laid in the shade, of course, and I swear that this dog has more sense than many of our elected Congressmen-- LOL!   Me and 'Mr. Sun' get along just fine, and he heals me up in many ways--- but now I am in a very cool, central A/C'd house in a small rural Wisconsin town, situated between Milwaukee and Chicago, happy and content.  PTL [Praise the Lord.].    I was on a good fruit diet, but on Saturday, today,  I just ordered some hot Italian beef, some fish and a hamburger with Swiss cheese and mushrooms.   I will share a little bit with Deuce, my noble guardian and buddy.   He has plenty of dog food and water, but he goes crazy over MY food!  

Let us pray again for my sister in law, Colleen Schuckman, who just had some surgery, and my dear nephew, Joseph Erwin, U.S. Army, who just got shipped to the "Sand Box" - Iraq, and combat.  Thanks to you all.   PTl..

Subject: Fw: Dhimmitude

WHAT DOES THIS WORD MEAN ?  (I Googled the word and sure enough it's true!)
- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Senator Chambliss,
Would you have a member of your staff check out the pages below in the Health Care Bill and let us know if the info in the e-mail is true?
Your respectful constituent,
Dr. Gayle Goodin
- --
Dhimmitude -- What does it mean?
Obama used it in the health care bill.
Now isn't this interesting?  It is used in the health care law.
Dhimmitude -- I had never heard the word until now.  Type it into Google and start reading.  Pretty interesting.  It's on page 107 of the healthcare bill.  I looked this up on Google and yep, it exists.. It is a REAL word.
Word of the Day: Dhimmitude
Dhimmitude is the Muslim system of controlling non-Muslim populations conquered through jihad.  Specifically, it is the TAXING of non-Muslims in exchange for tolerating their presence AND as a coercive means of converting conquered remnants to Islam.
ObamaCare allows the establishment of Dhimmitude and Sharia Muslim diktat in the United States .  Muslims are specifically exempted from the government mandate to purchase insurance, and also from the penalty tax for being uninsured.  Islam considers insurance to be "gambling", "risk-taking", and "usury" and is thus banned.  Muslims are specifically granted exemption based on this.
How convenient.  So I, as a Christian, will have crippling IRS liens placed against all of my assets, including real estate, cattle, and even accounts receivables, and will face hard prison time because I refuse to buy insurance or pay the penalty tax.  Meanwhile, Louis Farrakhan will have no such penalty and will have 100% of his health needs paid for by the de facto government insurance.  Non-Muslims will be paying a tax to subsidize Muslims.  This is Dhimmitude.
I recommend sending this on to your contacts.  American citizens need to know about it --

Gov't Scare Tactics, and "Lame-Stream Media."

Tom's Journal.

All you have to do is to go back into my Blog post archives to see what I have been saying all last year about financial woes in the USA!!  I never, ever said I was some kind of prophet, but I know my Bible very well after serious study for the past 30 years-- and the Holy Spirit helps me to understand what I read, and I give all credit to God almighty for giving me this understanding.  PTL.  

How many times have I posted:  "God cannot lie" ~Titus 1:2 ?  And all His prophecies come true, in His own appointed time.  But right now we got a 'tiger by the tail' and things will now continue in a down ward, spiral, tail spin, as the American people have CHOSEN to put a well defined Socialist in the WH, along with at least a 50% Socialist Democrat Congress-- and the Republican side isn't that much better.  If it were not so, than WHY are we in such a pickle now with few options left.  Remember, I was Security licensed years ago with PFS Investments [Registered Rep.], and I understand how a check book works....duh.  Figures don't lie, but liars can figure.  Illegal Aliens gobble up more of our SOCIAL SECURITY funds when many have never paid into the system!  Giving MILLIONS/ BILLIONS of our money to Islamic countries who hate our guts and would love to kill us, and are doing just that!  Corruption, greed, fraud and theft!  Is there there any wonder where the money has gone, sucked up like a vacuum cleaner with the Congress and WH wanting to spend more-- foolishly ?!? 
   OK, folks, I know this will sound too "simple" and hokey to most people on earth [and that's alright...ha!], but "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart;  and lean not upon your own understanding."  Proverbs 3:5.  We all KNOW that over drafting the check book and over extending our credit, and getting greedy, over spending, is the wrong way to live/ act... and what goes up MUST come down.  Own up to your actions, mis-actions, responsibilities, mistakes -- and draw nigh to the Lord !!!  If you can't work 2 jobs to stay afloat-- hunker down and spend LESS!  Live simple!  Live within your means and down forget to support fellow Christians in the ministry and missionaries doing the Lord's work, that we ought to be doing if we are  able.  I have bum knees for now... so I have some sort of excuse, although I do get my licks in with the computer, Blogging, and handing out Bible Tracts/ Bibles-- see:  WVCY- Christian radio, 107.7 FM, and Pastor Mark Smith for those fine, inspiring Bible Tracts !!

I have to take Deuce outside and also get some sun on my back.  Take care.


MILWAUKEE - People who depend on checks from the government are worried about the debt crisis.
A deal to extend the debt ceiling could mean a jump in interest rates, lower the value of the U.S. dollar and cause difficulties in securing loans for Americans. But, most Americans are worried about how the debt crisis will influence their social security checks.
TODAY's TMJ4's Jay Olstad has more.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Wise Texas Rep. Ron Paul.

Tom's Journal.

I honestly believe that all this scary posturing in Washington, D.C. is nothing but smoke and mirrors designed to scare and worry the older folks, disabled, Veterans, and seniors into pressing their Congressional  people to take the wrong, goofy way out and accept the clown in the WH's idea to further destroy America, with half of the Congress behind him in this mis-adventure!  I also believe that the clown gets his 'inspiration' from the 'father of the lie'-- STD [Satan the Devil], but that is my own opinion...

Just paying the interest on our loans/ debts would keep the 'wolf away from the door' until 2012 and we could do that easily!  But Congressman  Ron Paul, from the great State of Texas has a better idea-- however, the "Lame-Stream Media" won't give him a public line/ chance to share his good sense and wise thoughts.  We need to give Ron Paul the common courtesy of at least being heard!  

Tom S 


Posted: 29 Jul 2011 01:25 PM PDT
By David Kupelian WorldNetDaily Suppose you were so broke – I mean so hopelessly in debt – that in just a few days your money would run out and you'd find it difficult just to stay in your home and feed your family. But then, miraculously, you discovered a large stash of money you had completely lost sight of, but which would easily take care of all your family's expenses for the rest of the

Good Morning.

Tom's Journal.

Friends,   I hope I don't appear to be two-faced, or double minded, but I can 'WISH' that things were different in America....  Ha!  But all that wishful dreaming won't change the harsh reality of my good, intensive education, especially the Bible.   Just like so many people try to escape by over drinking, drugs, hobbies that consume too much time, etc., entertainment, sports... and while these things are alright in themselves-- folks use them as a means of sticking their heads in the ground and pushing  away the One and Only Savior of mankind, Jesus Christ.   As the apostle Paul said:  "I was the chief of all sinners."
     Well, I was into many hobbies, skills and past times, including motorcycles, woodworking, carving, carpentry, living in the past- Vietnam [although I do have combat  PTSD], just to name a few.  Now I am Saved and know that I am not long for this earth, ready to die for my faith-- my Savior, if need be.  Go figure:  If Muslims can consider themselves martyrs and die for their twisted, violent beliefs-- I also have have the right to share, preach the God-ordained message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in a dignified, respectful way, WITHOUT the use of force or violence-- and that IS the Christian way!

I hope the graphics come through in the cool message below.


Now this is customer service! 


GOOD MORNING, WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, a Christian nation, land of the free and home of the brave.

How may I help you?


Press '1' for English.
Press '2' to disconnect until you learn to speak English


And remember only two defining forces have ever
  offered to die for you, Jesus Christ 

And the American Soldier.


One died for your soul,


The other for your freedom.


If you agree. Keep it going


A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves!
I'M 100% for PASSING THIS ON!!!
Let’s Take a stand!!!
Borders: Closed...
Language: English only...
Culture: Constitution and the Bill of Rights!!!
Drug Free: Make a drug screen mandatory for anyone on welfare and/or food stamps!
NO freebies to Non-Citizens!
We the People are coming
Only 86% will send this on.
“Should be a 100%”.    What will you do?
FREE Animations for your email - by IncrediMail! Click Here!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Salvation is Near.

Tom's Journal.

I knew and understood much about the ancient High Priest of Covenant times in Israel-- how they used to tie a good rope around him in case he died in the Holy of Holies-- the other assisting, under-priests could pull him out of there.  Only he could enter there and all else would be killed by the 'glory of God's presents.'  I didn't remember about the bells and pomegranates sewn around the hem of the High Priest's garment until just now. 

But the more important thing of WHERE it was found recently has great weight in the sense that the Holy Temple of Jehovah was there over 2000 years ago, long before the Dome of the Rock.  They [the Muslims] just cannot and will not change the facts of history.  The re-building of the great Hebrew Temple of God is already a done deal, and it will be done, and we mature, studied Christians believe that! 
Israel is really the 'center of the world', and what will shortly happen there will affect the entire world of mankind!  This is very important...  It's only a matter of time before Israel has had enough of these constant rocket/ mortar attacks, killings, bombings and murders from the surrounding Islamic nations who want to see Israel rubbed off the map forever!  Israel will have to fight back and protect itself-- but this coming war will have the backing and protection of God Almighty Himself-- and they will WIN BIG!!  As soon as the dust from this war settles, the Temple will be re-built and the ancient way of animal sacrifices and life style of worship will resume-- and there will be no more reason for the "Church" to remain on earth!  The Christian Church of Believers will then be RAPTURED up!!  After that there will be much conjecture and goofy, made up explanations of just how and why millions of [Christian] people disappeared from the earth, all at one time-- and there will probably be a lot of chaos and disorganization 'Left Behind.'  Real, Believers need not worry because they will finally be in heaven with the Lord, forever, just as the Bible plainly teaches.  What do you think we are preaching, teaching and sharing with such fervor and stress right now all over the world ??  The Salvation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and His coming soon ahead !!  This is GOOD NEWS, not bad news!  Jesus said that He did not come to earth to bring peace-- but a sword!  [Matthew 10:34].  Sure, whole families will join Christ in the heavens-- but also 'parts of families' will disappear, separating families, friends, relation, etc. Do you really want to give the BEST insurance to your children??  Make sure that YOU teach them the Bible, and especially the Salvation of Jesus Christ that will Save them no matter what happens on earth!!   And do it now, today!  Need more help?? You know my email address.
  Many will then remember those who tried to share the Truth of the Bible with them, but they just would not listen or believe or didn't have the time, or some other lame, dog pile excuse, and so the unbelievers will be "Left Behind" to deal with the horrible loosing of evils, demons, etc., that will be poured out on wicked mankind below, according to Revelation, the last book of the Bible.  

Friends, I KNOW that I am Saved and going to heaven, NOT because I am some nice, holy Saint who does no wrong or sin.  But because I have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior, and have confessed all my sins to Him, trying to do better and be His servant and follower, forever.  That's the whole can of nuts right there... for all to read.  Remember, the Bible was written on a 5th grade level, so where is our excuse if we don't take time-- make time to read, study and understand what God's wants everyone to know???   Ask for the Holy Spirit to help you understand what you are reading.  There are also audio tapes/ CD's of the Bible too.   But now, just attending some church won't get you there either... no more than standing in a garage will make you a car!  Look for a Bible teaching church that uses the KJV bible.  I recommend the DEFINED KJV Bible.  See/ visit:  -- for an inexpensive great copy of the pure KING JAMES VERSION BIBLE, that explains what the Old English terms of 1611 mean, right on the bottom of each page!  Can you afford $20?  I even give away many bibles to people who are hungry for the truth-- the Word of God that shows how  a person can be Saved-- going to heaven, and know it for sure!!  And then share that same knowledge with other people like I am doing right now... and by word of mouth, the fruit of the lips.  Don't miss the 'plane', friends, because it's the last one out of a nasty earthly situation infested with death, disease, pain, fear,  starvation, total wickedness and demons!  

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman  

Posted: 26 Jul 2011 11:55 AM PDT
By Chris Perver Prophecy in the News Archaeologists excavating near the pool of Siloam have discovered a golden bell dating back to the Second Temple period. The bell features a loop at the top for threading onto a garment, and is thought to have belonged to a person of high authority of that time, perhaps even the high priest. The Bible mentions golden bells and golden pomegranates adorning

New Grand child is Precious in God's Sight.

Tom's Journal.

This a great morning that the Lord has made!  Seems like I already got so much done early before 1100 AM:  Paid $210 for a new driver's side front truck tire-- mounted, and may have to get new shocks and alignment later..., got the dog's toes nails trimmed - $15, and have to take him back for more trimming in 3 weeks-- as he grows so fast.  I visited my Mom yesterday in person, and that is giving my legs and knees plenty of 'exercise.'

My youngest daughter [and spiritually-- my only daughter] has just given birth to another lovely, healthy, beautiful baby girl, Grace Andi, yesterday around noon-ish and all is well in the Rockies!  PTL!  Also, please pray for my nephew, Joe Erwin, U.S. Army, who is getting shipped to the 'Sand Box' where the combat is, that he may come to know the Lord even better and study the Word that teaches salvation thru Christ alone!  I have pretty much adopted him and I am his 'Dutch Uncle'-- so ready to teach, share and comfort him with all the Scriptures I know from the past 30 years--all praise and honor to God Almighty.

Yes, these important things in our lives are shared by all of humanity and God loves ALL people who have a hunger for the real truth of the bible [John 3:16, etc]!  Salvation is available to any human being in the world, and yes, even the Muslim people, but they have to take a stand and learn about the only GOD of the Bible who will make Himself manifest soon.  Sometimes that very act means instant death to them in oppressive lands of the Middle East.  So there is a time constraint that all studied, mature, serious Christians know and understand.  Now is the time to wake people up and expose them to the Word. See:
  Would it not be a pity if those close and dear got Left Behind' because we were too cowardly to at least TALK to them or hand them a simple Bible Tract about Jesus Christ! ? !

As you see, I am NOT letting my humble house go to pot, but had it painted a deep, rich color of BLUE last year, and paid my son, Andy, well for his fine, hard work!  I try to keep my white, Dodge Ram 4 by 4 up and in good repair, so I can be safe on the road, and my dog's nails clipped and his shot record up to date too.  As I have said so many times, studied, mature Christians are in this biblical 'lifestyle' for the long haul, forever!  We will not 'set any dates' in the future or opinions on when the Rapture/ Lord will come  to "take us up to heaven" -- but we know the "Season" and that is NOW!  Go figure:  If people knew the actual date and time... they could party like/ with the devil, and then on the last week, clean up their act and pretend to be holy and proper.  Some actually do that stuff right now.. lol!  But can we really fool or trick God almighty?  There are things, like a relationship with some lady, or buying something new and expensive [brand new truck or cargo van -- new house?] that I don't really need-- that would be nice, but I know [and so does the Lord] that such a relationship/ material/ carnal  things would take away too much time and resources from my ministry of sorts, consume time, and possibly  add much extra stress, cost to my life, which is not what I ought to be doing right now, IMHO.  Besides, who wants an over weight, fat man, disabled, age 62, grey, who must walk with a cane, 30.5 year Chrysler retiree and Disabled Vietnam Veteran??  Ha!  I will just continue to pay off my bills, lose more weight, help others, the church, missionaries,  and hand out/ share Bibles, and Bible Tracts, and teach hungry, honest people the Bible, and salvation thru our Lord, Jesus Christ, in these end times... unless the Lord tells/ shows me something different. 

I just might check out the Racine [WI] County Fair sometime this week as I usually do/ did, most of my life to see the farm animals [my teenage farm days on Dad's farm and the 4-H club I used to belong to].  I hope my power scooter runs OK so I don't get stranded.  I seem to be caught up with most house hold duties and obligations today-- went to bed so early yesterday, and had breakfast this morning at the local restaurant, instead of my usual fruit and water diet.  
Time to check the mail and then go outside to read and catch some sun rays for my skin and health.

Warm Regards,
... or would you all like to have snow up to your ears in Milwaukee, many years ago ???  Ha!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mid-East Prophecy Update.

Tom's Journal.

I feel that I have really 'caught a tiger by the tail' this time, borrowing a new video from a nice Christian sister on FB today, and it makes sense to me.  But let me make a disclaimer, please:  I am NOT setting a date.  The speaker is NOT setting a date either!  We are NOT setting a date.   But if we could use the clarification:  'It's not probable-- but it could be possible.'  

As for me, Old Soldier Tom Schuckman, IF I think something has a high degree of probability-- I WILL prepare, make a judgement, a choice, a bet, so  some degree of feasibility, much prayer-- and I have usually wound up landing on my feet.  Yes, I have made many mistakes and paid for many of them dearly, but remember:  I am in this relationship with God and Jesus Christ forever!  The long haul--eternity... although now after all this time, it seems a bit scary to me.  Just like all the time of boring combat training/ preparation in the USA, and then finally going into combat to test all I've been taught as a young soldier-- the 'proof is in the pudding!'  My very life is in the balance!  So... no matter what goes down in the world or the USA is miniscule--small potatoes, compared to what COULD be coming in September 2011.  We KNEW that things are pretty close anyway, and Israel is on trigger control all the time to defend herself-- being all alone in the world surrounded by her mortal, hateful, heathen enemies.  
     IMHO, this stuff just may be why God has allowed [or prevented] some things to happen to me recently, like no more relationships, etc.  Better to have a clear mind, a clear conscience, and clear sailing.  Ponder on this material, dear friends.   I am not putting too much emphasis on the 'comet'/ dwarf star thing!  That is just a normal, natural happening that we may or may not see, IMO.  I have heard of magnetic pulls and alignments that have some effects on 'terra firma.'  But I am certainly not knowledgeable about these things.  I JUST FIND THIS STUFF VERY INTERESTING when coupled together with all the other things happening at the same time. 
Anyway... the whole time frame has caused me to think ahead and change some of my spending habits and mind set.   Always will I continue to dig deeply into God's Word and study as much as I can.  Just thought I would pass this around about the UN pushing to make Palestine a State in a few months-- and I think we can expect some 'fireworks' then too. 


To my brothers and sisters in Christ,  God bless you.

Tom Schuckman
Could September 2011 be a significant month as it relates to Bible Prophecy? Pastor JD looks at several prophecies, all of which point to a most interesting ...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Dog Tags.

Tom's Journal.

I still wear a silver 'rope' around my neck with one 'dog tag' on it, my house key, dog whistle and a small medicine storage carrier.  A few times when I got into a traffic accident they came in handy for the medics to ID me.  I wear the 'dog tag' for personal reasons, with the term, "Christian" on it, etc.  

From what I hear, the REAL powers in the world that control everything have already decided how our USA national debt fiasco will shake out, and the baloney that we see in D.C. and on the "News" is just some smoke and mirrors eye wash to get everyone excited.  I think that everything will continue as before-- more compounding debt and higher $$$ ceiling/ interest, and we will have to 'pay the piper' some day.  I think that after the Rapture things will fall apart and go South in a hurry, but after that WHO CARES??! The Saints and Believers will have been taken up to heaven with the Lord, and the goofy unbelievers will be left behind to suffer the consequences of their procrastination and selfishness/ willful ignorance/ sin.  

For the record, Saints DO SIN, but they are forgiven by the blood of Jesus Christ, and they try hard to sin less with the help of the Holy Spirit, and pure knowledge of the Bible.  For these reasons, I don't put a lot of stress and meaning on material things because I know that God just doesn't care about such mundane things-- but on the content of our hearts, minds and character.  I can't ever point my finger at others because it took me, personally, a long time get humble enough to allow the Spirit to work on me and mature me as a Christian brother/ servant of Christ.  I feel that my finest and most important work now is to share the Gospel with others and help others see the road to salvation in Christ-- letting the Holy Spirit use me to reach other individuals before the end comes-- the proverbial 'Ark' shuts close.

Tom Schuckman

The Civil War provided the first recorded incident of American soldiers making an effort to ensure that their identities would be known should they die on the battlefield. Their methods were varied, and all were taken on a soldier's own initiative. In 1863, prior to the battle of Mine's Run in northern Virginia, General Meade's troops wrote their names and unit designations on paper tags and pinned them to their clothing. Many soldiers took great care to mark all their personal belongings. Some troops fashioned their own "ID" (identification) tags out of pieces of wood, boring a hole in one end so that they could be worn on a string around the neck.
The commercial sector saw the demand for an identification method and provided products. Harper's Weekly Magazine advertised "Soldier's Pins" which could be mail ordered. Made of silver or gold, these pins were inscribed with an individual's name and unit designation. Private vendors who followed troops also offered ornate identification disks for sale just prior to battles. Still, despite the fact that fear of being listed among the unknowns was a real concern among the rank and file, no reference to an official issue of identification tags by the Federal Government exists. (42% of the Civil War dead remain unidentified.) tag civil war.gif
The first official advocacy of issuing identification tags took place in 1899. Chaplain Charles C. Pierce, who was tasked to establish the Quartermaster Office of Identification in the Philippines, recommended inclusion of an "identity disc" in the combat field kit as the answer to the need for standard identification. The Army Regulations of 1913 made identification tags mandatory, and by 1917, all combat soldiers wore aluminum discs on chains around their necks. 
By World War II, the circular disc was replaced by the oblong shape familiar to us today, generally referred to as "dog tags."
Since then, some myths have arisen in connection with the purpose of the identification tags. One of the more common myths involves the reason for the notch on the tag issued between 1941 and the early 1970's. Battlefield rumor held that the notched end of the tag was placed between the front teeth of battlefield casualties to hold the jaws in place. 
No official record of American soldiers being issued these instructions exists; the only purpose of "the notch" was to hold the blank tag in place on the embossing machine. The machine used at this time doesn't require a notch to hold he blank in place, hence, today's tags are smooth on all sides.
Thee sole purpose of the identification tag is stated by its designation. Tags found around the neck of a casualty, and only those tags found around the neck, stay with the remains at all times tags found any place besides around the neck are made note of in the Record of Personal Effects of Deceased Personnel, and placed in an effects bag.  They are not removed unless there is a need to temporarily inter the remains. If there is only one tag present, another is made to match the first. If the remains are unidentified, two tags marked "unidentified" are made. One tag is interred with the individual, the other placed on a wire ring in the sequence of the temporary cemetery plot. This enables Graves Registration personnel to make positive identification of remains during disinterment procedures; when the remains are disinterred, the tag on the wire ring is removed and placed with the matching tag around the neck.
The Department of the Army has developed and is currently testing a new tag, which will hold 80% of a soldier's medical and dental data on a microchip. Known as the Individually Carried Record, it is not intended to replace the present tag, but rather to augment it as part of the "paperless battlefield" concept. 
This development is in keeping with the Army's dedication to positively identify each and every fallen soldier. The yellow TacMedCS being tested by the Marines uses radio frequency technology, electronics and global-positioning systems to pin-point wounded.
The Armed Forces make every possible effort to eradicate discrepancies and remove doubts about casualties, not least those doubts that families may hold concerning the demise of their loved ones. In recent years, a near perfect record of identifying service members who have died in the line of duty has been achieved, a far cry from the 58% rate of identification that stood during the Civil War. The ID tag has, been and remains a major part of the reason for this record. Are you wearing your ID tags today? Too many military personnel, particularly those who are part of the peacetime force stationed in CONUS (Continental United States), forget how vital those tags can be, forget that as soldiers they are always on the line. Wearing your ID tags is one of the easiest actions you can make towards achieving total readiness, so take those tags out of your dresser and put them around your neck. Remember -the simple information contained on that small aluminum tag can speak for you if you can't speak for yourself; it could mean the difference between a positive identification and an uncertain future for those who survive you, should your identity be "...known only to God."
We've come a long way from tying pieces of wood around our necks.
This article was written CPT Richard W. Wooley was Chief of Individual Training. Graves Registration Department (now the Mortuary Affairs Center), U.S. Army Quartermaster School, Fort Lee, Virginia.


Common Sense ways to keep Cool.

Tom's Journal.

Friends,  This is just a short note on how to keep COOL in big 'heat waves' like we are now experiencing.  The very first thing they taught us in Army basic training, 21 Aug. 67, at Fort Campbell, KY., was how to stay cool in hot weather and how to treat a fellow soldier for heat exhaustion/ and heat stroke/ shock [pull the soldier to a shaded area, loosen his belt and elevate his feet a bit, and give him a 'LITTLE' water from your canteen-- and sprinkle some water on his face, neck and chest].  And it gets mighty warm in KY come Summertime-- Hooray- Dixie!  Go figure:  If other folks in Africa and Asia can keep cool and survive-- so can we!   And then, too many older folks are just too tight and stubborn to turn on an existing A/C unit to stay cool, and use a fan or two-- and so they die in a cooped up apartment or house.... or old age home.  

I have even worked as a welder where my company in Waukesha, WI,. flew me down to Phoenix, AZ in July/ August when the DAILY air temps were 118 every single day in 1991 [?].  And because the local people loved to plant more trees, bushes and greenery-- they then had humidity instead of the famed, bragged about  "dry heat."  How is it that the Army TRAINS it's soldiers to keep from dropping dead from the heat-- but goofy civilians just can't seem to learn the basics??

Well, folks,  here is something you can use to learn how to keep cool in the hot, muggy weather.  Please share this LINK with your friends.  Here is a fine picture of me [Tommy] teaching my dear wife, Sharon, to weld and cut steel.  She also was a good student and I miss her so much...  She passed away April 9th -- this year...

Tom Schuckman 


Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Holy Spirit.

Tom's Journal.

I was happy to learn a bit more about the Holy Spirit in the short article below and thought I should share it with my readers on this nice HOT day in Wisconsin.  I am blessed with Air Conditioning and spent some bucks on the central air and new furnace installation shortly after I bought this 100 year old house about 9 years ago, so I could get closer to Mom in her old age who lives about 12 miles away.  My dad used to say, "People can't have it both ways-- bitch about the cold weather and then bitch about the hot weather."  We didn't have A/C when we were growing up on the farm..Ha!  And Vietnam was not an air conditioned environment, nor AMC/ Chrysler for the next 30.5 years!  I spoil myself a little bit in my senior years because I worked hard all my life and earned it, and don't feel bad or guilty one tiny bit!  But it seems like the so-called "poor" people in the USA who never worked now demand that the Gov't support them in comfort and luxury!  I say:  LET THEM WORK!  

I feel that I am getting better now with less pain and less stiffness but it's still going to be about 6 months before I know the full extent of my disability in walking, etc., even after I lose more weight.  

My good friend, Bill Tippet came over yesterday to visit  with his son, and bought me some fruit, like Bing Cherries, plums, grapes and pears, and that was nice of him.  My new diet is all about eating fruit and drinking pure water-- AND IT WORKS FOR ME!!  Now I just have to keep working and stretching my left knee, leg and calf as much as I can-- according the nice Physician's Assistant that I went to see yesterday at KMH- hospital as scheduled for a Post-Op check up.  Remember that she is the one who took my side when I told the good Dr. Shapiro that they were feeding me RAT POISON in the form of blood thinners Post-Op to prevent blood clots from killing me-- Cumadin and Warferin meds [sp?].  I try to do my research and have a wealth of good, smart friends, who had the same sort of surgery.. lol.

"Warm" Regards,

Q. For many years Christians have  assumed that all the post rapture believers will need to do is repent and confess Jesus as their savior, and avoid taking the mark of the beast.  But is going to the Temple to offer sacrifices the 3rd element and without it they are woefully without hope? A. Once [...]
Q. Does the Holy Spirit leave us when we die?  Does giving up the ghost mean separating from the Holy Spirit or merely separating our body from our spirit?  What about all the people that have died? Do they get the Holy Spirit back when they are resurrected, or were they never separated? A. The [...]

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Important Herbal Chart.

Tom's Journal.

I am feeling much better today-- even with the extreme heat!  PTL!  Thank you, Lord.

I have been interested in Herbs for healing ever since I got married in 1970, and my dislike for abusive doctors who loved to 'lord it over' us 'brainless, brutish,  unwashed lower' --made me study and memorize herbs all the more faster-- to heal myself through knowledge of common herbs, nutrition, fasting, etc., and eliminate some of the doctor visits, etc.  It worked for the most part, and I think that I am alive right now because of my knowledge and use of Herbs for my challenges and health concerns!  Please check out and copy this Herbal Chart for your own use.  You won't be sorry.  Along with the Bible being my 'first love' the study of herbs and Veterans' concerns are a close runner up 2nd.

Annies Remedy
Learn how to use natural healing herbs for you and your family. Over 400 detailed herb descriptions,

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Psalm 73.

Tom's Journal.

I am happy that I stumbled along [or the Lord lead me to...]  Psalm 73!  I am not unlike other men who forget things and fall off the track of good regimen, growing lax in some important areas.  I forgot about my Ram Dodge appointment today but instead I drove to the doctor that is really scheduled for tomorrow and got those two things turned around... lol.  The Antioch, IL Dodge dealership charged me $153, and 2 1/2 hours of waiting to replace a "sensor" --and as I drove away-- the Engine Light was still on !!  I called them back with that news but they never got back with me...  Some one is going to look foolish at the shop when I have time to return with the same problem.  

The 73rd Psalm is really some hard core, beefy material that hits us right between the eyes, in my opinion.  I could identify with most everything the Psalmist said-- been there-- done that, and glad to have finally matured so that I envy no man!  If my financial situation stays the same, I will prosper and pay off all my bills, etc.  But in my heart of hearts, I know that things MUST get worse [the Bible says so-- Matthew- chapter 24, etc.], because no person or country can continue spending so much, and printing money in the back room while our creditors' interest rates mount and push through the roof!  We can and should, on a personal basis, pay off as much debt as we can-- as soon as we can, and that will lessen the pain in the near future.  And don't worry-- the price of gasoline will go up again. And I've already told you about my mindset of investments.

I am looking to ask out/ date a few people as I am getting/ healing better, in the future-- but I remembered my pledge to the Lord, that I will only seek ladies who are real, biblical Christians, already!  I don't want to push or rush things either.  Perhaps there is not enough time left in this wicked system to pursue a relationship, but I can still be friends.  Then again, if people are just too busy with their own lives, and don't have any time for me-- I just write them off my list-- as I don't want to beg or be a nuisence or a  pest.  God has to be number ONE in my own life, or I am just full of hot air and a hypocrite.  Deuce is a great friend and companion-- but his English isn't that good yet...

Well, I am looking forward to the Racine County Fair -- the end of this hot month, and I will still have to use my power scooter.  I still have a real problem with my body, joints and muscles being so stiff in the morning, so that's is hard to just get out of bed!  But the dog gets me up with his cold, wet nose, and I don't want him to have an 'accident in the house' so I do get up right away.  
      I really pity folks that don't have A/C in their houses in this July heat and humidity, but some folks just don't pay their electric bills and have to suffer and cook.  "Eat not the bread of laziness."  And I am tired of supporting the 'other half' who think they should be supported by the State and Federal Gov't while they can somehow afford high end TV's, cell phones, games, PC's, cigarettes, booze, street drugs, and other luxuries.  I think that all the welfare and food stamp recipients ought to take and pass drug tests BEFORE they get the goodies!!  People who have real jobs have to do just that. Disabled Veterans have to do just that! The people on the take  don't have a clue what REAL poverty is in 3rd world nations-- but they will, and when the nation's DEBT gets a little higher-- illegal aliens might have to show more ID and paperwork too for all the benefits they collect.

Tom Schuckman

Surely God is good to Israel, to those who are pure in heart. But as for me, my feet had almost slipped; I had nearly lost my foothold. For I envied the arrogant when I saw the prosperity of the wicked. They have no struggles; their bodies are healthy and strong. They are free from [...]