Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back to the Future-- Hospital, again.

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July 5th, 2011

I was putting some hopes in the new antibiotic meds I got yesterday, delivered by my friend, also my POA, Bill Tippett, from IL, but I woke up again this morning to find most of my joints and tendons swollen, hurtful and some almost useless!  I certainly believe now that the infection/ poison has 'traveled' to other parts of my body and adversely affected it.  I already called the KMH- Hospital and doctor/ surgeon --that I need to come in ASAP, and Bill T., is taking me in my own truck so I can use my power scooter there.   Got to call the post office to stop mail for  short time, again, too.  Thanks, also, to Patrick Busler, a friend from church, for cutting and trimming my lawn yesterday, after the july 4th parade down Main Street.
    I am posting this news so you won't wonder why or if I fell off the edge of the world...lol., and I miss all your messages, FB, emails and comments dearly.  I just can't understand why my body has not healed yet!!  All I know is that hospitals harbor many nasty germs that hide in the cracks of the buildings, and cause many deaths every year-- but you don't hear about them much in the news.  Usually, I am a very fast, strong healer and bounce back from all sorts of nasty accidents and surgeries.   Maybe all the added stress of losing loved ones has sapped some of my immunity.  I MUST rely on the Holy Spirit to renew my strength, for sure.  the fact is:  I know that I cannot continue taking care of myself as the joint pain gets worse, and I am afraid that this new 'sickness' may spread and do even more damage.

When we strip away all the earthly glitter, achievements, so-called worldly education and wealth/ treasure-- we are still poor, pathetic humans and have nothing to brag about before God.  All of us OUGHT to be going to hell, but we are SAVED by Grace thru Christ's bloody/ sanguinary sacrifice on the cross 2000 years ago in Israel.  All my smart, well studied friends all over the earth understand that Israel will soon be the 'focal point' again with huge events that will certainly CHANGE THE WORLD!  Those events will trigger and set into motion a number of things--- one being the rapture.  Last time I was in the hospital trying to rid myself of the post-op knee infection, a few doctors and RN's 'sniffed' at the 'Rapture idea' and just though I was another religious  nut job, but many other listened, and I also handed out a number of bible tracts. I don't let small pebbles in the road stop my progress of sharing the Gospel-- or what kind of Christian Soldier would I be??  The Bible reassures me repeatedly, that all of God's prophecies either have come true, or will come true, because 'GOD CANNOT LIE !'   ~Titus 1:2.

Right now in the USA we are experiencing some 'mild resistance' to the Gospel-- when in Asia, and Middle East, China, etc., Christian soldiers are dying for their beliefs almost ever day!  There is NO room for cowards in God's army.  All our training comes from that great inspired Book, the Bible.  See:  2nd Timothy 3:16.

There are millions of heathen martyrs who die and blow themselves up for their Muslim beliefs, taking the innocent lives of by standers-- 'collateral damage.'  Are Christians afraid of just SHARING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST in a respectful, kind, social way in the USA-- Land of the Free--Home of the Brave ??  Are we mice or men?

Push on dear Christian brothers and sisters in the Lord!  

I hope the hospital staff and docs will be able to drive out the poisons/ infections from my body THIS TIME. Please pray again for me, my friends and family.  Here is a pic of my Mom and I at her 50th wedding anniversary about 1997.

Warm Regards,
 Tom Schuckman


Heli gunner Tom said...

Dear Tom,

What a good friend you have in Bill Tippett, he has been wonderful by the sounds of things and what a blessing! I am glad that you have someone like that taking care of you. You have been through so much in the past months so don't be so hard on yourself and take your time in healing up because sometimes it takes quite awhile to heal up. I had a skin cancer cut out of my forehead (around 30 stitches) about four months ago now and it is still quite sensitive to touch at times, and is still numb in some areas. I just think that if if has taken me this long for my head to heal you will need to be patient with your healing process dear friend but I understand that it would be so frustrating at times! I will continue to pray for you and am inspired by your outreach to the people at the hospital! Here you are going through so much yourself Tom and yet you still find the time to tell others about Jesus! That my friend is inspiring! Keep your chin up Tom you have a lot of good friends,

God bless you!
Blessings, Sharon Kells Caswell :)

Heli gunner Tom said...

Hospitals scare me to no end. When I had my accident I ended up with one of the nastiest - MRSA (around my heart and all through my body), plus pneumonia, VRE and cDiff. Add to that I couldn't breathe on my own so was affected with ARDS. So not only did I have numerous broken bones and other injuries - I got all these infectious things too. I won't even tell you wha I went through before they even considered checking me out and putting me back in ICU - actually CICU.

You will have to let us know what infectious crap you were so lucky to get. :>(

I hope you will get rid of this quickly.