Friday, July 22, 2011

Common Sense ways to keep Cool.

Tom's Journal.

Friends,  This is just a short note on how to keep COOL in big 'heat waves' like we are now experiencing.  The very first thing they taught us in Army basic training, 21 Aug. 67, at Fort Campbell, KY., was how to stay cool in hot weather and how to treat a fellow soldier for heat exhaustion/ and heat stroke/ shock [pull the soldier to a shaded area, loosen his belt and elevate his feet a bit, and give him a 'LITTLE' water from your canteen-- and sprinkle some water on his face, neck and chest].  And it gets mighty warm in KY come Summertime-- Hooray- Dixie!  Go figure:  If other folks in Africa and Asia can keep cool and survive-- so can we!   And then, too many older folks are just too tight and stubborn to turn on an existing A/C unit to stay cool, and use a fan or two-- and so they die in a cooped up apartment or house.... or old age home.  

I have even worked as a welder where my company in Waukesha, WI,. flew me down to Phoenix, AZ in July/ August when the DAILY air temps were 118 every single day in 1991 [?].  And because the local people loved to plant more trees, bushes and greenery-- they then had humidity instead of the famed, bragged about  "dry heat."  How is it that the Army TRAINS it's soldiers to keep from dropping dead from the heat-- but goofy civilians just can't seem to learn the basics??

Well, folks,  here is something you can use to learn how to keep cool in the hot, muggy weather.  Please share this LINK with your friends.  Here is a fine picture of me [Tommy] teaching my dear wife, Sharon, to weld and cut steel.  She also was a good student and I miss her so much...  She passed away April 9th -- this year...

Tom Schuckman 


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