Friday, July 29, 2011

Wise Texas Rep. Ron Paul.

Tom's Journal.

I honestly believe that all this scary posturing in Washington, D.C. is nothing but smoke and mirrors designed to scare and worry the older folks, disabled, Veterans, and seniors into pressing their Congressional  people to take the wrong, goofy way out and accept the clown in the WH's idea to further destroy America, with half of the Congress behind him in this mis-adventure!  I also believe that the clown gets his 'inspiration' from the 'father of the lie'-- STD [Satan the Devil], but that is my own opinion...

Just paying the interest on our loans/ debts would keep the 'wolf away from the door' until 2012 and we could do that easily!  But Congressman  Ron Paul, from the great State of Texas has a better idea-- however, the "Lame-Stream Media" won't give him a public line/ chance to share his good sense and wise thoughts.  We need to give Ron Paul the common courtesy of at least being heard!  

Tom S 


Posted: 29 Jul 2011 01:25 PM PDT
By David Kupelian WorldNetDaily Suppose you were so broke – I mean so hopelessly in debt – that in just a few days your money would run out and you'd find it difficult just to stay in your home and feed your family. But then, miraculously, you discovered a large stash of money you had completely lost sight of, but which would easily take care of all your family's expenses for the rest of the

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