Friday, August 26, 2011

Jesus is Lord.

Tom's Journal.

Well, folks,  I think I am finally snapping out of the dol drums-- the Dog Days of Summer-- the 'Summer time Blues' to where I've got my Mo-Jo back again, I pray.
I think I tried to explain this long ago... that I have my own regimen of how to 'keep my focus' -- until something traumatic jolts/ derails  me out of my positive engagement with the Holy Spirit, and the Lord Jesus.   Then I feel panic-y and lost-- searching for my "Power."  Too much negative destructive power makes me so depressed to where I don't want to live anymore-- until I find my way back to my norm/ peace/ security/ calm.  Some of my friends and Mom want to/ try to help me because they love and respect me, but it takes a special kind of person to get me back in line-- all hooked up to my "battery charger."  Many close friends tell me that I was on 'over load' and have too much stress to bare, including combat PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder].  The devil is so busy right now, and using every trick in his bag rag to snatch us away from our Lord and Savior!!!  But I know that the buck stops HERE-- with me!!  I take full responsibility for all of my actions-- good and bad. 

What spooks me is when I 'THINK' I am doing everything by the Book, but still fall down flat on my face, or just "free fall" going into  a 'crash and burn' scenario that ends up very ugly-- deep depression--even death, in the extreme-- and SUICIDE WILL BE OH SO COMMON in the near future, dear brothers and sisters, with the world falling down all around us, losing our homes, jobs, cars, dignity!!   I have seen this happen to many other guys in the past. 
 As you will learn in the special article below, "JESUS IS LORD,"  that was what it took to jerk me back 'on-line.'

I am hurting pretty bad today, finding it hard to 'sit' down for long, and has to do with my 'plumbing.'  I have many resources, but this bout lasted a whole week and now I am sore.. BIG TIME!  Someone came over to help me clean the house today and she also gave me some kind, true words of wisdom.  I like to think that she has more Christian knowledge and bible training then most other folks, even though the others attend church regularly!!  And that's the way I think it will be/ end at the Rapture-- with people being left behind because they never really got to KNOW the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior, but instead put on a show at church... frauds, fakes, plastic, con artists--with just as many false teachers/ preachers, false Messiahs and greedy pastors milking the church for more money, etc. 
And the same goes for certain candidates who run for office with the "Christian in name only" [CHINO] mantle on their shoulders-- but I will let YOU FOLKS figure that one out for yourselves.  And that is another waste of our important commodity: TIME!  It's a pity when  I hear so many so-called 'Christians' reply when I ask them what their main priority ought to be in August 20011 !

The  Kenosha, WI., Pulera Collision Center - shop said that they have rigged my truck so that I can drive it for the next 2-3 weeks --that it will take to get the parts in from Michigan..Ha!  Now if only I can find the other key....

BTW,  How many of us still honestly think that the earthquake and coming hurricane are just a freak of nature.... duh?  Didn't I just beat the drums for a book I bought and read a few months ago, about just this sort of  thing happening to America-- and especially with the current clown in the WH??  --Had to do with Genesis 12:3. --  "As America has done to Israel."  -A-ha!  I remembered-- thank you, Lord. Actually, i want to stress that the Prez [IMO] is not just making poor judgements for our countries well fare-- but he and the Left side of Congress are WILLFULLY destroying our country!!!  Do your home work!  It didn't take me long to figure him out...  sorry friends. 
Some of my friends tell me that I am getting so wrapped up in the 'End Times' that I am making myself sick-- and maybe they are right...   Thank you for all of your collective prayers, and also for my new grand child, Grace Andi, my nephew Joseph Erwin- in combat-Army, friends, Robby Bohnen and Diane, Marvin Ray Ellis, Steve Brulport, my Mom, Betty Schuckman, Pastor George Schlagel, and Bob and Bea Melby, etc, etc.

Tom Schuckman
Jesus is Lord.

Please comment/ let me know if you can read this in good order.  Thanks.
Here is a pic of my son, Andy, and 'Deuce' - the Rotty.

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